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Lavi slowly made his way towards the Inspector. In a sneaky manner, he slipped a piece of paper under his plate, casting a conspiratorial glance around the cafeteria. The blond looked up at him and asked, sounding irritated, "What are you doing now?"

Allen, sitting idly by eating his breakfast looked between his friends in confusion. Lavi looked pointedly from Link to Allen; Link stared at his plate in exasperation. "Walker, could you please excuse us for a moment?" He picked up his plate and went to stand by the wall, already in what appeared to be an argument with the red-head, their voices still able to be heard over the mostly empty room.

Allen left, not wanting to be caught up in whatever scheme was afoot. He turned in his tray to Jerry and hurried off to find Lenalee. He'd grown to simply accept the odd things his comrades did, as they were kind enough to put up with his oddities and keep his secrets. He was amazed by the fact that today was the (secret) anniversary of his (secret) relationship with Lenalee (which was a secret). Did I mention it was a secret?

Allen eventually found her returning from a coffee delivery. He fell into step beside her, swooping in to gently take the tray from her hands. She looked at him in surprise. "You don't have to do that you know," she smiled sweetly. "I can carry it myself."

He shook his head. "What kind of person would I be if I didn't help you?" He gave her a cheesy smile.

Lenalee giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Such the gentleman," she teased. He offered her his free arm, which she willingly accepted. Striding arm in arm, they meandered down the hallway towards the kitchen to deliver the tray to Jerry.

Allen quickly scanned the area, looking for Science Department members, or even worse, Komui. Seeing the cost clear he began in a lofty tone: "So…I was thinking that maybe we could go on a picnic, considering what a beautiful day it is and all…"

"Really now?" Lenalee smiled, looking at her companion. "I think a picnic sounds wonderful." They stopped walking, having reached the hallway of the large double doors of the cafeteria.

Gray eyes met violet in a silent exchange. Allen pulled her in closer, holding the tray aloft. "Happy Anniversary Lenalee," he whispered under his breath, leaning in to kiss her, her lips inches from his and-

"Beansprout!" The deep voice caused the couple to jump. Allen, still supporting Lenalee turned his head, preparing to run if he saw a beret. Instead he was met with a familiar scowl. He sighed, thinking he had never been so relieved to see the angry swordsman.

"You know, I distinctly remember my name to be Allen," Allen replied in lightly flippant tone. "You would think someone would've told you by now."

Lenalee sighed, and untangled herself from Allen. "What do you need Kanda?" she politely inquired. "We were just about to head out."

With another glare towards the silver-haired Exorcist, her turned his attention to Lenalee, his expression softening slightly. "Lavi sent me to get you two." With that he turned on his heel and stalked back into the cafeteria.

The pair exchanged a surprised glance and sprinted to catch up with their older ally as he disappeared into the cafeteria. The turned the corner and were met with a surprise: A surprise party to be exact.

Allen had no idea how this had happened in the thirty minutes he'd been away from the cafeteria, though he had a sneaking suspicion it had something to do with Link and some sort of Ninja-Crow Mojo. Streamers hung from the ceiling like vines, and balloons floated around the room; a large banner strung up over the food counter proclaimed: Happy Anniversary! Allen stood, mouth agape, as Lenalee covered her mouth with her hands, taking in everything with shining eyes. "Thank you," she said, smiling wide at her friends.

Lavi came up behind them, casually wrapping an arm around each their shoulders to lead them to the back of the cafeteria. "Did you do all this?" asked Lenalee.

"Nah, I thought it up, but I had a ton of help." He motioned to the crowd of gathered Exorcists and Scientists alike, munching on cake. "We figure you guys go pretty good together, and just wanted to show we approve." He walked off to go talk to a sulking Kanda.

Allen wrapped an arm around Lenalee's waist twirling her around into a dip. "Here's to another year," he murmured, leaning down and kissing her; this drew a cheer, accompanied by a whoop from Lavi. The loudest exclamation however, came from the beret-clad figure in the doorway: "MY SISTER!".

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