Spirit Game: Chapter Seven: Nani Te Koto

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Fairy Tail characters, just the plot.

She was humming quietly as she made her way up the flight of stairs that led up to her shared apartment with Natsu. The blonde haired photographer reaching back into her pocket to pull out a set of keys, and all the while she was humming to that little tune she had gotten stuck in her head earlier today.

"Well that sure was a good day of work," she said, a lazy smile spreading across her lips as she pushed the door open to the apartment. Walking over to the hallway table, she set her Nikon camera down, and after making sure the door was locked she made her way to the kitchen. "Natsu, I'm home," she called. Lucy let a sigh fall from her lips as she didn't get a reply back from her pink haired friend, so with a simple shrug of her shoulders she simply went about what she came to do in the kitchen.

Turning around, she opened the fridge and reached in grabbing a can of juice out of it. Although, she stopped about half way as she heard something hit the wall. "What was that?" she asked herself, turning her head, so now she was looking at the door to Natsu's room. Slowly and quietly she shut the door to the fridge, made her way out of the kitchen- juice forgotten, and made her way to the boy's door. Once there, she raised her hand to knock, and when she did all the commotion going on in the room went quiet, "Natsu," she said, a bit of a worried ring to her words.

Before she could say or do anything more, the door swung open revealing a very startled and disheveled looking novelist. His normally spiky blue hair was going every other direction but up, and he looked at Lucy with wide dark blue eyes. Next thing he knew, Lucy was screaming at the top of her lungs. "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" the blonde girl screeched.

"Shut up! Stop yelling or you're going to wake him up," Gray hissed, sliding passed the hysteric blonde, and slipping his dress shirt back on. Behind him Lucy seemed to finally quiet down after a moment, and she shut the door to Natsu's room, and the proceeded to turn and give the blue haired novelist a death heated glare. "Now before you start…" whatever else he was about to say was cut off, by none other than Lucy.

The photographer was shaking violently, her hands balled up into fists at her side, and she was biting her lower lip to keep herself from yelling again. "Please tell me you didn't do what I think you did," Lucy murmured, after what seemed like a never ending silence.

"Well it depends on what you think I did," Gray said, chuckling nervously, trying to throw her off a bit. She was blonde, she couldn't be that smart. Could she?

Lucy stood still for a moment or two before she walked up to him, and promptly slapped him across the face as hard as she could. "Get out of my apartment and never come back. Stay away from Natsu, and you better be thanking God right now that I don't call Loke, and tell him what you did," she said, her voice low and almost a whisper.

He blinked and took a step back, but none the less ended up getting slapped. The novelist now holding his burning cheek with his hand, "Y-You have to believe me Lucy. I didn't mean for it to happen," he said, using that as an excuse to try and defend himself.

Turning her back to him, she let out a small huff, and crossed her arms over her chest. "Why are you still here? I thought I told you to leave," she said, "If I ever see you around Natsu again I will tell Loke…" she paused, turning her head to look at him, "after all I do work with him," she threatened.

Finally realizing there was no way to bargain with her, Gray simply nodded before turning on his heels, and making his escape from the dreaded apartment. When she heard the door click shut, she pulled out her phone, and went through her contact lists. Stopping at the one she wanted to call she simply pressed the send button, and held the phone up to her ear.



Author's Note:

Long time no see everyone. Well here is a small preview of the next chapter of my Fairy tail fic. bet you all thought I forgot about, and to be honest I haven't. I just haven't been inspired to write any of my fanfics lately. Now I decided, though, that I should pick up on where I left off with all my fanfics, and I decided to start with this one. So here is a small preview of the next chapter of the fic.