Just an idle thought.

What is that one's name again? Isn't Leonardo the one in the purple? Or he the one in the blue? All mutant turtles look the same to April, but she still feels rude grabbing them by the arm and asking their names.

"Could you help me with the bathroom sink… D… L…"

The orange one sticks his head in the room and says, "He's Mikey. I'm Leo."

"Thanks." Relief. "Mikey? Could you help me open the stopper on the sink? I know you said one of the sinks didn't work, but I can't remember which."

No answer. Then the loud red one thunders past, roaring, "MIKEY! I NEED YOU!"

The purple one says, "Raph, keep it down."

April scratches her head. "Aren't you Raph?"

"I'm Don. That's Raph. The big oaf, picking his teeth with the can opener. Raph! Stop that!"

Both the orange and the red ones say, "What?"

Then the blue one leaves the training room and gives them all orders in Japanese, watching her out of the corner of his eye. He bows at her formally and goes to his room. So Leo is the boss man. Got it. Raph is the loud mouth that breaks things. Check. He just broke a cup after he banged it accidently into the handle of the fridge as she mentally cataloged him. Don is the shy one who is already leaving the room to escape her. Purple one is Don. Blue one is Leo. Red one is Raph.

And the orange one is the pathological liar. Got it.

Whatever. She shouldn't work so hard to remember their names. She would be home soon and then she could get back to her life and probably never see them again anyway.

As long as they didn't take off their bandannas or switch them around like last night…