Personal Journal of

Briella Wolfsbane

October 13

The Mistress wanted to talk with me today about a man named Wes Truglia. I haven't a single clue on this man, but apparently he knew The Mistress.

October 14th

I had found out today I'd be leaving soon to a place in Salem, I was overwhelmed more then anything. Finally I could leave this sh_ hole. I had been in this place for the past 15 ½ yrs, so when I heard early this morning I'd be leaving to live with a couple in Salem I was excited sad of course at the thought of having to leave my child hood friend Kellan Draven. After 15 ½ yrs I knew that he wasn't quite human, I figured it out one night when I started hearing sounds of a wolf howling near by a few days later Kellan told me that he was a Lycan when I asked him what a Lycan was he said and I quote " It's a cross between a vampire, and a werewolf."

October 15th

I packed up what few belongs that I had over the last 15 ½ yrs which wasn't very much to begin with and got ready to leave to Salem, as I went down the mess hall of course Delilah, and her gang of followers were there as well. I didn't see why Delilah was here, she had a family, n was a Richie. To make matters worse she n her goons had made sure my hell here was a living Hell, n for the most part it was hah that was until I had met Kellan Draven.

October 16th

Didn't do much today, went walking in the Carpathians at noon, very interesting place for enchanting beings. Ended up getting lost for the 12 hundredth time today in the Carpathian Mountains good thing I ran into my friend Kellan. Slept outside under the stars near Kellan's place, he joined me as well. Kellan's family is very nice


Today I met up with Kellan in the Carpathian Mountains, I had to tell him I'd be leaving for the States, of course I found him near a dark misty forest. Kellan noticed I seemed more worried then usual which was true I remember telling him I'd be leaving to a place called Salem. As usual we made plans to keep in touch once I reached Salem. Got back to the house and ended up with a bloody nose, sprained left wrist from Delilah, and her mob. No doubt Vince is in on it as well

October 18th

Left for the Wolfsburg airport to go to Salem of course was hard to do since ex male friend: Vince Ravencroff, n new girlfriend Delilah made it hard for me to leave. Needless to say Kellan made a surprize entrance, n Vince ended up shitting his pants. Still had the deep wound millimeters under my right eye. Kellan was beyond pissed when he saw me

October 19th

Kellan stayed with me as I waited for my plane to arrive since I slept at the airport the night before. Once my plane arrived and it was time to boarder it, Kellan n I said our farewells, I promised to write, n call him always, or when I had time to do so. Boarder plan to go to Salem I wasn't sure where there was more then 1 City named Salem so I thought I was gonna be living at Salem Mass.

October 20th

Flight took longer, but Captain said we should be arriving soon in Salem some time tomorrow. Ended up sleeping thru the rest of the morning, and afternoon.

October 21st

Woke up to a slight burning from the bright morning sunlight that came thru the open curtain that wasn't covering the window right. Captain said we'd arrive around 7pm in Salem. I found a stewardess n she told me it was Salem Oregon not Salem Mass. We talked a bit before the plane finally landed in Salem Oregon. Was greeted by a 17 yr old with golden hair, and grey eyes. Then met Wes my adoptive father, neither seemed human to me. I found that the 17 yr old's name was Leo, Leo reminded me of a lion in human form from his mangy golden hair. Also met Leo's friend Claude Wolf who like Leo is 17 as well, n his sister: Claudine Wolf, once settled Claudine took me over to her ghoul friend's house after we ran into my next door neighbor: Deuce Gorgon. After Claudine introduced us I found he was the Captain of the Casketball team at Merston High. I presume that means Basketball in Salem, after Deuce left Claudine lead me to her ghoul friend: Lala's place.

Once there the three of us talked n such about the school's Talon show, to which both suggested I enter with 2 more ghoul friends doing a killer performance as my fave girl band Hex Girls. Around Twilight Leo, n Claude arrived to take me school/ bedroom shopping. I left my new possible friends, n went with Leo, n Claude to do some shopping n what not. Before leaving ran into my next door neighbor Deuce Gorgon, n his ghoul friend I saw a glimpse of her, and in my opinion she looked like a very young version of Cleopatra Little did I know she was Claude's ex, n a future rival for me at school. Met her a second before I went to Leo's car with Claude behind me. Well Leo ended up acting like 2 yr old so

Claude drove me to the Maul with his brother Eddie. Once there Claude was nice enough to give me a tour of the Maul parking lot. Inside his younger sister Claudine dragged me away to try on clothes when we ran into Leo's girlfriend Abbey Bominable, she n Claudine got into a huge dog fight over Leo's lies. I didn't want to hear it so I took off, and ran into Holt Hyde, he was a gentleman, showing me around the Maul, then I tried on the clothes Claudine gave me after she burnt her right hand on the silver studded black dress. Let's just say when I tried the clothes on the guys near by. . .Well they seemed to go Gaga over it. Even Claudine's brother: Claude seemed to melt.