Advent Calendar: Day 12: Turkey

"I'm going vegetarian," the Doctor announced, when on earth with Martha a week before Christmas.

"I'm sorry, what?" Martha asked, glaring at him. The Doctor well knew she had been planning to make a nice Christmas lunch for the two of them and she had got as fair as shopping for the food, including a turkey that wouldn't be too too much for the two of them.

"I am going vegetarian," the Doctor repeated carefully, rolling his eyes like Martha was slow.

"No. No you're not," Martha told him.

"I'm a 900 year old Time Lord and you're a 20 something year old human, you can't tell me what I can and can't do," the Doctor said and pouted.

"You look more like a 6 year old when you do that," Martha told him, looking at him with her hands on her hips. "Why, might I ask, do you want to become a vegetarian?"

"I was thinking about the poor turkeys," the Doctor told her.

"The… poor… turkeys…" Martha repeated. The 6 year old comment seemed more and more fitting the more the Doctor spoke. She wondered if this was an effect of living so long and she was glad she was human and not a Time Lord.

"Yes!" the Doctor said as though she was missing something obvious. "Imagine, all your life you've been growing up happy, with Mummy turkey and Daddy turkey and little sibling turkeys and then suddenly it's bye bye life and hello Christmas dinner."

Martha stared at him trying to work out if he was actually serious. She decided he was but had no chance to comment before he exclaimed 'THINK OF THE TURKEYS MARTHA! THINK OF THE TURKEY."

"How do you know that that turkey didn't hate it's life and killing it to eat actually put it out of it's misery?" Martha suggested and the Doctor's look made her wonder if she'd grown another head.

"Martha Jones," the Doctor whined, "I am a vegetarian from now on whether you like it or not."

"Fine," Martha said, "I'll just cook Christmas dinner for myself then. You can do without the turkey and the gorgeous sausages wrapped in bacon."

The Doctor looked at her, "Yes. I will," he said stubbornly.

One Week Later

"Martha?" the Doctor said, avoiding her gaze. "I changed my mind, I want turkey."

Martha rolled her eyes, "Yeah that's what I thought."