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Today had been wonderful. I had honestly and truly been great. She really didn't mind too much about what had happened earlier, because today was her and Daniel's special day. They were together forever, from this day forward.

Megan had been leaning gently back into Daniel's chest, as he enveloped her in his warm and loving arms. She trusted him fully and loved him with her whole heart, and knew that he definitely felt the same way.

She looked out upon the rippling blue water, which occasionally would make the family boat bob up and down gently in the slight waves. The sun was shining down brightly, reflecting off of the water's surface and therefore throwing about a wonder light; reflecting Megan's joyous and happy feelings.

Shifting her weight slightly upon the wooden decking, Megan leaned back a little more and tilted her head backwards as she looked up into the loving eyes of her husband. She smiled brightly and said gently,

"I love you."

Daniel smiled back, "and of course I love you too." He answered before bending his head to kiss her gently but passionately upon the lips.

"Will?" Megan looked up and over towards the gardens where the voice was coming from, "I'm really sorry Will." It was her father, he was now calling after her brother who looked lost and hurt. Will seemed to be continuing to clear the chairs away, as previously instructed by their mother, but with much more force now, yet he seemed to lack purpose.

Megan watched with a concerned expression on her face, frowning as she tried to understand the unknown and so far confusing situation.

"What's-?" Daniel asked out to the open as he also surveyed the events. They both stood watching for a few minutes as Will stacked the last chair upon the stack and walked dejectedly towards the house with his head hanging, as he rubbed his hands over his face in frustration and walked out of view in the large home; leaving their father sitting slumped in one last chair looking worn out and sad.

"Wait here." Megan said to Daniel as she applied slight pressure to his arm in a way that said she would be right back and she hoped he would understand. He knew this was what being part of the family meant and so he smiled understandingly and hugged her back quickly before letting her out of his arms. She stepped forward, their arms stretched out as Megan stepped further away, but with their hands still entwined. "I'll be right back." She smiled gently before they released hands and she proceeded to briskly cross the lawn, holding onto her beautiful dress, making sure it wouldn't trail along the floor and become dirty or accidently trip on the hem.

"Will?" she called out, her voice disappearing into the depths of the house, as she stood in the middle of the entrance hall. The sun light shone brightly through the high windows creating beams of light into the cooler and more shaded room. "Will?" she called out again as she started to climb the elaborate staircase which curved as it rose up against the side of the rounded wall, finishing up on the first floor landing.

The image of her brother looking so helplessly lost, and her dads saddened look had definitely puzzled her, and it didn't matter that today was her wedding day, it was perfect and nothing could ruin it. Will was her younger brother and so she needed to sort this out. Thankfully, Daniel was so good, and he understood fully that this was something she needed to do to rest her mind. Just one of the many reasons why she loved him so much.

Megan turned the corner on the first floor landing, her white satin heels tapping against the dark wooden floor and the rustle of her wedding dress train as it flowed out behind her trailing along slightly on the floor.

She knocked lightly but insistently on the outside of Will's shut bedroom door. There was no sound in response. "Will? Can I come in, please?" she asked through the door.

This wasn't like Will. He had been so happy lately, as his and Ronnie's relationship grew. She saw how much they both needed and complimented each other, and it had been a long time since she, or anyone had seen them apart when they had the opportunity to be together. Yes, she had also noticed her mother's opinion, and that it was not perhaps the most positive or welcoming of attitudes, but this hadn't stopped them so far. So why and more pressingly, what had happened?

"Will, if you don't open up, I'll just come in anyway." She called out again, hand reached out ready to clasp the door handle, pausing for just a moment to see if he would actually come.

No. It didn't seem he would.

Slowly she pulled down the handle and pushed open the door into his bedroom. Will was sitting, or what looked more like slouching back into his chair over by his desk. His eyes were closed and arms just handing carelessly over the armrests of the chair and down by its sides. His tie had been abandoned upon the floor over to the place where he now sat, and his smart shoes had been kicked off haphazardly in the doorway.

It was not a happy state and Megan sighed deeply as she crossed the room over to her brother. She slowly reached out her arm and gentle placed her hand upon his shoulder. "Will, talk to me." She said quietly, with a clear sense of sadness in her voice.

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