A group of 6th division men were practicing in a yard near the outer wall of the division training area when they heard a scream. The men stopped the stretches they were doing and turned as one to where the sound was coming from.

"What was that?"

"Does anyone else think that sounded like Renji?"

"It was. Where did it come from?"

"I don't know. We should go find the Captain."

One of the men turned to the group and pointed to two of the other men. "You two, go find Captain Kuchiki. The rest of you, come with me." The men all nodded and left the yard at a run.

Renji whimpered softly from the pain of the invasion when he wasn't completely prepared and tried to pull forward. Byakuya put an arm around his waist and held him in place. "Relax. You wanted it now. Don't pull away from the pain. It will fade." He leaned forward and nipped at the back of Renji's neck. "You've done this to me. So I know what I'm talking about. Just breathe and tell me when you're ready."

Renji took a deep breath. Slowly his body started to relax. When he felt he was ready, he moved his hips, causing a jolt of pleasure to spike through his own body. He moaned and moved again. "Now."

Byakuya pulled back and rammed back in, causing Renji to scream again, but this time in pure pleasure. "So tight. You're so tight."

"Don't stop." Renji moved his hips again, needing more.

Picking up his pace, Byakuya pounded into Renji. The volume of the mans screams rose with every stroke. Since their first night together, it was rare for Renji to be the one taking it. Byakuya preferred him to be the one being taken. But on the rare occasion that Renji did bottom, he preferred it hard and fast. And he was very vocal. Just the sound of Renji screaming in pleasure put Byakuya on the edge.

Byakuya reached around Renji's body and took his length into his hand. His screaming got even louder. "Close. God, Renji. So close. Cum for me."

Renji gripped the rope that bound his wrists behind his back, strained against the ropes that tired his arms to the pipes. The pressure was building in his groin. It all felt so good. Even the burn of the ropes cutting into his skin couldn't distract him from the intense pleasure. He screamed louder then he thought possible as he came, wetting both Byakuya's hand and the tile floor under him.

Byakuya released Renji's cock and thrust his own as deep into his ass as he could. He cried out as spasms of pleasure shot through his body. Finished, he sank back onto his heels and leaned against the tub.

Both men jumped as the door to the bath house flew open and four men rushed into the room. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Byakuya sitting on the floor, completely nude, his hair down around his shoulders in lank, wet strands. And Renji. On his knees, his hands tied behind his back, his eyes covered, the signs of very recent sex obvious because of his position.

"What the hell is going on here?" One of the men asked as he stood staring at the two men.

Byakuya felt anger flood in him like a dam breaking. He pulled the towels out from under him, covering himself with one and Renji with the other. "Get out. Turn around and get out right now."

"Who just walked in here? Byakuya, untie me!"

"Captain Kuchiki, you have gone to far in your punishments. This is above and beyond the sanctioned punishments allowed a Captain on his division. I'm going to have to take you into custody and bring you in for judgment." One of the men moved to pick up Byakuya's sword while another moved toward the man.

"You have no idea what you are talking about. I suggest you all leave here right now before it's you that needs to be punished." Byakuya held the towel against himself as he bent to untie Renji with one hand.

Renji sat up once he felt the bonds loosen and pulled the scarf from over his eyes. His face was as red as his hair from the embarrassment of being caught with his ass in the air, having just finished a round of incredible sex with his lover. He glared at the man who had been speaking. "You need to leave now."

The man gave Renji a confused look. "B-but, Abarai, sir. The Captain has gone to far this time. We cannot allow this to go on."

Renji snorted a laugh and stood, offering Byakuya a hand to help him to his feet. Once up, Renji put his arm around the man and pressed their lips together. Byakuya pulled away sharply and glared at him. Renji laughed full out at the look on the mans face. "What? You would rather let them think you just raped me then admit to them that we are lovers?"

Byakuya frowned. "It is no ones business but ours."

"Lovers?" The men all looked back and forth between the two men. "Would one of you please tell us what is going on? We heard screaming. We thought Renji was being hurt."

Renji sighed. His embarrassment was gone in the complete lack of comprehension the men were showing. "Those were not screams of pain. Perhaps you should learn the difference."

"Renji. Don't bother." Byakuya moved to the bench where his clothes were piled and began to pull them on. Once dressed, he walked to the man holding his sword and pulled it out of his hands. "You may all leave now."

"Sir, with all due respect, I still don't understand what it going on."

"What is there for you to understand? Renji has already stated that we are lovers. I was not punishing him, raping him, or in any way hurting him. We have been lovers for six months. Renji now lives in my home. The screams, they were screams of pleasure. If you are still confused, I suggest you find yourself a male lover and allow him to fuck you so you could possibly understand what screaming in pleasure is like first hand." Byakuya tossed Renji his clothes and slung the mans sword over his shoulder. "I would like to go home now, Renji. And don't think I will ever let you talk me into sex in a public place again."

Renji grinned as he pulled his clothes on. "I didn't tell you to fuck me in here. You did that all on your own." Renji jogged up to the man and slapped him on the ass before taking his sword and replacing it with his arm around Byakuya's shoulder. He looked over his own and winked at the men still standing in the room. He grinned at the shocked look on their faces. "Let's go home. I won the bet remember? I'm not quite done receiving my prize."

"You won because I let you." Byakuya put an arm around Renji's waist and couldn't help smiling as they left the bath house and headed home.

"I know you did. But the fact remains that I won. Once we get home, it's my turn to tie you up and my have my way with you." Renji dipped his head and licked the other mans neck.

Byakuya felt himself harden at just the thought. "As you wish. But I meant what I said about the spanking." Byakuya sighed. "You do realize that by tomorrow morning half of Soul Society will know about us, don't you?"

"I'm surprised they don't know already. I thought Rukia would have spread the word."

"I talked with her that night and asked her not to. But there is nothing we can do about those men telling everyone."

"Does that upset you? That people are going to know?"

"If it did, I wouldn't now be walking home, in the middle of the day, with our arms around each other." Byakuya turned his head to look at Renji. "I love you. I'm not ashamed of it. And I don't want to hide it anymore."

Back in the bath house, three of the four men exchanged astonished looks. The fourth man smiled and shook his head. "Well, it's about damn time."

The End

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