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No. Don't cry. You are Holly Short. You are stronger than this. Do not cry, I thought to myself. Yet, what else is there to do? Commander Julius Root, practically the only person in the LEP who ever recognized my talents, is dead. Gone. Deceased. There's no way around it. There's no body to heal with my magic, or a medical warlock's magic, for the matter. Root is gone. Forever.

I don't think I've ever felt more mad in my life. I don't even remember feeling this much grief when my father died. Actually now that I think about it, I always had thought of Root to be kind of like a father to me. A red-faced father, but yet, still a father.

He saw my talents. He knew how to put them to good use. He saw the light in me, though I was often quite dim. I would disobey him often, and when my disobeying caused problems, he would punish me. Even though he was strict, even though he yelled at me all of the time, I could just tell…I could just tell that he cared about me. Me, out of all people.

But now that he's gone…what am I going to do? I know he told me to save Artemis and Butler, but how could I possibly…do it alone? Artemis and Butler don't even know who - or what, for the matter - in the world I am, and I'm supposed to rescue them? Butler is about four times my weight, how in the world am I supposed to help him?

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, I now have to do all of this while running from the LEP. Oh, why did I have to fall for Opal's plan? Why did I have to follow the pang of hope in my heart that there really was a sweet spot to save Root? Now, everyone in the LEP believes that I shot Julius Root, and that's that.

Wait! Maybe there's still hope! Foaly and Trouble couldn't possibly believe that I would do something like that. But yet….they have video, I'm sure. And there's no way to look around it. According to their footage, I shot Julius Root, and that's that.

Root, I let you down. I'm so sorry, I thought as a tear shed from my eye.

No, I reprimanded myself. I will not let Opal get into my head. I will not let her win in her psychotic rampage for revenge. The only way I have a possibility of winning is if I stay strong. And I will do it. For Root.

Wait. Now I know why Root told me to save Artemis and Butler. He actually believes that I can do it. Once again, he has hope in me. And this time…this time, I will follow his orders.

I flew faster towards the hotel where Artemis and Butler were residing. I won't let you down, Commander. Not this time.

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