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The Last Dance

Pieces of rubble were moving above them, being lifted bit by bit to allow small strands of light through that came from what appeared to be search lights. It must have been pretty bad to have search lights out. Soon, the last huge chunk was removed, to reveal Wayne wincing as he held the piece of rubble above his head. He sighed in relief when he saw Megamind and Roxanne unharmed.

"They're OK!" he called over his shoulder. "They were saved by some sort of...force field, from what I can make out."

"It's from my necklace," Roxanne explained. "Megamind made it for me when we first met."

"And a good thing, too," Wayne commented, placing the piece of rubble aside carefully. "Now quickly; I'm not sure how stable this all is, and your mother is very worried."

The two teenagers tried to get up, the force field disappearing, but quickly ducked back into their positions when a bit of rubble fell, missing them by inches. Roxanne had screeched when it happened, and Megamind pulled her into an even tighter embrace. Wayne, realizing that this was going to be a lot harder than he'd first thought, carefully drifted down and grabbed both of them. He pulled them up into the air, placing them carefully down a good distance away from the rubble.

But they weren't out of the storm yet. Once their feet touched ground police officers were around them, pointing guns at Megamind. The blue boy held up his hands innocently, Wayne backed away in shock and Roxanne remained put; after all they'd been through, she wasn't about to abandon him again.

"Miss," one of the officers told her over a loud speaker, "we must ask you to step away from the criminal."

Roxanne refused to move. She just stood there, glaring at the officer, and trying her best to hold her tongue. Oh, she badly wanted to give him a lecture on how Megamind was not a criminal.

"She's probably in shock," she heard her mother speak up.

In response to this, several officers stepped forwards, just like they'd done that fateful night, some striding towards her and others towards Megamind. Her eyes darting between them, Roxanne knew that if they grabbed the pair of them, all hope would be lost. So, she did the only thing she could.


At her sudden cry the officers backed away, as Roxanne leapt at Megamind and clutched him. The message was clear; she wasn't going anywhere any time soon.

"You take him," she spoke with determination in her voice, "you take me too. Wherever he goes, I go."

Her mother went into shock. What was going on?

"Miss, please," another officer asked.

"No!" Roxanne cried again, burying her face into Megamind's shoulder. "I love him."

Gasps echoed throughout the crowd, and everyone stared at Roxanne in shock. How could she love him? Had she been brainwashed? At first her mother suspected this, until she saw the look on her daughter's face. It was genuine. There was no cloudiness in her eyes, they weren't blank; they were filled with raw, genuine emotion. There was no mistaking the love she saw in them.

"Looks like we've got a case of Stockholm Syndrome here," another officer reported.

"No, it's not that!" Roxanne denied. "It's not that because he never kidnapped me in the first place. We ran away. The two of us have been friends since we were kids. Apart from his fish, I was all he had. We told each other everything, were there for each other, and everything. But we were forced to hide it because of what people expected of us."

Everyone was silent, but they were listening.

"You've all been judging him because of what he looks like on the outside, but the truth is, he's nothing like you expect him to be," Roxanne continued. "He's sweet, caring, loving, smart, and a good person. But because of what you all expect him to be – how you judged him for so many years – he never even got the chance to prove himself. You even provoked him to embrace his fate even though he was unhappy about it."

At this last comment, Wayne glanced down in shame. He knew that part was mostly his fault.

"This is why some people are so unhappy nowadays," she continued. "They get judged, and left with no other choices other than the ones others have chosen for them. Megamind saved me from an accident when I was little, he kept me safe out in the woods, and now he's saved my life. The day I walked into that school when I was eleven, I saw good in him. Why can't any of you?"

Stunned silence. No one knew what to say or how to react. In truth, they were still a little unsure. After all, Megamind had terrorized the city, and no one was sure if any of the words spoke truth.

"I can see it."

Heads turned to see Minion appearing with Rose, the little girl throwing herself at Roxanne in a tight hug. People didn't see this; they were too busy staring open mouthed at a fish, in a robot gorilla suit, who could talk.

"I've served my master since I can remember, and I can honestly say that he's a good person," Minion proclaimed.

"He's a good person!" Rose added determinedly. "Don't take him away!"

Bernard and Jorrie, who had been slowly making their way through the crowd, also stepped out beside them.

"We can see it, too," Jorrie proclaimed, and Bernard gave her hand a light squeeze.

"As do I."

There were more gasps and confused mumbles when Wayne drifted down next to the small group, still looking guilty but determined, just like the others.

"I was the one who provoked him to become the villain in the first place," he admitted. "I want to take full responsibility for all the damage he caused. The truth is, he's a good person, probably better than I am. He's not the only one who's stuck with a destiny he doesn't want; do you think anyone ever asked me if I wanted to be a hero?"

"I want to be with Megamind," Roxanne proclaimed, hugging her love tighter. "It's my choice, and my choice alone. No matter what people say."

"And I want to be with Roxanne," Megamind finally spoke, gaining courage from his friends. "She's the only person I've ever known who makes me feel wanted instead of rejected. She saw past and accepted my looks and got to know who I was underneath."

Roxanne smiled up at him, but looking round, they saw that they weren't out of the woods yet; people still looked unsure. That is, until the crowd began to part, and out stepped the Warden, looking just as determined as the teenagers.

"What they've all said is correct," he announced, addressing the crowd. "I've known this boy since he was eight days old. He could be trouble, but all kids are like that. It was his friendship with this young lady which kept him from turning bad; because once you experience love, you see the good in the world."

Whether it was because of what he'd said, or the fact that he was an important figure in Metro City, it seemed to put everything into place. One by one, officers lowered their guns and bystanders became less worried. Some parted, and Roxanne's mother appeared, slowly making her way towards her daughter. Roxanne didn't worry; the woman looked far from angry. The expression on her face was one of guilt. She paused once she reached them, and for minutes, there was just silence.

"Roxanne," she finally began, taking a deep breath, "do you really love him?"

"Yes," Roxanne replied, nodding.

"Then I accept him," she continued. "Roxanne, when that building came down on you, I felt so many emotions. Worry, shock, horror, but I also felt guilt. Because only then did it all come crashing down; I never spent any time with you when you were growing up, nor am I spending time with your sister. And realizing just how much I've missed out on, I can see that...I don't know you at all. What I thought was best for you...wasn't what was best for you, at all. I'm so sorry for neglecting you, and pushing you. You're right; it is you choice."

Roxanne smiled, a tear escaping the corner of her eye and trickling down her cheek. She left Megamind briefly to embrace her mother in a hug. Something she hadn't done since she was Rose's age, or possibly younger. Her mother hugged back as the two of them sank to their knees, glad that maybe now, she and her daughter could have a better relationship. It wasn't too late to change things. When they pulled away, Rose hurried up to the pair of them.

"Mummy!" she cried, throwing herself into her mother's arms.

Rebecca hugged her youngest daughter tightly, and Roxanne joined in as they hugged together as a family. Family. This word was the first that came to Megamind as he watched them, feeling slightly sad. He never knew what it was like to have a family. Minion, Roxanne and even the Warden were all the closest to family he'd ever had; the distant memory of his parents proved that he once had a family, but also reminded him that he never could again.

Until the hug broke away and the girls held their arms out to him. All of them, even Rebecca, was smiling. Accepting him into their family. Megamind couldn't hide the wide smile that spread wide across his face before he joined them, the four of them hugging. Minion chuckled happily as he jumped up and down behind them, the Warden gave a knowing smile, and Wayne looked on with sad eyes. Maybe, since he now had a choice, he could try and build a relationship with his parents. It would take some hard work, but it would be worth it.

Bernard and Jorrie also watched the family with happy eyes.

"Well, I'd say it's about time, wouldn't you?" Jorrie commented.

It was then that they realized they were holding hands like a couple. Looking into each others eyes, they smiled warmly at one another. Meanwhile the hug pulled apart, each person feeling both warmer and better than before.

"You know, Prom is still on if you two want to go back?" Rebecca suggested after looking at her watch. "Or has tonight been too much for you?"

"No, I'm sure we can handle it," Roxanne assured her with a smile, linking arms with her boyfriend. "Besides, I haven't had a proper dance yet without having to run for my life."

"But people will be staring at us," Megamind warned her.

"I don't care," Roxanne said firmly. "You're my boyfriend, and I don't care what other people think. If I want to dance with you at my Prom, then I will."

Couples parted as they passed, making their way to the dance floor with determination set in their eyes. They didn't care that people were staring at them. They ignored the whispers and murmurings echoing throughout the crowd. Megamind and Roxanne loved each other, and that was all that mattered.

As a new song began to play (Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), Roxanne paused in the centre of the dance floor, placed her arms on her boyfriend's shoulders, and began to sway to the music. Megamind wrapped his arms tightly around her waist as he proceeded to do the same. Their eyes slid shut and their foreheads touched, the two love birds completely lost in the music and each other.

At first, the kids watching didn't know what to do. But then Bernard and Jorrie stepped onto the dance floor, joining the pair in swaying slowly to the song. After this, other couples began to join in, until Megamind and Roxanne were barely noticeable in the sea of teenage romances.

Hal stood to the side, watching Megamind with jealous eyes.

"Seriously, she chooses that blue guy over me?" he questions aloud.

Getting an idea, he picked up a shrimp from the snack table, covered it in dip, before grabbing a fork and aiming it at the dancing couple. He smirked to himself, until Wayne appeared in front of him, hovering and glaring down at him.

"What a Sophmore like you doing here, hmm?"

Hal didn't even get a chance to lie; Wayne picked him up and dumped him in a trash can in the corner of the room. He groaned in pain.

"Of course, old habits die hard," Wayne commented, brushing his hands together as if he was dusting them off.

Megamind and Roxanne continued to sway back and forwards, unaware of anything which was happening around them.

"I love you," Megamind whispered in her ear, and Roxanne shivered in delight at the breath against her skin.

They both opened their eyes, gazing lovingly at one another as she smiled up at him.


Then, after two interruptions in the same night, they leaned in and shared a kiss that had been long overdue. After all, third time's a charm.

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