A/N: This is the first in a series of Allen/Lenalee drabbles based off of different meanings of kisses! First off we have: - Kiss on the Cheek: We're friends.

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"What's this?" Lenalee looked down curiously at the small wrapped package outside her door. She bent down and scooped it up. The small box, wrapped in green and silver, fit in her palm. Grabbing the end of the pale green ribbon, she gently undid the bow holding the paper in place; it fell away to reveal a small black box as a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. Intrigued, Lenalee picked up a cream colored card. In a somewhat hasty scrawl read:

Happy Birthday Lenalee! I hope you like your present. I saw it and thought they would look nice with your eyes.

Sincerely,Allen Walker

A small laugh escaped Lenalee on completion of reading the card. Only Allen would use such a formal signature. Smiling warmly, she tucked the card under the box and pried open the lid. Inside nestled in a cloth lay a set of earrings, shaped like small wings. Her mouth formed an "O" of surprise. She gently traced the feather etchings in the silver. Turning back into her room, she walked over to her mirror. Placing the box on the dresser, she picked up an earring and held it against her ear lobe. It did look nice. She stared at the piece in her hand. How much did this cost him? She wondered how her penny-pinching friend had been able to fork over however much the gift had cost.

Still smiling she brushed her hair behind her ears and put on the earrings. She took a moment to admire them, before going off in search of Allen to thank him.

Allen was found in the first place anyone would think to look for him: the cafeteria. Lenalee entered the room to be greeted by Lavi. "Lenalee! Happy birthday!"

She smiled. "Thank you Lavi."

"I'll have your gift later. I didn't expect ya to be up this early. I know I'd use my birthday as an excuse to sleep in." He grinned, before pulling her into a hug. He pulled back and held her at arms length. "Seems like yesterday you were this little short kid! You've grown up so fast!" He place his hand in the crook of his arm in a slightly dramatic display.

"Um, Lavi, I really should get going…" Lenalee murmured. She'd just spotted Allen's head making its way over to Jerry's counter.

"Fine," Lavi lifted his head and smiled. "Happy birthday again!" He loped off with a wave.

Lenalee quickened her pace. Allen had already sat down, a massive plate of food in front of him. Link sat nearby, reading a book.

"Allen," Lenalee said as she reached the table. She smiled brightly as he looked up at her. "Thank you for the earrings. They're wonderful." She bent over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before scurrying off.

Allen sat there mouth agape as Link looked on amused.