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-Arnold Shortman It's exam week :/ 1 day ago

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THE BOARDERS. 06/08/10

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Networks: Hillwood High '11

-About Me - Basic Info:
-Sex: Male
-Hometown: Hillwood
-Interested in: Women
-Looking For: Friendship
-Arnold is in a relationship with Helga Pataki.

-Bio:-Activities: video games, poker and baseball
-Like Pages: Baseball at Gerald Field, Lockjaw, Big Cesar, Eating contests, Pigeon Man, Saving The Neighborhood and 23 other pages
-Music: Jazz , Mr. Hyunh
-Books: Harry Potter series
-Movies: 1,000,000 STRONG FOR YO, ERNEST: THE FOREST MOVIE BY CARL BARTOLOMEO!, The Princess and the Frog, Back To The Future Trilogy, Toy Story 3, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
-Television: Yo, Ernest!, Pop Daddy, Shark Week

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Arnold Shortman I hate exam week. It's going to be the longest three days of my life.
-1246 people
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Even longer than the time Arnie stayed with you?
-Cousin Arnie
likes this
Arnold Shortman:
Yes, Sid...

Helga Pataki Studying = student + dying
Gerald Johansen: That's the kind of math I can do
Phoebe Heyerdahl: We only have two exams left
-Helga Pataki: That's two too many

Arnold Shortman likes helping others.
-Gerald Johansen
likes this.
No way! I had no idea!
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like this comment.

Harold Berman: Planned on playing hookey today. . .until I realized it was Sunday.
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Helga Pataki:
I actually have nothing to say.
-Harold Berman:
Madam Fortress Mommy!

Helga Pataki - Harold Berman: What does that even mean?
-Thaddeus Gammelthorpe:
It's kind of a "I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you" sort of thing.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd I have officially given up on studying for chem. It's online shopping time.
Wolfgang: What another perk of being a senior. I don't have any final exams.
-Helga Pataki:
Sometimes, I can't believe you're going to graduate
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Arnold Shortman It's impossible to study the correct way to balance an equation when Pookie is doing the hula.
-Steely Phil likes this
Helga Pataki:
I love your family so much.
Steely Phil: And here come the fireworks. . .

Arnold Shortman is at the Library updated via Facebook for iPhone

Lila Sawyer I'm so nervous about these exams.
Phoebe Heyerdahl:
You'll do fine, Lila!
: You have nothing to worry about. Positive thinking! :)

Sid Psshhh, who cares about exams?
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Harold Berman ahhhhhhh, my head hurts!
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Nadine So. . . how 'bout that English exam?
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: I totally failed that!
Lila Sawyer: Me too. It was impossible!
Stinky Peterson: I can't spell so the essay was hard.

Lorenzo Failed my exams because I didn't have time to study because of my schedule. Well, there goes my freedom.
-Sid: What freedom did you ever have?
Lorenzo: Touche.

Monkeyman likes showers.

Gerald Johansen apparently, everyone's saying the exams are hard. Hasn't anyone heard of christmas treeing?
-Wolfgang: That's how I made it through high school
-Helga Pataki: It all makes so much sense now

Helga Pataki: Finally! It's summer vacation!
-120 people like this
-Rhonda Wellington Lloyd
: T-minus 90-something days until senior year!

Pookie What a busy Saturday! Saving more animals from the zoo and another subway's broken down...

Arnold Shortman Anyone remember when we were trapped on the subway?
Harold Berman:
Let's all hold hands here on the subwaaaaayyyy!
Gerald Johansen:
Heyerdahl likes this
Arnold Shortman
: I'll take that as a yes.

Lila Sawyer Cheese Festival this weekend. Come volunteer!
Arnold Shortman: I'll be there.
Phoebe Heyerdahl: Me too!
-Helga Pataki likes this comment

Gerald Johansen "The journey is the destination, man." Wise words from a nine year old.
-Arnold Shortman likes this
Arnold Shortman: Those words of wisdom can only come from a boy who wears a giant strawberry costume.

Lila Sawyer is going back to Pleasantville to farm until August. I'll miss you guys! xoxo
Stinky Peterson: Grow something for me!
-Sid: You two scare me sometimes.

Arnold Shortman Hell yeah, new Call of Duty!
-Gerald Johansen and 50 others like this
Helga Pataki: I won't be seeing you until you finish the game, will I?
-Harold Berman: Nope.
-Arnold Shortman: Sorry. :/

Helga Pataki since every guy is now glued to their XBOX and Phoebe's leaving soon. . .Girls night at my place?
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: I have some Nicholas Sparks movies! Let's do this!
-Sheena: Which ones?
-Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John, The Last Song
-Helga Pataki: So basically you want us to cry all night?
-Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: That's the plan!
-Lila Sawyer: I hope y'all are having fun!

Phoebe Heyerdahl Nicholas Sparks books/movies are so predictable. . . but you still cry every single time.
Lila Sawyer: A Walk to Remember kills me every time
Helga Pataki: I have yet to cry at any movie. We've been at this all night and I still haven't cried.
-Sheena: You teared up in The Notebook.
-Helga Pataki: I did not!
-Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: Yes, you did.

Nadine "When the waves are flooding the shore and I can't find my way home anymore, that's when I look at you."
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: Liam Hemsworth can flood my shore any day ;)
-Helga Pataki:
Oh, Jesus Rhonda!
: The Last Song is my drug.
Helga Pataki: I'd like it more if Miley wasn't such a whore.
-Harold Berman: LOL.

Phoebe Heyerdahl will be in Japan until September! I'll miss everyone, and I'll try to get on again soon!
Helga Pataki: I'll miss you!
Gerald Johansen: Have a safe trip baby. I love you!

Helga Pataki: Come on, Arnold, step it up. First you lose to Wolfgang and now this!
-Wolfgang:You just got pwned.

Arnold Shortman - Helga Pataki: I'm going to the beach for the weekend with the boarders. Will you be next door for the tenth time?

Helga Pataki - Arnold Shortman: Of course! Miram insists on going back every year, much to Big Bob's dismay.

Steely Phil So. . .this is awkward. And yet it happens every year. Erm...
-Arnold Shortman: Grandma, why do you have to go to the nude beach?
-Helga Pataki: I just spit my soda everywhere. I can't stop laughing.

Eugene Horowitz seeing Rats on Broadway!
-1,214 people like this.
Sheena: Sing for them, Eugene!

Pigeon Man likes dramatically flying off into the sunset with carrier pigeons.

Helga Pataki uploaded a photo and added "Who else could build a sand castle as big as your house?"
Thaddeus Gammelthorpe: Ed Jerrett.
-Arnold Shortman: ?
-Thaddeus Gammelthorpe: World record holder for largest sand castle.

-1,293 people like this

Arnold Shortman Our last romantic walk on the beach turned violent pretty quickly. . .
-134 people like this
Gerald Johansen: LOL. How?
Arnold Shortman: Some guy hit on Helga. Before I had the chance to do anything, Helga was beating him up.

Gerald Johansen I'm not ashamed to say I love Taylor Swift.
Brainy: 0_0 He's gone to the dark side now.
Jamie-O Johansen: Yeah, you're definitely not a 12 year old girl.
-Timberly Johansen likes this
-Gerald Johansen: 12 year old girls like Justin Beiber.
-Jamie-O Johansen: And since you like Taylor Swift, which makes you a 12 year old girl, by the transitive property, you like Justin Beiber.
-Phoebe Heyerdahl likes this comment

Arnold Shortman: Babewatch marathon. Missing the beach already.

Thaddeus Gammelthorpe shared a link: http:/ It Girl Magazine. com/ archive / 1999-23- HelgaPataki. htm and said "Found this while searching for an actress online. Thanks, Google!"
-Helga Pataki:

Thaddeus Gammelthorpe uploaded a photo to his album: "Stuff I've Photoshopped" and tagged Helga Pataki "I think she might have a future as a Victoria's Secret model."
-Arnold Shortman and 34 other people like this
Helga Pataki: I think you should burn in Hell.

Arnold Shortman - Helga Pataki: You really should be a model.
-Helga Pataki: Shut up!

Gerald Johansen I just saw The fuckin' Sewer King climb out of a drain. He recognized me. I ran. He should be locked away or something.
-Arnold Shortman likes this
Monkeyman: I'm on it!

Sid "You are the best thing that's ever been mine."-God
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Stinky Peterson: *Galileo
Brainy: You're both wrong. It was Abraham Lincoln
Lorenzo: No, it was Einstein.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd Apparently the new trend is streaking at midnight.
Wolfgang: I was wondering why I saw all of these naked losers on my news feed. . .
Thaddues Gammelthorpe: I started that!

Helga Pataki I swear to God all of my friends are high right now.
-Phoebe Heyerdahl and Arnold Shortman like this

Harold Berman I just got an invitation from a college to join their synchronized swimming team. Damn it Coach Wittenburg.
-Helga Pataki: That day will never not be funny.

Sid like this status and I'll tell you what's up.
-1204 people like this
Helga Pataki: Not this shit again.

Campfire Lass and Chocolate Boy like Chocolate Turtles.

Gerald Johansen - Phoebe Heyerdahl: I hope you're having fun in Japan, but I miss you a lot. Love you!
-49 people like this

It's WILLIE (JOLLY OLLY MAN)'s BIRTHDAY! Arnold Shortman and 1276 People have wished him a happy birthday:
Willie (Jolly Olly Man) I hate you all.
-12,087 people like this

Arnold Shortman - Happy birthday!

Sid - Happy birthday, dude.

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Arnold Shortman Gerald Johansen got me hooked on Taylor Swift.
Helga Pataki: *face palm* Why am I dating you?
-Arnold Shortman: Because you love me.
-Helga Pataki: I think I'm gonna need a better reason than that.
-Gerald Johansen: OH DAMN.

+ Gerald Johansen, Arnold Shortman and Steely Phil are now friends with Rex Smythe Higgins III

Sid Arnold Shortman and Gerald Johansen got me hooked on Taylor Swift.
Brainy: Oh, fuck, not you too. Next thing you know you're all singing Justin Beiber

Arnold Shortman, Gerald Johansen, Sid and 12 other people like Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber
-Brainy: This is a joke, right?
-Brainy: RIGHT?

Brainy likes Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus

Brainy - Helga Pataki: I fucking love you.

Brainy - Helga Pataki: Date me instead.

Brainy - Helga Pataki: I totally stalked you in fourth grade.

Brainy - Helga Pataki: *wheeze*

Brainy likes anal, fucking your mom, and killing people.


Arnold Shortman - Brainy: You okay?

Brainy - Arnold Shortman: Yeah. Nothing a nice punch to the face from your girlfriend won't fix.
-Helga Pataki: I wouldn't punch you in the face.

Brainy - Helga Pataki: Yes you would.
-Arnold Shortman: I think you would.
-Helga Pataki Yeah, I probably will. Next time I see you Briany, remind me.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd Off to Paris again! I don't know when I'll be home! xxx
-812 people like this
-Thaddeus Gammelthorpe: I'll miss you!

Harold Berman CUPCAKE!
Sid: Your stolen cat or the dessert?
Harold Berman: The dessert, you idiot. That cat went to that mean old lady down the street.

Gerald Johansen Am I the only one who thinks John Mayer raped Taylor Swift? My proof: Have you heard the song 'Dear John'? "Don't you think I was too young to be messed with? the girl in the dress cried the whole way home." I'm onto you Mayer.
Helga Pataki: I really don't like you without Phoebe around.

Gerald Johansen - Helga Pataki: I really don't like you at all.

Helga Pataki - Gerald Johansen: Oh that hurts so much. I wonder if there's a Taylor Swift song I can cry to?

Gerald Johansen - Helga Pataki: There are some things I want to say, but won't since you're dating Arnold/Phoebe's best friend. Consider yourself lucky, Pataki.
-Helga Pataki: Alright, Tall Hair Boy.

Stinky Peterson is in the mood for some lemon pudding.
-4799 people like this

Arnold Shortman College visit road trip. Ugh.
Helga Pataki: Have fun. Love you.
-Arnold Shortman: Love you too. I'll be home next week.

Helga Pataki Well since Phoebe, Eugene, Lila, Rhonda, and Arnold are away. . .baseball at Gerald Field anyone?
-Wolfgang, Sid, Stinky Peterson and Harold Berman like this

Sheena is "Child Stuck in Elevator at Empire State Building For 10 Hours." Oh, Eugene Horowitz...

Thaddeus Gammelthorpe shared a link on his wall: "Why didn't we have YouTube as children? It would've come in handy on this day. . ." http:/www. youtube. com/results? Bunny+Pajama+Boy .html
-Iggy likes this
Arnold Shortman: Thanks, Curly.

Edmund Victory Party at Wolfgang's tonight
Helga Pataki: You're welcome for the win, by the way.

Wolfgang created a new photo album called "We Are The Champions" and tagged Helga Pataki, Edmund, Sid and 10 other people.
Showing 4 of 230 comments:
Brainy: OMG.
Iggy: . . .0_o?
Gerald Johansen: Excuse me while I go cut my eyes out.
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: I never knew Helga had it in her...


Wolfgang - Helga Pataki: Nope.

Helga Pataki - Wolfgang: You're a son of a bitch!

Wolfgang - Helga Pataki: It's not my fault you handle alcohol by taking off your shirt, do body shots, and then proceed to pass out pant-less in my bath tub.
-Helga Pataki: I hate you so fucking much.

Arnold Shortman So apparently I missed something if I get 20 texts from everyone. What's up? via Facebook for iPhone
Wolfgang: Your girlfriend is a drunk whore.
Gerald Johansen: What he means is, she was at a party last night and manged to get so drunk that she stripped, offered body shots and slept in the bath tub.
-Arnold Shortman: Okay. . .

FROM: Arnold Shortman

I'm a little concerned.

-Helga Pataki: About what?
-Arnold Shortman: I'm worried that something bad could have happened to you.
-Helga Pataki: But nothing did.
-Arnold Shortman: That's not the point. Why were you drinking in the first place?
-Helga Pataki: I've had alcohol before, Football Head. It's nothing to get worked up about.
-Arnold Shortman: I'm also worried that you're spending too much time with Wolfgang.
-Helga Pataki: What, are you my dad now?
-Arnold Shortman: No, I just don't want you getting into trouble or getting hurt. Wolfgang's not a nice guy.
-Helga Pataki: I'll be fine. What I do isn't your business.
-Arnold Shortman: Yeah, it kind of is if I'm your boyfriend.
-Helga Pataki: I'm calling you. I hate fighting over the Internet.

Stinky Peterson Well, Helga deleted her Facebook again. What is that, fifth time?
-Lorenzo likes this

Arnold Shortman Fuck.
Gerald Johansen: Taylor Swift makes everything better.
-Rhonda Wellington Lloyd likes this comment.
Arnold Shortman: This is serious, Gerald. I'm not going to be home for four days. You have to do something for me.
-Gerald Johansen: *sigh*. . .You're going to make me watch Helga, aren't you?
-Arnold Shortman: Yes.

Helga Pataki You gave me all your love and all I gave you was goodbye.
-Gerald Johansen likes this
Sid: 'Back to December' by TSwift. Nice.

Wolfgang Victory Party Party Deux baby!

Sid Helga Pataki HOOKED UP WITH Lorenzo AT Wolfgang's!
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Harold Berman: NO WAY.
Brainy: 0_O

Wolfgang added 3 more photos to "We Are The Champions" and tagged Helga Pataki, Lorenzo and 2 other people
-Gerald Johansen
I just threw up EVERYWHERE! When the hell did this happen? I was there the entire night!
-Wolfgang: It happened when you went to get more food from Ed's. Funniest shit I have ever seen.
-Lorenzo: Well, I'm as good as dead. Nice knowing you.

Sid - Helga Pataki: You're a slut.

Gerald Johansen - Helga Pataki: WHY? And with LORENZO? Come on, Helga.

Gerald Johansen - Helga Pataki: If it makes you feel any better I asked Wolfgang to untag you from your other crazy pictures.

Brainy - Helga Pataki: So it's true then? I thought Curly just photoshopped them or something. . .

Helga Pataki Well, I guess four and a half months was a good run right?
-Phoebe Heyerdahl: What did I miss?

Arnold Shortman I get a call while getting an interview and it's someone yelling hysterically on the other end. Then I get three more texts and a voicemail telling me to check Facebook...This better be important. via Facebook for iPhone

Steely Phil 10 Things Not To Do In A College Interview: #1 - Cry In Front of Your Interviewer
-Pookie likes this
-Arnold Shortman: Thank you for telling the world, Grandpa.

Gerald Johansen - Arnold Shortman: You cried?

Arnold Shortman - Gerald Johansen: Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do when I find out the girl I love cheated on me?

Wolfgang Oh, man, I love summer vacation!
-Edmund likes this

Helga Pataki is listed as single.

Arnold Shortman is listed as single.

Helga Pataki is off to Alaska to see Olga Pataki. Don't know if I'll be back.

Arnold Shortman Well. . .this is just fantastic. To top off the worst weekend of my life I find out that I didn't pass my AP Calculus exam. Great.

Cousin Arnie Suddenly my rumors don't seem so bad now.
Gerald Johansen: NOBODY LIKES YOU.
-238 people like this comment.

Helga Patki just watched A Walk to Remember on the plane. Fucking bawled my eyes out in front of everyone and the flight attendant laughed in my face. What a bitch.
-Stinky Peterson likes this

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd the best drama happens when I'm not around.
-Stinky Peterson likes this

Arnold Shortman - Helga Pataki: I still want to talk to you. Please, just answer one of my texts.

Eugene Horowitz is finally home! Hanging with Sheena and Nadine at Dinoland!
-Stinky Peterson likes this

Harold Berman Much needed guy time. Playing poker and the new Halo!
-Stinky Peterson and Thaddues Gammelthorpe likes this
Gerald Johansen:
I'm having a hard time convincing Arnold to come.
Stinky Peterson: So let's bring it to him!

Arnold Shortman - Helga Pataki: Please. I want to talk to you.

Arnold Shortman It's hard to turn down an invitation to guys night when everyone storms your house.
-Stinky Peterson likes this

Fuzzy Slippers likes The Ghost Bride, The Headless Cabbie, Four-Eyed Jack, The Haunted Train, Wheezin' Ed, Pigeon Man, Big Cesar, Monkeyman and The Sewer King

Steely Phil I'm competing in another Old Iron Man today. I'm gonna kick Jimmy Kafka's butt.
-Pookie likes this

Arnold Shortman Darling, you left my heart in pieces on the floor. . .
-Gerald Shortman: You really need to cheer up. You're listening to Dino Spumoni records for mighty pete's sake!

Sid It's raining pretty hard tonight. Wonder if it'll flood.
-Nadine Don't jinx it!

Sheena Yeah, it's flooding now.
-Sid likes this
Nadine: I blame Sid.

Eugene Horowitz likes The Abdicator and The Mauve Avenger.

Sid - Stinky Peterson: "Yahoo Soda, just drink it!" Please tell me you just saw that on TV!

Stinky Peterson I just saw my Yahoo Soda commercial on TV. Are we 9 years old again?
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Arnold Shortman - Helga Pataki: I still want to talk to you. Are you ever going to answer me?

Nadine So...who's still stuck in Hillwood?
-Arnold Shortman likes this
Sid: Have no fear, I am still here!
Stinky Peterson: Me to!
Eugene Horowitz: Me three!
Sheena: Me four!
Brainy: Me five!
Harold Berman: Yeah, I'm still here.
Iggy: Same.
Gerald Johansen: I'm going to California to see Jamie-O today, so not me.
Thaddeus Gammelthorpe: I am in Vegas with my parents at a Dry Cleaning Convention
-Rhonda Wellington Lloyd likes this
Helga Pataki: Alaska
Phoebe Heyerdahl: Japan
Lila Sawyer: Still in Pleasantville, but I miss you guys!
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: I miss you Nadine! I'll be home soon, I think!

Arnold Shortman - Helga Pataki: Please, Helga.

Harold Berman I'm so bored!
Arnold Shortman Why don't you do the summer reading?
-137 people like this

Arnold Shortman I'm so tired of this. I'm considering a quick trip to Alaska...Quick, someone be the voice of reason and stop me.
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Steely Phil - Arnold Shortman: I am the voice of reason and there's a flight to Alaska leaving in half an hour. I'll be waiting in the Packard.

Arnold Shortman is at Hillwood International Airport.

Helga Pataki Oh, fuck no.


ARNOLD SHORTMAN: Helga, I just landed. Where's Olga's place?
HELGA PATAKI: I went to Alaska to get away from you. Why the fuck did you come here?
ARNOLD SHORTMAN: I want to talk to you.
HELGA PATAKI: I don't. Get on a plane back to Hillwood.
HELGA PATAKI: Look, I know I messed up. I know I cheated. I know I ran away from everything. But I'm just not ready to deal with the idea of not being with you.
ARNOLD SHORTMAN: That's why I came out here. I'm not mad at you anymore. I don't care about it anymore, it's done, it's over, it's the past. We have to move on and learn from it. And I'm not moving on from this without you.
HELGA PATAKI: Goddamn it, Football Head. Her address is 837 Pine Lane.
ARNOLD SHORTMAN: See you soon.

Sid: So Arnold's now in Alaska. . .Who thinks they'll get back together?
-178 people like this
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd:
They better or I'm gonna have to beat someone's ass.

Wolfgang Who cares about football face and unibrow? It's such old news.
-Gerald Johansen You're old news. Go to college already.
-1830 people like this comment

Helga Pataki - Gerald Johansen: You are really mean without Phoebe around.

Eugene Horowitz Carmen is coming back to Hillwood Opera!
Sheena: Yay!
Gerald Johansen This calls for a Special Field Trip!
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Arnold Shortman is now in a relationship with Helga Pataki
-1,037, 792 people like this.
Showing 2 of 100 comments
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd: Good. Now I don't have to beat you up.
-Helga Pataki: That has to be the biggest joke I've ever heard.
Gerald Johansen: Finally! I was getting worried.

Helga Pataki: Senior year can't come fast enough. . .