Okay. So I wrote A Captain's Punishment a while ago and it is still one of my favorites that I have written. It got a lot of good reviews! I love reviews! They make me want to write more! But anyways...I got a request from ikki9117akaRose write a Bya/Ren story with a specific story line. So I decided to make it a part 2 for my original story before it plays along! The idea was a great one and I really enjoyed writing this one! As with the original Captains Punishment, this one is 3 chapters long as well.

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Requested by ikki9117akaRose written by me!

Renji wiped away the sweat that was dripping into his eyes and glared across the practice ring at his captain. The man was perfectly calm, not a hair out of place and not a drop of sweat on his body. They had been sparing for the better part of an hour. Renji didn't know how Byakuya did it. He was throwing everything he had at the man and he still couldn't break his captains calm. The man was as cold and hard as ice when it came to just about anything. But Renji knew how to make the man melt.

Renji crouched and prepared to attack again. As usual, Byakuya just stood there, seemingly unprepared. "What do you think about a little bet?"

Byakuya blinked, the only sign that the offer intrigued him. "What do you propose?"

"Just a small bet. We continue the fight. Whoever wins, will get one thing from the other. Anything they want. And the other cant refuse." Renji grinned when Byakuya raised one eyebrow and simply stared at him. "What do you say?"

"To the prospect of having anything I want from you?"

"What makes you think you will win?"

"I always win, Renji. You have yet to beat me."

"Maybe I've been holding back because I don't want to hurt you."

"Then you are a fool. But why not sweeten the bet? Instead of simply one thing, why not make it whatever the winner wants for the rest of the day? It's still early."

Renji's grin grew wider. "Deal. Should we shake on it?"

"A verbal agreement will suffice. I agree to the bet."

"As do I." Renji launched himself at the other man, bringing his sword down is a wide arch. He skidded to a halt and allowed his sword to return. Byakuya was standing a good 20 feet away from his original position. Renji shifted his stance and launched his sword out to the right of the man, whipped it to the side towards him. Byakuya avoided it easily.

"Why not make it more interesting?" Byakuya leapt over the second pass of Renji's sword.

"How so?" Renji grunted as he swung his sword a third time and allowed it to return.

"Let's lay down our swords and fight hand-to-hand."

Renji snorted. "You haven't drawn your sword once."

"I haven't needed to. It has been some time since we spared hand-to-hand."

Renji grinned again. "Didn't we do that last night in bed?"

"I would not include sex in the category of hand-to-hand combat. But you were rather vigorous last night." Byakuya offered his lover a smile as he removed his sword from his belt. He moved easily to one of the benches lining the practice yard and set the sword down, followed by his cloak. He glanced over as Renji stepped up beside him and set down his own sword. "Are you ready?"

Renji gave his lover a wicked grin before backing away, moving to a safe distance as Byakuya removed his scarf and folded it neatly. The man knew he was anxious to begin, so he was purposely taking his time in preparing himself. When Byakuya finally stepped away from the bench, they bowed and began to circle each other slowly.

Byakuya made the first move. He went in low and swept Renji's legs from under him. The man attempted to roll with the fall but Byakuya hooked an arm under his knee and pulled him down. Byakuya knelt on the mans back and leaned down to whisper in his ear. "You're getting rusty, Renji. Perhaps we should do this more often."

Renji spun and grabbed Byakuya around the waist. He had the man on his stomach under him so quickly the man hardly had time to react. "Rusty am I? Whose on top now?" Renji ground his groin into Byakuya's ass, earning himself a soft moan. When the man lifted his hips up slightly, Renji pulled his arms out to the sides and effectively pinned him down. "Do you yield?"

"Never." Byakuya swept his legs out, throwing Renji off balance, and rolled away from him. Both men were on their feet and circling again.

Renji lunged and got a hold on Byakuya's right wrist. He spun the man around and pulled his arm up sharply. He wrapped his other arm around the mans waist and held him tightly against his body. "Sparing hand-to-hand with you is to easy, Captain. I know all of your soft spots." He moved his hand up to the mans neck and gently brushed his fingers over the skin under his ear. The man shivered and let his head fall to the side. "Do you yield?"

"Never." Byakuya jerked his body forward, flipping Renji over his head to land on his back. He straddled the mans hips and leaned forward. "I know all of your spots as well, Renji." He held the mans arms pinned to his chest with one hand while he used the other to play his fingers along the skin just above the waist of his pants. The man moaned and Byakuya felt him begin to swell under him. He shifted, pressed his weight onto Renji's arms, and moved until his knees were on the mans hips. Shifting his weight again, he pressed his knees into Renji's hips.

Renji hissed in pain and twisted sharply, managing to throw Byakuya off of him. While the man was momentarily off balance, Renji forced him onto his stomach again. This time he forced the mans knees wide and knelt between his spread legs, keeping them open. He pinned the mans arms across his back and balanced his weight. "Can you get out of this one?"

Byakuya sighed and glanced at Renji over his shoulder. "Of course I can."

"Really?" Renji leaned down and licked the mans ear. "Well, if you can get out of it, I promise you that tomorrow night, I will fuck you till you scream for me to stop."

Byakuya groaned and shifted his weight off his quickly inflating cock. "What makes you think I would ever want you to stop?"

"I could fuck you all night if you want me to. But I doubt you would be able to walk the next day. Remember what happened last week when you asked for that third round? You spent half of the next day standing up you were so sore."

"It was worth it. And not being able to move after you fucked me all night would be worth it, too." Byakuya lifted his hips and moved them slowly against Renji. "So all I need to do is get out of this hold and you will give that to me?"

Renji nipped at the mans neck and pressed his stiff groin against his ass. "Tomorrow night, I will give that to you whether you get out of this or not. But if you want it tonight, you need to get out. Otherwise you will need to wait."

"Hmm. Tempting. If I'm getting what I want tomorrow, what is the point in me winning the bet?"

"You will get what you want two days in a row."

"I get what I want, when I want it."

"Yes. But the only difference now is that you could ask for something completely out there, like having me fuck you somewhere very public while you try your hardest to stay quiet. Or you fucking me somewhere extremely unlikely, such as the roof of the division barracks, knowing all those men are moving around down below us."

"As tempting as that sounds, I do not wish to be caught in a compromising situation."

"Mmm. Well if I win this, I'll think of something extremely kinky to do with you."

"Should I be worried?"

"Of course."

"Well, I guess I should get out of this hold then." Byakuya tried to twist away, but found that his legs had fallen asleep from being in such a position for so long. He had planned on going one more round, but decided against it. Even though he could easily get out of the hold, he was turned on by the thought of giving Renji complete control over him for the rest of the day. But he didn't want Renji to think he was giving up on purpose. He struggled, bucked, twisted, and pulled, effectively convincing Renji he was truly trying to get out of the hold. Then he sighed and let his body relax.

Renji chuckled and leaned over Byakuya to whisper in his ear again. "Do you yield?"

Byakuya smiled to himself. "I yield."