"It's a ritual sacrifice with pie."

"Brittany will you please stop watching TV and help me clean?" Brittany Pierce heard her best friend of fourteen years, Quinn Fabray, ask and the taller blonde stood up.

"Sorry, Q."

"It's okay, let's just get this place clean before they arrive." Quinn and Brittany cleaned as Santana and Rachel were cooking in the kitchen. It was the four ladies first Thanksgiving since they moved to New York after graduation. Rachel and Brittany were working on stage dancing, singing and acting in plays and Quinn and Santana were working hard in school to get their lawyer degrees. Brittany and Santana had always been together, but made it official their junior year after Brittany broke up with Artie again and Rachel and Quinn started dating shortly after Finn broke Rachel's heart the summer before senior year, but it wasn't until they moved into an apartment that their relationships started to blur the lines into all four of them sleeping together. No one knew the extent of their relationships and they didn't plan on telling anyone, but they had Rachel's dads, Brittany's parents, Santana's parents and all the kids from their old Glee club coming to eat dinner with them. Quinn and Brittany split up and finished cleaning and everything was going fine until Quinn heard Santana's voice.

"Just because we're screwing doesn't mean I won't slap you, Berry." Quinn quickly ran into the kitchen, but before she could say anything Santana looked at her and said, "That goes for you too, Q."

"Brittany!" Quinn yelled knowing the Latina would never slap her.

"Yes, Quinn?" sweet Brittany bounced into the kitchen holding a rag and a can of Windex.

"Can you please tell your girlfriend not to slap me or Rachel?"

"San, what have we said about hitting our friends?" Brittany asked just looking at Santana.

In whipped fashion she replied, "We don't hit them."

"Right, now what started the threats?" the blonde asked sounding like a mother questioning her child. Santana and Rachel started talking at the exact same time and Brittany stuck her hand in the air.

"One at a time, Santana first."

Santana looked smugly at Rachel before answering, "She's telling me how to cook."

"Because she's doing it wrong." Rachel protested and Santana jumped closer to the small diva, but Quinn stopped her before she was able to hurt her.

"Rachel, Santana's been making Thanksgiving dinner since she could walk and she may do it differently than you, but she knows what she's doing." Rachel looked down at the ground.

"I'm sorry, Santana."

Quinn and Brittany smiled as Santana said, "It's okay, Rach." Rachel smiled and Santana rewarded her with a soft kiss on the lips.

"Are all the windows cleaned?" Quinn asked Brittany and the taller blonde looked confused.

"I was cleaning the tables."

"But you have Windex in your hand, babe, that's for windows." Santana said cutting up the celery.

"Oops." Brittany replied blushing.

"It's okay, B." Quinn said leading her friend back to help find the right spray to use.

Santana and Rachel didn't have another argument until Quinn heard Rachel yell, "No Santana!" The blonde ran back into the kitchen to see Rachel in the air in Santana's arms. "Put me down." Rachel said laughing and Quinn sighed slowly stepping out of the room, but Santana put Rachel down and the diva said, "Hey, Quinn did you finish cleaning?"

"Pretty much." Quinn replied quietly. "Did you finish cooking?"

"Pretty much." Rachel responded stepping away from Santana to stand next to Quinn and pull her in for a hug. Quinn relished in the warmth and didn't notice Santana walk past them.

"The turkey's cooking and everything else is done. Do you want to sit and watch TV until our guests arrive?"

"I'm sure we could watch that Buffy marathon with Brittany and Santana." Rachel smiled and pulled Quinn back into the living room to sit on the couch. Rachel and Quinn cuddled on the right side of the couch while Brittany and Santana cuddled on the left as they watched episode after episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer until they heard the doorbell ring. Brittany skipped to the door as Quinn turned off the TV and Rachel and Santana went into the kitchen to finish dinner.

In normal Berry fashion Rachel's dads were the first to arrive followed by Sam and his wife Hope, Puck and his girlfriend of the week, Amy, Mike and Tina, Brittany's parents, Artie and his wife Kayla, Mercedes and her husband Ben, Kurt and Blaine, Finn and his wife, Taylor and the last to arrive were Santana's parents.

Everyone sat around the table before eating and Rachel said, "Let's go around saying what we're thankful for."

"Really Berry? That's lame." Santana interjected only to receive a jab in the stomach by Quinn.

Rachel smiled at Quinn and said, "Who wants to start?"

Nobody raised their hand so Quinn said, "I will." Rachel smiled at her girlfriend and Santana rolled her eyes. Quinn thought for a minute before saying, "I'm thankful that I didn't have to move to New York by myself. I'm thankful for Brittany and Santana for being my friends, but I'm mostly thankful for Rachel who stood by me when I needed her most. You put up with my bad moods."

Quinn paused when she heard Puck cough, "PMS."

Quinn glared at Puck before adding, "I don't know where I'd be without you so thank you, Rach for being my girlfriend."

"God, Quinn you're so corny." Santana said and Brittany elbowed her in the ribs.

"I thought it was sweet, Q." Brittany said and Rachel grabbed Quinn's hand kissing it softly. After Quinn Rachel said she was thankful for her family and friends, followed by Rachel's dads who each thanked Quinn, Brittany and Santana for taking care of their little girl, Puck who said he was thankful he didn't get a girl pregnant that year, Amy who said she was thankful for her job, Finn and Taylor who said they were thankful for each other, Mike, Tina, Mercedes, Ben, Artie, Kayla all said they were thankful for their children, Kurt said he was thankful for Blaine and his dad, Blaine said he was thankful for Kurt and to finally get into the college he wanted to go to, Sam who said he was thankful to have found the one person in life to make him happy and Hope who said she was thankful for Sam, Brittany's parents who said they were thankful for Santana taking care of their daughter, Santana's parents who said they were thankful for Santana being on her own and being happy with Brittany.

"I'm thankful for my job that let's me dance everyday and for the friends that I have here, but even more I'm thankful for Santana. I love you." Brittany said when everyone looked at her expectantly.

Finally it was Santana's turn and she looked around the room nervously before saying, "I don't think I can top Quinn's corniness, but I'm gonna try. This year I graduated from high school, moved to New York and started college. Sacrifices have been made, I'm living with Berry for crying out loud, but at the end of the day I get to come home to Brittany and her upbeat attitude. I may not say it a lot, but you are the best thing that's ever happened to me." Santana eyes fell onto Brittany's as she continued, "I know I'm not the easiest person to be around, but you love me through my flaws and although we've known each other since we were six and I've made a lot of mistakes the only right thing I've done in my life is loving you." Santana paused and stood to kneel in front of Brittany. She pulled out a box with a simple one karat diamond ring in it and said, "Brittany Susan Pierce will you marry me?" Brittany looked around the room to see Rachel with her hand on her heart, Quinn rolling her eyes and everyone else smiling. "Are you gonna answer, B?" Santana asked sounding nervous.

"Of course I'll marry you!" The blonde yelled pulling Santana in for a kiss as everyone clapped. Once the excitement died down and everyone had started eating Brittany looked around with a huge smile on her face and said, "All four of us are sleeping together." Everyone looked up from their plates in shock.

"Um, babe why did you just say that?" Santana asked quietly.

"'Cause this is the part where we say something embarrassing right?" Brittany asked confused.

"That only works in the movies or TV." Rachel offered and Brittany blushed.