Master Code

By Robert E. Schorry

Chapter 1 – Waiting

Thomas Magnum is back in Hawaii after his second hitch in the US Navy. Much has changed - but a lot has not - and there is always another case...

This is the 4th of my Magnum, P.I. stories. They start with "All These Years" followed by "Remembrance" and then 'A Goat's Tale."

You know, it's a funny thing; when we wait for something to happen, water to boil, a bus to pull to the curb, or a telephone call, it only seems to make time go slower. That's what was happening. I was waiting for a door to open, someone to come out, and drive away. Then I would follow.

I was crouched under a large bush waiting for a business woman to leave work. I know what you're thinking, and you might be wrong. It wasn't a divorce case. Higgins would likely tell me I was wasting my time as always, but he was wrong, this time. And I would prove it.

The woman I was waiting for was suspected by her employer of stealing company secrets. These secrets weren't on paper, in a computer, or on a chip. The secrets, I was told, were in her head, and her boss was accusing her of taking them to a competitor. Well maybe. Internal security had been monitoring her email, I was told, and nothing suspicious was found.

So her boss, Giovanni Legato, hired me to tail her. This was pretty standard work. Who was she seeing, or meeting, the usual stuff. I was waiting for her to leave the low-rise office building late tonight and go to meet someone, if she did.

But how could I prove it, if there was nothing to see? I was on the lookout for a loose idea and you know how slippery those can be.