A/N: This is a new story that I just wanted to post before Christmas. There was going to be a couple of introductory chapters before this one but I just wanted to cut to the chase with this one, hope it's not too 'into the story' already but the pace does slow down a bit... promise.

Kicking back and relaxing was all the Doctor ever did on a Sunday, by Earth time. He rested his feet on the console and was reading 'The Time Traveller's Wife'- it was River's favourite book and he wanted to read it to see if he could understand why. There were still a lot of things he didn't know about River but he took the time to find out some of her interests.

In mid-paragraph, he felt a strange energy pulse emitting from his pocket. His hand delved inside and he took hold of the physic paper in the brown leather wallet. The energy made the Doctor's hand feel warmer as he started to read the message. He could tell who it was from straight away and he smiled confidently.

'Come home immediately, got something important to tell you. X'

Impulsively, the Doctor leapt up onto his feet and started to set co-ordinates to their usual rendezvous point- a quiet and near enough empty bungalow on the outskirts of 51st century London. As the TARDIS zoomed across the time vortex, the Doctor knew he was going to be excited to see her again even if it means trouble, which it normally does.

As the rough journey began to level out and the TARDIS was materialising, the Doctor ran to the door, ready to pull it open as soon as the TARDIS had finished landing. He waited for a few seconds which seemed like hours!

The room fell silent and the Doctor reached for the doors and pulled them with great force and leapt out. He came face-to-face with an elegantly dressed River song. She wore a black, short and very tight strapless mini-dress that had a black rose made from ribbon on the right hip and the edges were slightly ruffled. It showed a lot of skin and emphasised her glamorous and sexy figure. She also wore matching black 4 inch heels and her hair was done up in an elegant and formal bun.

The Doctor didn't quite understand. He stepped towards her and her body appeared to almost glow in the sunset as it crept through the window.

"What's all this for?" he asked admiring her beauty once more. "Going somewhere nice?"

River walked up next to him and she leaned her head closer to his so she could look him in the eye when telling him this. She wasn't quite sure how he would react though, as they keep meeting in the wrong order, for all she knew, this could be a Doctor who hardly knows who she is.

"Someone has cracked the Matter Paradigm and the location of the Tapestry of Time has been deciphered..." she started cutting straight to the point.

"What?" the Doctor interrupted. This was definitely not what he was expecting. "But the Matter Paradigm is the most complex thing in existence, how can someone crack it? It's just...impossible..."

River shrugged her shoulders. "You're one to talk and besides it's just been made possible, and the grand unveiling of the Chrystalite which writes the Tapestry of Time is tonight and I'm going, with you as my plus one." She showed him a slip of paper that allowed her access to the Temple of Space-Time that was built to thank the guardians who protect reality. That was the location of the unveiling which seemed practical but the location of the Tapestry was only to be revealed to those who were allowed to attend the celebration.

"But... why am I going, I can see it any time I want." The Doctor wasn't sure if he could trust her to stay out of trouble. He may not know her that well yet but he knows that River is prone to trouble, quite like himself.

"Look believe me or not but, I need you to help me protect the Chrystalite." She briefly explained in a serious tone.

"Protect it? You?" he repeated in disbelief. "I thought you'd be first on the short-list of stealing it!" he teased her. "...No offence..." he added afterwards considering that she could have taken offence to that.

River rolled her eyes "I know you won't believe me but, it's very important and I can't put this off... All of existence could be at risk here!" She was growing impatient.

"Okay, now explain everything from the top... I can't quite grasp the concept of River Song on the good side of the law." the Doctor was teasing again despite the fact he knew that if existence was at risk then it must be serious.

"There are a lot of monsters out there who would just love to get their hands on that Chrystalite and the Tapestry itself and I've been assigned to go undercover and protect it, I just wanted you there so it would seem less suspicious..." this part was a lie, she wanted the Doctor there for many reasons but not to reduce suspicion which would already be low considering she is an archaeologist entitled to see it. She wanted him there because she loved him, and wanted him to see the Tapestry with her. She knows that he'll never let her down when she needs help, this time was more important than a lot of other times she's needed help. "...And plus, I need a lift." She smiled.

"Well... it seems a bit obscure..." The Doctor paused, thinking. This was unusual of River, calling him to come and meet her and ask for his permission to do something, not typical River at all...

"Please! The fate of existence could be hanging in the balance here Doctor, just think about the power of that Chrystalite." She added persuasively.

"I'll help, River." The Doctor agreed with a smile after a moment of careful consideration.

"Thank you, Sweetie." River returned the smile. She approached the Doctor wanting to hug or maybe even kiss him but she wasn't sure if it was too early in his time-line to do that yet so she paused out of awkwardness.

"So, I'm guessing its formal attire then?" the Doctor sarcastically questioned, looking River up and down again.

"Just don't take too long getting ready, this is crucial and not to be taken lightly!" she reminded.

"What exactly are you implying by that?" the Doctor grinned.

"Oh... nothing!" River sarcastically and mischieviously replied with a cheeky smile.

The Doctor spun on his heels and clicked his fingers. The TARDIS doors slowly opened and the Doctor stepped aside. "...After you m'lady."

River walked to the TARDIS and made her way inside and as she did, the Doctor put his arm around her waist. This had to be more than a friendly welcome, she wondered for a moment. Maybe he knew more than she thought...

Only time will tell...