Here's my second new story for this category. It basically came to me a short time after writing Friends Within. Basically, what would have happened if Roxanne hadn't forgotten her friendship with Megamind.

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Roxanne gasped at the little blue necklace. Being a little girl of only eleven, she didn't own a large collection of jewellery. A few necklaces and some bracelets perhaps, but all were plastic, and none were as pretty as the one she held. The glowing blue charm shone like a bright midnight star, the glow reflecting off her wide eyes. She held it gently in the palm of her hand as the blue boy watched her with a smile on his face.

"Here, let me put it on for you," he offered, snapping himself from his daze.

He carefully took it from her hand and she turned round, allowing him to slowly place the item around her neck, fastening it at the back. Roxanne brought her hand up to the blue charm at the front with a wide smile on her face.

"It's pretty," she spoke softly.

The boy smiled. He was glad she liked it. In fact, it made him want to jump up and down, laugh out loud, and spin her around above his head. But he restrained himself. He didn't want to scare her away – not when she was the only human friend he'd ever had. He was taken by utter surprise when Roxanne suddenly threw her arms around him, giving him a hug.

"Thank you," she whispered in his ear.

They broke apart suddenly when a high pitched screech was heard. Spinning round, they saw Roxanne's mother standing at the entrance of the school, frozen in shock and eyes wide at the sight of her daughter hugging this strange boy. She stormed forwards and grabbed the girl's hand, dragging her away.

"Come away from that freak!" she yelled.

Roxanne tried to pull away, but her mother's grip was too tight. She was dragged away helplessly as the boy watched with sad eyes.

"You're not coming back here again if you're going to be hanging round with him!" her mother continued, her eyes fixed firmly ahead as she pulled Roxanne towards the car.

The little girl knew that it was no use fighting her mother, but she couldn't help but look back over her shoulder. The boy was staring after her with sad eyes; after all, he had just lost the one and only person who had treated him as an equal. Even his fish looked genuinely upset, his bowl by the boy's feet and his eyes showing just how unhappy he was to see her go.

Roxanne was silent the entire way home in the car, knowing that if her mother had any say in it, she would never see her new friend again.

But she still had the necklace.

A couple of days later, Roxanne was riding her bike in the park, laughing and giggling as she rode up and down the steep hills. Her mother was sitting on a park bench nearby, talking to a friend. She was telling her about the school incident.

"I mean, if I hadn't gotten there in time, who knows what that boy might have done to her," she was saying. "He was wearing one of those orange prison suits, too. I'm shocked that they even let him into that school."

"It is a shame, though," her friend said. "Roxanne is such a clever little girl."

"I know," the mother agreed. "But that was the only gifted school in the area. Maybe I'll try a public school when she's a bit older. By then she'll know who she should make friends with."

Meanwhile, Roxanne was pushing her bike up to the top of one of the larger hills, determined to cycle all the way down it. That was any kid's dream; to ride down the biggest hill in the park on a bike, and Roxanne was no exception. She climbed on the saddle and gazed down the hill. She would loved to have done this with a friend. Like the boy she had met a few days before...

She self-consciously reached up a hand and touched her necklace. Thankfully, her mother hadn't questioned it's sudden appearance, and had actually told her daughter that it was rather pretty. Since then, Roxanne had worn it every day, only ever taking it off whenever she took a bath. She gently rubbed her fingers across the blue charm at the front and sighed. At least she had something to remember her friend by.

Taking a deep breath, Roxanne placed one foot on the peddle and used the other to push off. She was instantly met by a gush of wind, blowing her hair with an amazing sensation. The bike travelled at a tremendous speed down the hill, and for the first half of the experience, the little girl laughed out loud with excitement.

This lasted only until she made the mistake of trying to move her hair from her eyes. With only one hand on the handle bars, she lost control, the bike zig-zagging the rest of the way down the hill at an uncontrollable speed. Roxanne gave a cry of panic; she tried desperately to get her bike back under control, but it was no use. The bike hit a dent in the pavement, which sent Roxanne flying over the handle bars, her helmet falling from her head.

But something happened within the few seconds between this and her landing. The charm on her necklace began to glow, giving off a blue light, and in the same instant, a bubble formed around her, protecting her as she hit the ground. It caused her to bounce, then bounce again, before she finally landed unharmed on the grass.

Her mother, who had heard the scream, came running to her aid with her friend behind her.

"Roxanne!" she cried, hurrying over to her daughter. "What happened? Are you all right?"

"I fell off my bike," Roxanne explained, pointing back over at the item in question, which laid on it's side with the wheels spinning aimlessly.

"You must have been going pretty fast in order to get thrown that far," her mother's friend commented, observing the distance between the bike and the eleven-year-old. "Still, at least you landed on the grass. You would have gotten a nasty bump on the head without your helmet."

Roxanne said nothing. She wanted to tell them both about what the necklace had done, but feared that is she did, she would have it taken away from her. After getting cleaned up, her mother took her back home, telling her that she'd had enough frights for one week, and that she would take her to the zoo as a treat the next day.

That night, Roxanne laid in her bed, her teddy tucked under her arm as she stared up at the ceiling of her bedroom. She touched the necklace for the 50th time that day, silently vowing that somehow, some way, she would see that boy again.

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