SasoDei Alphabet!

Z: Zero

"Sometimes you really make me mad, Brat." Sasori murmured from his spot on the ground.

Deidara laid with his head in Sasori's lap, eyes half open as he stared at the fire. His body was numb and thoughts were moving through his mind at an incredibly sluggish pace. But, even though it was frustrating, he didn't care. Because he knew now that he was safe.

"Honestly, Deidara." Sasori chided, his voice soft as he ran his fingers through long blond hair, "You work with me, the poison master. How on earth did you manage to get yourself poisoned?"

A soft chuckled managed to pass Deidara's lips. Sasori was, of course, right. He should have seen something like this coming. He opened his mouth to reply, but his tongue felt thick and clumsy and he found it nearly impossible to get the words out.

"You're just lucky," The redhead continued on, seemingly unaware that Deidara was even awake anymore. He probably thought he was just talking to himself to relieve frustration, "That I have an antidote to every poison. But more than that, you're lucky that I had this specific antidote on me at the time."

Again, he was right. But Deidara didn't care. He wanted to blame his lack of caring on the flow of the poison through his body, but he knew better. The feeling of Sasori's fingers in his hair was distracting, but relaxing. It was his weakness.

"And the fact that I found you in time, really, is a miracle. You always run off and get yourself into trouble." The anger was gone from his voice, now.

Deidara reached a hand up and caught Sasori's hand. He entwined their fingers and pulled Sasori's down to kiss the knuckles, ignoring the surprise of his partner. After he did, he snuggled closer to his partner and finally managed to push words past his swollen tongue.

"I get it, Danna," He mumbled, eyes falling shut. "I would be nothing without you. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero."