April doesn't feel right about going into the training room. It looks like a shrine to violence and she feels she would sully it with her girliness.

She heads to the bathroom, jumping over a skateboard.


Who's Angela? She stops. She is the only person they know. Or so she thought.
It's Leo's voice. The blue one who bossed them all around. "It starts with an A. I can't believe this. We're so rude. I think it was Angela."

Then Raph's low voice. "Amber?"

"Oh, I like that name. Her name should be Amber." That's the liar.

She sits down on the couch, covering her mouth to keep quiet. They can't remember her name.

"We can't rename her," Leo says.

Raph says, through a serious of manly grunts denoting physical exertion, "Ask Don. He's the one keeping track of her."

So Leo walks through the living room past her and disappears into the lab. After a second he reemerges. "April!" he says with much more enthusiasm than usual. "Would you like to watch us train? I hope you aren't bored."

Nope. Not bored.