This story is entirely in the eyes and point of view as Freddie's. I know, with Sam being pregnant she should be the one to experience everything and all the pain. But I want a new kind of story with a little twist. I suck at summaries but hopefully not at the main story. Enjoy and review please!:)

~Chapter One: Freddie Benson's Life~

I have a great life. For one, I have amazing friends: Carly Shay and Sam Puckett. The two girls are extremely different in ways you couldn't imagine but they're the best friends a guy could ask for. Also, I am their technical producer for one of the top-rated web shows of the year: iCarly.

We started out as kids just having fun, and now we've gone to the iWeb Awards (and won I should add!), Webicon... all kinds of places. It has been amazing.

Carly's brother Spencer is a pretty great guy too, since I've never known my real father, Spencer is pretty much the guy I talk to for all the "man-to-man" talk if you know what I mean.

Even though Spencer is silly, spastic, clumsy, and crazy—He gives great advice. On top of having amazing friends and producing one of the most top rated web shows…I have great health, a wonderful place to live, I'm still a virgin (thank God I am, these days so many teenagers are hooked up on losing it all, I'm so glad I have it together) I'm a straight A student in pretty much all my classes… but I feel like I'm missing something. Even though I have all these great and wonderful things I should be completely satisfied. I don't know why I feel like everything is falling into place except for one thing is missing, one tiny hole in my heart that isn't filled.

Since 6th grade I thought I wanted Carly. That was my ultimate goal in life: Carly, Carly, and Carly.

But when we dated not too long ago because I saved her from a Taco Truck, it wasn't like I thought it would be. Sure the kissing was unbelievable but it wasn't magical, it wasn't phenomenal, it was just kissing. Even though I'm going to kill myself for saying this: When I shared my first kiss with Sam: it was magical. It was firework flying, bells ringing, and kicking up your leg magical.

But Sam would never go out with me. She'd rather drive nails into her eyes than go out with someone like me. Not that I'd ever consider going out with Sam… I think.

It was another day in the month of September. Nothing different happened.

I woke up, I went to school, I went home, and now I'm about to go across the hall and start rehearsal for iCarly with Carly and Sam. I was charging my video camera, and checking all my devices, making sure everything was charged, cleaned, and perfect for tonight. That's when my mom knocked at my bedroom door. "Hey sweetie" she greeted me. I turned around to look at her "Hi mom"

"Um, Sam's here" she said, dragging out her words. Sam? Sam Puckett? Why on earth would she be at my home? Subjectively?

"Sam? Are you sure it's not Carly, mom?" I asked. "No, it's the blond girl who causes you physical and emotion pain, who isn't raised up right like a lady should be, who I worry and stress my—"

"Okay mom, I get it. Just bring her in" I said, interrupting her dramatic speech. Mom scoffed and left. I shrugged, rolling my eyes. Think Freddie think… what should you do when she enters? Grab a bat for protection again? Why is she even here in the first place? Did she leave something here and has come to pick it up? Yeah… yeah… that's probably it. That's probably—

"Hey Fredward" I heard a very recognizable, familiar voice. That voice interrupted my train of frightened thoughts. That voice was the voice I knew of as: Sam Puckett; and she is standing in my bedroom. I turned around and saw her slowly enter. She had a casual, simple look on her face. There was nothing scary about her.

She didn't look like she had an apple she was going to throw in my face, or pudding she was going to thump into my eyes. She just walked in casually. She walked in like she usually comes here; although, she usually doesn't come here.

"What are you doing here Sam?" I asked her suddenly, getting the dreaded question out of my head.

"Can I not come to chat?" she asked. From the moment she asked that question, I knew she was joking.

"Yeah, sure, if you were normal butyou're Sam, not normal" I joked with a quick grin.

Sam just rolled her eyes. It didn't offend her, she knew she was abnormal and she liked that she was that way for some reason.

"Look, I came to talk to you" she said. I looked at her face, I looked at her eyes. Her eyes were full of deep concern and fear; there were no lies, no tricks, and no games.

Genuine Sam was here to talk. Of course I was caught off guard, but Sam is still my friend and I always will help out my friends.

"Sure sit" I said, pointing to my bed. She nodded quickly and slowly sat down on my bed.

I pulled a chair from my computer desk and sat across from her.

"This is coming from a guy so that's why I wanted to talk to you about it, I got it today in my locker and I—I'm—" Sam looked at her feet and avoided all eye contact from me. I looked closely at her face I could hardly see and I saw a tear roll down her check and soak my floor.

Sam's the tough girl. The toughest of the tough if I didn't know better. So I figured she never wanted anyone to see her cry. Especially me, who is the nerd… as she so calls me.

I didn't even know what her problem was yet, all I knew was she found something today in her locker but I knew she was highly upset if she was crying to my face. I did know she needed a friend and I was here for her. I sat beside her on my bed and rubbed her back, more tears started to stream down and her back was shifting in jerky movements as she sobbed. I felt sorry for Sam; I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and tried to calm her down

"Sam I'm here for you. Just tell me please, what's wrong?" I asked her. She shook her head. "Just read this" she said choking back tears. She pulled out a waded piece of small paper out of her pants pocket and placed it in my hand. She had a note that she wanted me to read? My eyebrow perked up as I opened the paper and read:


I know where you live. I know what you do and I'm going to get some of you. You turn me on and I will get in you one way or another. Prepare to be done: well-done.

I couldn't believe what I just read. This is what happens to people in horror novels and touching movies! Not to my friends! Especially to the tough girl Sam Puckett! This 38 worded note made her cry and scared to death. My heart hardened while I waded up the piece of paper and threw it on the floor. What kind of perverted psycho would do this to an innocent girl who he doesn't even know? Sam heard the paper thrown on the floor, so she probably figured I was finished reading the note.

"What is he going to do to me?" Sam pleaded with tears in her eyes. She looked up at me for an answer, she came here and wanted me to read this sickening note and she wanted an answer from me with tears streaming down her face as it moistened my bed and floor.

I saw Sam Puckett crying for the first time. I didn't know exactly how to tell her.

"Sam, he wants to do bad things" I said, shaking my head in disgrace.

"What? Just tell me!" She shrieked. Sam knows a lot of bad things, she's been arrested, and she has a family line of criminals. Sam Puckett knows bad things, she didn't want to hear the words "bad things" she wanted the truth. So I told her, as hard as it was for me to tell her, I told her.

"He wants to rape you"