~Amu POV~

" Hey Amu! You signing up for this year's play?" says Nadeshiko, a close friend of mine. She has long purple hair tied in a red bow and golden eyes the color of honey. She's trying out for the dance group in this year's school play. I know I can count on her when it comes to boy troubles.

" Amu-chii! Yaya wants Amu-chii to join!" Yaya yells across the hallway, walking towards us. Yaya seems to always talk in third-person and loves cute baby-related stuff. She's also auditioning to be a dancer. She has brown hair put into pigtails and eyes the color of chocolate (of course). She can make anyone happy whenever they're feeling down.

" How stupid. It's not even a comedy." Rima states quietly, while walking next to Yaya in a lady-like fashion. She looks a lot like a life-size porcelain doll because of her long, curly, blonde hair and yellow eyes that shine bright like the sun. Rima is short for our age, but she can act tough when she wants to. She also takes her comedy very seriously and loves gag mangas.

" You should go for it Amu," encourages Utau. Utas is the best singer in the school. Probably even the planet, NO, the universe. She has really long blonde hair that's tied into two high pigtails and deep purple eyes.

Easy for them to say. Utau is great at singing, Nadeshiko and Yaya are great at dancing, and Rima is a good actress. I'll probably end up as the stage crew.

" No, no, no. I can't possibly act in front of a crowd." I say just a little bit louder whisper to them, but not as loud so that passing students could hear.

"WELL, WELL, WELL. I, the GREAT Yamabuki Saaya, will for sure get the lead role. No one can resist my beauty." Saaya interrupts our conversation and starts blabbing about how great she is.

" Ugh. It's Saaya. Whoever said you were beautiful? You look uglier than a toilet filled with crap." I practically scream at her. Why did I say that? I'm soo not in the mood to get in a fight right now.

"Oh puh-lease. You and I both know, Hinamori Amu, that I can sing, dance, and act wonderfully."

No one really cares about how bad you can sing dance and act. " FYI, Saaya, you sing like a pig, dance like a pig, and act like a pig. You know why? Oh yeah, You are a pig." I tell her off, hoping that she will leave us be.

"COOL N' SPICY!" some fangirls scream.

" Look who's talking Hinamori Amu. It's not like you can get the lead role." Saaya replies hotly.

" I'm pretty sure I can do better than you." I say back in the same tone. Rima and Nadeshiko were the only ones holding me back from jumping this girl.

Man she is getting on my fugging nerves.

" I can get the lead role. I bet you." I say. Wait what? I can't get the lead! Aaaah. Freaking out now!

" Fine. If I get the lead, then you have to wear a hairy troll costume and dance like a chicken in front of the principal while calling him a slut. And if you win, well you decide because I know that I will win." Just Great. Now she's acting tough. This is what I get for acting stubborn. Being challenged to play the lead role when I don't want to.

" When I get the lead, you have to dunk your head in a toilet filled with crap and run around the school saying you have your period and aren't wearing your underwear. Deal?"

" Uh-huh." Saaya nods her head then, walks off with her wannabe crew following. What did I just get myself into?

~Ikuto POV~

Let's see, Angela at four o'clock, and make sure to bring her flowers. Then it's Pamela at 4:30. I should probably bring her some chocolates. She seems like the type to eat all day after a breakup. After that it's Sandra at 5:00. Or is it Rita at five? Gosh. I can't remember.

Here I am, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, the school's biggest badboy player, walking down the hallways while thinking about which girls I'm going out with later today. It's the same old routine; Go out with a girl, then break up with them within five minutes and move on.

No, I think it's Monica at 5:00. mmmhh. Monica. She's hot. Maybe I should keep her for an extra day.

" Ikuto! Helllooo? Anyone home?" I was interrupted from my thoughts when Kukai snapped his fingers in front of my face.

" You spaced out for a good twenty-four minutes. That's a new record." Kukai says. Honestly, Who cares about how long I space out?

"Whatever," I say.

" Ugh. It's Saaya. Whoever said you were beautiful? You look uglier than a toilet filled with crap." I looked towards where I heard a girl yelling at Yamabuki Saaya. Wow. She's hot. Pink hair, cool skirt , and her uniform is fitted tight and snug.

"Hey Kukai. You know who that is?" I point to the girl arguing with Saaya.

" FYI, Saaya, you sing like a pig, dance like a pig, and act like a pig. You know why? Oh yeah, You are a pig." the girl hotly snapped back to something I didn't hear Saaya say.

" Of course," Kukai said.

"That's Hinamori Amu. She was the new student 2 years ago, and she's known as 'Cool N Spicy'. I prefer Utau though." I almost didn't hear him say the very last sentence, for it was barely a whisper.

"Ooooh... Someone's got a crush on Utau." I said in a singsong sort-of tone.

"Oh-sha. I know that smirk, Ikuto. You're gonna ask out Hinamori-san, aren't you? You are too much of a playboy. You'll never find true love. I gotta warn ya, Utau told me that Amu has never dated anyone before."

"Really, now? Why?"

"She won't tell me. She says it's personal and not my busi- Hey Ikuto! Your spacing out again!" I started smirking while Kukai tried to get my attention. Right now, I can't think about anything but the 'Amu'-girl.

Hmmm... Never dated anyone before. Well, Amu, Let me be your first date

" I can get the lead role. I bet you." I heard her say. Lead role? They're probably arguing about the school play. Humph. I know just what to do.