This was it. This was the time the Doctor could finally save River Song...

He knew this was a stupid idea but love makes you do stupid things- and boy does he know it! He was going to do the one thing he had never done before. He was going to make River Song a Time-Lady...

Yes, it would have a major impact on everything that has happened in her life and everything that will happen but at least he will know that in the Library both her time-energy and his own, alongside some extra Huon particles, would be strong enough to help her regenerate, although as he is quite fond of her beautiful body he wasn't going to let her change her appearance when she regenerates. He made sure that will happen, he wrote it in the Tapestry never to be changed. He wanted to be sure that he will be able to save her. But that was all; he would let the rest of her life unfold by the day. He's sure now that she'll never leave him, they will be together forever- she won't wither and die like a human. He'll just keep running with her. He may not be able to figure out how to fix their non-chronological run ins but he'll still look forward to every one plus, he's grown quite fond of the added mystery.

"I saved you... I finally saved you," The Doctor whispered into the Tapestry. His fingertips running over the new images in River's timeline, a tear ran down his cheek and splashed on the very image he completely changed- the one of her sacrifice. "...My River Song." He chimed smiling through the tears.

He had done it; he had created a Time-Lady from a human, now he was no longer alone. River could live on forever with him and they will work together to protect reality as the Lord of Time and the Lady of Space- the Guardians of Reality. If only she knew it, as far as she was aware she would just grow old and die like every other human but no, she has so much more to look forward to now. All of the stars in all of the universes just waiting for her to explore them and now she had all of time to do so.

Oh how he wanted to tell her, how delighted he would feel. He could just picture her overwhelmed face knowing she could be the only one who could spend her entire life with him and he would too in return. It's just a shame he couldn't tell her, she can't know how she was meant to die and she will, without a doubt, protest to him changing her life without her consultation no matter how sweet she may find the gesture. He hardly knew who she was to him yet; he knew and loved her so well.

He could hear the faint beating of River's heart in his soul as it changed to two strong beat. He sensed her presence nearby once again; it was the most intoxicating feeling he ever felt, it sent his hearts racing and took control of his body. Emerging from the sound of peaceful heartbeats that allowed the Doctor to think was a rather distracting sound. It was the heel clicks of River Song's alluring shoes. His eyes glanced to the tunnel and caught sight of her long, slender legs striding down the steps and slowly the rest of her curvy body was revealed.

"All done Sweetie?" she asked cheerfully as she skipped the last few steps and leapt over to the Doctor.

"Yeah... I think I've done all I can do." He smiled.

"I'm sure your friend will appreciate what you're doing. Are you going to tell her?" River questioned.

"No..." he replied bluntly but his smile still remained, as he thought about her and loved that she had no clue it was her.

"Aw, what a shame; I bet she would have loved to hear what you did for her!" River beamed as she placed her hands on the Doctor's shoulders.

He enjoyed her closeness so much, this was definitely love he was feeling this very moment. He placed one hand on top of one of River's stroking it with his thumb lovingly. Just then something caught his eye- he left the Tapestry exposing River's timeline. His eyes widened as he frantically tried to come up with a plan to distract her so he could hide the Tapestry.

"Well... if I told her that would be spoilers now wouldn't it?" he teased her emphasising the word 'spoilers' still trying to sound as normal as possible, he knew she would have an argument to come back with.

"Hey! How many times do we have to go through this: stop stealing my line?" River complained still with a wide grin.

"Apparently quite a few!" the Doctor chuckled.

River's laughter provided the perfect cover so he could use his free hand to reach for the Chrystalite behind him and hide River's timeline. The pictures on the canvas faded leaving it blank to let the future unfold in any which way it could. Quickly he returned his hand to his side and look as casual as he could whilst trying to lower any possible suspicion.

He spun on his heels to face River, now he had his hands on her shoulders holding her close. "River..." he began.

"Doctor..." she mirrored his tone with a smirk as she bit her bottom lip.

"I just have to ask you something very serious, how would you feel about travelling with me... forever?" he always wanted to ask her that, just to see her reaction. To see her so happy that it makes his hearts sing. He figured that he would ask her at some point judging by the close relationship they have in the future and something like that can't just develop through the odd out-of-time run in.

"Forever? Well... I... I couldn't, not forever you'll outlive me- I'm only human and you, you are so much more." She smiled at him so lovingly as she heavily breathed out that statement meaning every word of it.

"Oh River, you are the one that is so much more. You are the most brilliant woman in the universe, you've shown me things I've only dreamed of, you've comforted me when I needed a friend, you've made me laugh when I needed cheering up and more importantly you've shown me love. You've taught me how to love someone in a different way; you've helped me find feelings I never knew I had. River, you are the light that burns in the darkness, brightening up the world when it's plunged into oblivion- you make it all worthwhile no matter how unbearable it may seem. Just think about all of those galaxies that have never met said amazing person, if you travel with me I'll take you wherever and whenever you want- your heart charts the course." He always made a speech to get a new companion on board the TARDIS. But this was no ordinary companion; this was River Song- the woman he loves. "How 'bout it, Song? You and me, Time and Space, you watch us run!" he echoed what she said to him once upon a time that now never happened but in the Doctor's mind- that dreaded day was now nothing but a nightmarish memory of a non-existent time stream.

River stared at him for a long moment as tears formed in her eyes, she was not expecting that but she felt honoured that he finally asked her. The Doctor's true name rolled off her tongue "... how could I ever refuse you? Yes!" she beamed as she threw her arms around him letting the tears of happiness roll down her cheeks.

The Doctor embraced her, enveloping her in his love as his arms laced around her thin body. He lifted her and spun her in a circle around him. They laughed, now they could be together and never have to worry about the other being in trouble somewhere far away. He set her down just mere inches from him and he could feel her eccentric breathing sending shivers down his spine. The pounding of both her hearts- her time lady hearts on his chest were in perfect sync with his own, just as they should be. He only prayed that she wouldn't question her two heartbeats.

He smiled down at her, mirroring her beaming grin. He placed one hand on her cheek wiping away her happy tears whilst the other remained securely at her hip. "River, you have no idea how important that 'yes' was to me." The Doctor chuckled.

"You're stuck with me forever now, no backzies!" she giggled.

"Why would I ever want to backzie that?" he asked rhetorically, admiring her beauty.

River laughed and blushed so cutely at that. The Doctor couldn't resist anymore, he slipped his hand behind River's head to press his lips to hers in the most meaningful and passion-engulfed kiss of all. He sucked her bottom lip, it tasted so sweet and it was so more-ish that the thought of ever parting from it was inevitable! As his tongue gained entrance into her mouth she finally caught up to his eager movements. Finally realising that this was all real, not some sort of farfetched dream she started to kiss back- full force, not holding anything back as her skills of being a phenomenal kisser overshadowed everything else.

The Doctor pulled River's body into his almost fusing them together as one. His arm wrapped around her waist was holding her securely and tightly never wanting to let her go. His other entwined in her hair as it explored her soft golden curls.

In turn to show how enthusiastic she was, River arched her back pressing herself further into the Doctor as her hands found the back of his head and pulled his face closer to hers, they then ran through his hair ever so gently tugging at parts.

The Doctor knew she didn't want to end this any time soon and neither did he, so he may as well make the most of it. His hand that was cascading through her curls now took the place behind her back as the other hand slid round to her front making its way up her torso and halting at her breast. He cupped it, enjoying the feel of it despite the fact that it was hidden by just a thin layer of material. His fingertips so tenderly caressing her left breast and slipping under the material, this had earned him a satisfied moan from the back of River's throat. He could feel the vibration in his own as the moan rolled across from her mouth into his. He had to admit that this was not exactly what he had written in the Tapestry but he certainly enjoyed it.

The Doctor slowly withdrew his tongue from River's mouth and pulled his head away to look at her. He gazed into her tranquil eyes and saw the glisten of love shine brightly. "River, I love you." He spoke so emotionally it set River's heart(s) ablaze.

"And Doctor, I love you so, so much." She smiled. Her hand was now stroking his cheek and her eyes fixed on him, this felt so right so comfortable for both of them, like it was always meant to be.

She leaned her head close to the Doctor and wrapped her arms around him pulling him into a hug. She rested her head between his soothing hearts listening to the melodic beat. The Doctor hugged her back for a long moment then kissed her forehead. As he withdrew his lips from her, he kneeled down to pick her up bridal style which took her by surprise.

"Let's go home." He beamed to her, referring to the TARDIS as their new home.

"After today, there's no place I'd rather be." River smiled sweetly in return as she placed her hands on the Doctor's shoulders linking them behind his neck.

The Doctor smiled at her in agreement then pressed his lips to hers in a quick but loving kiss as he carried her out of the cave and up the staircase. As they entered the hall where the engraving stood they were greeted by silence, the room was empty apart from them and right in front of the stone carving was their home- the TARDIS. He set River down and they walked hand in hand over to the great time machine as the Lord of Time and Lady of Space.

The Doctor came to a halt in front of the engraving with River stopping next to him. He looked up admiring the carving of himself and his love symbolising their mark in history. It felt as if they were being watched over by themselves, a version of themselves they didn't even know of. He felt River's hand entwine with his, gently squeezing it as she too looked up at their future carved on that wall.

"It's great isn't it, knowing that we'll always be remembered as Guardians of Reality and worshipped throughout the stars." River asked.

"Yeah, gives me a new sense of pride," the Doctor laughed. "I always knew you were something amazing River, and this carving has proven me right." He looked down to her.

"I've only got you to blame!" she chuckled.

"Hey now, it's not entirely my fault you're so amazing although, I did have a major input!" he teased, sneaking in a self-compliment as well.

"No, you were just a mild influence, a little nudge... Most of it was just my natural behaviour." River laughed. "You know what I'm like..."

"Yes and no... But you're a complex one, Song." The Doctor said pointing a finger at her. " hard to figure out and each time I think I've sussed it, there's always something that makes me completely and utterly wrong."

"That's me all over, I like to keep you on your toes!" she smirked with a playful wink.

"You do a mighty fine job of it." He grinned at her.

"I know..." she spoke confidently with a shrug of her shoulders. "Besides, it keeps you occupied, what with all the running!"

"Whaddya say to getting some running done now?" he smiled looking like an adventurous child, which he did a lot.

"As much as I'd love to Sweetie, I was thinking that we could maybe finish off what we started earlier..." River raised her eyebrows and bit her lip.

"Oh... you want to play it like that do you?"

"You know you want to as well."

"Well, I can't argue with that!"

He took hold of her hand and pulled her into the TARDIS, they were both lost in each other's laughter and love. The door eased closed and the blue box began to de-materialise off to a quiet, isolated part of space where the two Guardians can enjoy each other's company and nothing but. Silence filled the hall of the Temple once again as the hum of the TARDIS engines faded in the air.

As they finished guiding the TARDIS, River led the Doctor to her room where they undressed and had the most amazing sex anyone could imagine. The Doctor didn't care that there was a little thought in the back of his mind saying he was moving too fast in this relationship, he was having sex with the most brilliant woman in all existence, the one he made into time-lady so he could spend eternity with her and so she would never have to die and be torn away from him.

After a wonderful, phenomenal time, the Doctor lay on the bed with one arm around River who was sleeping blissfully, resting her head on his torso with one hand placed between his hearts. The time-lord and lady embracing their everlasting love for each other, the most powerful love and they knew it- they always knew it.

The running can wait until later, much later. After all, the Guardians of Reality deserve a break every now and again. Time and Space came to a stop to allow these two dedicated heroes and lovers to enjoy the start of spending eternity together, as they prepared to start a new chapter of their lives.

But the biggest accomplishment of the day was the Doctor finally being able to truly save River Song from that Library; he always hoped that day would come. After so many failed attempts, he brought her back into his life-

It was only a matter of time...