Chapter 11 – Wrap-up

The next week, I called Sherry Connelly and set up a meeting. The cover story was that there was an extra insurance policy and she had to come to an attorney's office. The attorney was a friend of Robin masters, and a little pro bono work never hurts.

I was sitting next to Nancy Clemmons when Sherry came in to the office. She was young and would look pretty again someday.

The attorney introduced all of us. Nancy of course was from SoftwareWorx, and I was introduced as a consultant. Close enough.

The attorney started droning on about legal precedents and such.

Nancy stopped him with a look. She got up, went around the table, pulled Sherry to her feet and took her into another office.

The attorney glanced over his half-glasses. "Are we done?"

"No, but I think there will be some more paper work, oh in say about seven months."

He just shook his head in bafflement.

The conference door opened and the two women came in hugging each other. I knew things would be alright.

Oh and one more thing.

Nancy Clemmons was as good as her word.

Nancy and I, and Rita too, meet for shave ice once a week. I still like pineapple. Especially because Nancy buys.

The End