SasoDei Alphabet!

A: Answers

Deidara had been quieter than usual. Part of Sasori deeply enjoyed the silence. The other part of him was truly worried that something was troubling his overly-energetic-happy-go-lucky-love-everybody partner.


Deidara turned to glare at his partner but didn't speak.


Again, no response.

Sasori sighed. He knew why Deidara wasn't responding. He hated being called 'brat', as he'd informed Sasori in the politest was possible during his last huge outburst.


Deidara turned his back to his partner.

Sasori groaned. He wasn't going to get anywhere by being mean to his partner. Yet, for some reason, he found it hard to say anything nice to him. Sure, he was honestly concerned about him. Yes, he wanted to find the solution to whatever Deidara's problem was so he could have his usual pain in the ass back. But, he couldn't show it.

"Fine, don't talk to me."

Deidara ran a hand through is blonde hair absentmindedly. It was obvious that his mind was elsewhere. Sasori wasn't even sure Deidara had heard him say anything after the first time he addressed him in that oh-so-beloved nickname.

"Even in your silence you're annoying. Do you know that?"

Deidara sighed quietly to himself. He turned away from the window that sat directly over his bed and laid down. His blonde hair fanned out around him on the pillow, nearly forming a halo. Sasori watched, not sure how to react.

"For the love of-" Sasori cut himself off, not sure how to finish without being murdered by Hidan, "Just speak to me already, brat."

Deidara's blue eyes stared up at the ceiling. Part of him wanted to look at Sasori. Part of him wanted to pull the covers over his head and pretend he was invisible.

"What is it, Danna?"

Sasori noted how dull his voice sounded; lifeless.

"What's wrong with you lately?"

Although he tried, he was unable to hide that small hint of caring that crept into his voice. Mentally, he cursed himself.

"I'm just tired."

Sasori snorted, "Bullshit! Answer me."

Finally, Deidara sat up on his bed and let his blue eyes wander over to Sasori's reddish-brown ones. They stared at each other for a good minute, both trying to figure out what the other was feeling.

"Don't worry about it, Danna."

Sasori had enough. He sighed and stood from his workbench. He wanted to know what was wrong with the blond. He desperately wanted to know.

"Fine, I'll force the answers out of you, then."

Before Deidara could even react, he was tackled back down onto his bed. Sasori hovered over him. Quickly, Sasori pinned Deidara's hands above his head. Deidara was immobilized.

"W-what are you doing, un?"

Sasori smirked, "I told you, I'm forcing the answers out of you."

Despite himself, Deidara stared at his partner defiantly. He knew it wasn't the best idea to argue against the puppet master, and he certainly had learned his lesson about pissing Sasori off. Yet, he wasn't about to let himself be dominated like this!

"How do you plan to do that, hmm?"

Rather than being shocked that Deidara was putting up a fight, Sasori was pleased. This wouldn't be much fun for him if he simply got the answers right away. Oh, no. He wanted to tease the blonde a little.

"Like this," Sasori leaned down so his lips were hovering just an inch away from Deidara's ear. He whispered his words so gently that Deidara could hardly hear them, "Tell me what's wrong, Dei-kun."

Deidara suppressed any part of him that was enjoying Sasori's close proximity, "No."

Without warning, Sasori leaned down and began kissing Deidara's jaw line. He nipped lightly as the soft flesh. Deidara shivered, but held firm. He wasn't going to give into this.

"Are you sure you don't want to tell me?" Sasori purred.

"Y-yes, un."

Sasori could already feel the bombers resolve weakening. This would be easy.

"Fine, then,"

Sasori nibbled at Deidara's earlobe. His hands trailed up Deidara's shirt and roamed his chest with feather-light touches. Deidara couldn't deny that he was enjoying this. He couldn't deny that he wanted this. He couldn't deny that the lack of this was exactly what had put him into a bad mood in the first place.

"Last chance" Sasori's voice was husky, alluring… downright sexy.

"D-Danna…" Deidara had to work to keep himself from turning that name into a moan, "Why are you doing this, un?"

"Because I care about you," The words slipped from Sasori's mouth before he had a chance to stop them.

Damn. He was getting just as caught up in this as Deidara was.

Trying to cover his slip-up and make his seem like part of his master plan (which, frankly, he no longer had), Sasori leaned back down and grazed his lips across Deidara's neck. He kissed along the neckline of the bomber's shirt, his hands pressed firmly against the soft, wonderful, sculpted chest of the younger male.

Deidara tried his absolute hardest, but couldn't suppress a quiet moan. Sasori smirked to himself and gently bit down just above Deidara's collarbone. He was rewarded with another gentle, arousing moan.

"Are you going to talk now, or do I have to keep this up?"

Deidara wanted to refuse. He wanted to let Sasori keep doing as he pleased. Unfortunately, he knew this would ultimately turn into torture and he'd hate it by the end.

"This is the problem, un. This and you."

Sasori leaned away from his blond partner, "What do you mean?" He frowned.

Deidara, realizing that what he said could be taking incorrectly, hastily replied, "No. Not you. Not this. I… I mean. The lack of this. The lack of you doing this."

Sasori smiled, almost an evil smile, "So you like when I do this, Dei-kun?"

Deidara shyly nodded his head.

Sasori leaned down and finally captured the blonde's lips in a real kiss.

"Those are the answers I want to hear,"