Mainly an Iron Man armoured Adventures fanfic but the vampire diaries makes it fun, the salvator brothers can have that effect, anyway ENJOY 3

Tony was moving, as were Rhodey and Pepper. After Gene finding out his identity New York wasn't safe for them. They were leaving New York to a small town called Mystic Falls. Mrs Rhodes approved and Agent Potts had been relocated after learning the Iron Man story. This was their first day at the new school; right away they notice about some students.
Vampire diaries background.
Catherine, the evil dopel ganger of Elena, was back. Looking for the Salvator Brothers, Stefan and Damon, she stumbles on Stefan's girlfriend Elena. Both brothers are in love with her, Catharine is jealous and wants Elena out of the picture.

"Right class, we have three new students today." Everyone remained texting. Alaric Saltzman texted their phones all at once, he loved technology when it worked in his benefit. Everyone looked forward. "As I was saying, three new students. Antony Stark, James Rhodes and Patricia Potts. Do you three get called anything different normally?"
"I'm just Tony."
"Right well welcome to Mystical Falls." Great, he thought, more kids to try and keep safe. Catherine was ruthless, merciless.

There was something weird about this town Tony couldn't quite put his finger on. There was a lingering sense of death in the air. He was worried, why did they have to move here? He half heartedly concentrated on the history lesson, he knew it all already. Not just because he was a genius but because Rhodey had lectured him and Pepper about on the drive over, can't really escape from that. He looked over at Rhodey who was about to correct the teacher when Pepper kicked him. He smiled, trying not to laugh. He glanced around the room and notice eyes on him and his friends. He glared back and the boy turned his head. He seemed different to anyone else there.

Pepper noticed Tony glaring back at the boy staring at them. Sitting at the back you can watch the whole room. This boy was so different to anyone she'd seen before, defined jaw line, structured shoulders. All in all he was hot, she thought. EXTREMLY. The one thing that she didn't like was his eyes, swirls of chocolate brown. She loved blue eyes. Her eyes flickered to Tony. He looked over at her and smiled. She smiled back nervously. Tony classed it as new school nerves. She knew no one knew them here, no one knew that they shouldn't date Tony Stark unless you are Pepper Potts or Whitney Stane. It seemed they were the only girls allowed to have a crush on him. Whitney made hers vocal, Pepper kept hers quite. But a new school, he's fresh meat, and there were a lot of girls better looking then her.

"Mr Salvator, please face this way." Alaric asked, Stefan quickly turned around, "You can stare at Elena in your own time." The class chuckled and Elena went red.
"Sorry, Mr Saltzman." He laughed awkwardly.
"Stefan, since you were listening so well, why don't you write me a 10 page essay on the Spanish armada?"
"Alright, you want it in Spanish?" The class laughed,
"Very Funny, You can if you want but bring a translator, I'm not in the mood to talk to Mrs Bindley today." He fake shuddered giving the class more laughs.

Stefan Salvator, so that was his name. He was dating Elena Gilbert by the sound of it. There's one girl Pepper could cross off the keep away from Tony list. She looked at the girl in front of her, she was on her phone. She googled 'Tony Stark' and smiled when she saw billionaire pop up. She turned and smiled at him, she then saw Pepper's glare. She quickly dissolved back in her seat.

At lunch, Rhodey noticed something wrong with Pepper. He tried to ask her what was up but she wouldn't answer,
"C'mon what is it?"
"No, Rhodey."
"Is it about Tony?"
"Well after the whole Temple of Sacrifice thing, I didn't know if you two were, well you know."
"Well I don't know either, you know Tony, he's cryptic." Tony walked over and saT down next to them,
"Tony, Pepper wants to talk to you."
"I do?"
"She does?"
"Yes, she does."
"Rhodey," She whispered, "What are you doing?"
"Oh for crying out loud do you two not see it?"
"See what, guys what were you talking about?"
"Tony wise up! You like Pepper it's obvious, she likes you, again obvious."
"What!" Tony and Pepper said in unison. The bell rang and they went to class, not knowing if what Rhodey said was true or not.

These 3 new kids were different, Stefan thought. Not different like Damon and I but very close, like they were all keep a big secret. Maybe that why they moved here. Stefan packed his bag and left to go to Elena's locker after school. He noticed the red head who had just moved here was a few lockers down. She smiled then saw the boys she came with and left. Definitely something different. Elena tapped his shoulder, knocking him out of his thoughts,
"What were you thinking about?"
"Those new kids, something' about them."
"Like a secret?" She asked opening her locker,
"Or do I get to meet more vampires?"
"No, Elena I didn't even want you meeting Damon," He said walking out. "Speak of the devil."

Pepper was trying to change the track on her iPod, Tony and Rhodey were annoying her, she was acting mad about what happened at lunch. So was Tony considering the language he was using with Rhodey. She wasn't looking where see was going and bumped into someone, she looked up into icy blue eyes, they had a red under tone, the face was amazingly structured, beautiful. The hair fell perfectly but naturally and the body was one of a god,
"Sorry." She stammered,
"It's fine." The boy laughed, He had a look like he just got an idea, "My name's Damon Salvator."
"Salvator? Like Stefan?"
"Ah, you've had the misfortune of meeting my brother." They laughed. Tony turned around to see Pepper talking to some dude, but he was some hot dude. He glared.
"Dude, you're so jealous. You do like her." Rhodey laughed,
"I do not," Tony growled, Pepper played with her hair, laughing at what ever he was saying, "Maybe a little."

"Great, He's going to kill the new kid, gosh." Elena said annoyingly. She was pissed Damon was being so stupid, he can't be that stupid with Catherin around, one false more and the town dies.
"Stefan, I believe you and Pepper haven't properly met." Damon smiled at his brother,
"Hi, I'm Pepper Potts." Pepper thrust her hand out. Stefan took it and smiled,
"Stefan Salvator,"
"Hi," Elena said moving forward, "I'm Elena Gilbert."
"Nice to meet you both, Damon has been saying quite a bit about you." Great, Stefan thought.
"Pepper, I don't mean to be rude but can I talk to Damon for a minute?"
"Sure I have to catch up with the guys anyway. We still on for tonight?" Pepper asked,
"Defiantly," Damon smiled slyly, Pepper waved and walked off. Stefan punched his brother.
"You're taking her out?"
"To diner! I'm allowed a social life, she needs to get to know people."
"Not you Damon." Elena snapped, Damon glared at her,
"You weren't going out of your way."
"She could get hurt, Stefan is right there is something off about those three."
"I know," Damon smiled, "The guy in the red shirt got jealous of me talking to her, I plan to use that to get information."
"Damon..." Stefan snarled, But Damon was leaving.

"Tony! Wait up." Pepper called, catching up with them.
"What did he want?" Tony said angrily,
"I just bumped into him and we started talking."
"You're good at that."
"Hey," Pepper stop walking as grabbed Tony, "What is up with you?"
"Nothing, you just seemed a little eager."
"C'mon Pep, he is out of your league." Rhodey put his head in his hands and Pepper put her hands on her hips,
"For your information we have a date tonight."
"What? Y-y-y-your dating? A guy?"
"That's normally how it works," She said walking again.
"Oh. Have fun." Tony acted distant again. Pepper clenched her fists and Rhodey smiled at her and mouthed calm down. She shook her head and threw her bag on the floor of the new house. They would have to get along considering they were the only three living there. Tony got in the elevator he had hidden and went beyond the basement to a sub-level armoury. Pepper and Rhodey followed. They sat in silence as Tony tinkered with the lab and the armour. Rhodey went upstairs to get some snacks and Tony spoke,
"So, you like him?"
"He seems nice."
"You think you'll introduce us to hi..."
"Tony cut the crap. What's wrong?"
"I just wanted to know..."
"Tell me."
"I wanted to ask if you would mind to going."
"Why?" She said with a puzzled look,
"Just because,"
"You always have a reason."
"Well this time I don't." They were raising their voices.
"Well you should," Pepper stood up,
"Well I don't," Tony said facing her.
"WHAT IS TH...?"
"YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE ANYONE ELSE!" He knew they were the wrong words as soon as he said them,
"I'm not your little cheerleader Tony, you can't decide who I can and can't see."
"Your not very good at it."
"Excuse me?"
"You heard,"
"You want me to explain? Gene." Pepper looked shocked and looked Tony. Tony felt bad for hitting below the belt,
"That's different."
"No it isn't. Face it; you have a crap choice in men." Pepper headed for the elevator, tears in her eyes, she fought them back and looked at Tony,
"You're right," He looked confused, "Because up until about a minute ago, I was in love with you."

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