Author Note:

Hello my dear readers,

If you happen to reading this then yes you are correct this is another version of, The Game. Except this time around it will be the fairy tail version. I love this anime and manga, so I went with it. I know it will be my first Fairy Tail related story, but I hope it turns out good. This is also going to be AU/Yaoi centered with a seme-uke, Gray. I mean let's face it the people I paired him up with could be versatile. Here are the stories I have planned for this version of, The Game.

Spirit Game: Loke/Gray

-Probably going to twenty-five chapters long

Host Game: Hibiki/Gray

-Will be exactly fifteen chapters long. (Interesting pairing here! XD)

Heaven's Game: Jellal/Gray

-Will be exactly fifteen chapters long

Freeze Game: Lyon/Gray

-Will be twenty chapters long.

Sorry but their will be no Natsu/Gray in this story, and that is mainly due to me not being a big fan of that pairing. No offense to any of you Gray/Natsu fans though. It's just that these guys with Gray will equal some very hot, dirty, rough, and kinky lemons. I know Jellal and Gray is one of the odd pairings too, but I think it would be fun to write. No need to worry either Gray will still strip without cause!

The plot will develop as each story goes, but it really centralizes around a modeling agency, zoos, and a cooking show. This should be very interesting. I hope you guys enjoy!