Fans of mine, PLEASE forgive me for not posting anything over the last four months. My writing muse just went dormant on me. However, I recently watched gameplay and listened to music from the Fantasy Zone series, and all of a sudden, BOOM! This story showed up. This is the first Fantasy Zone fic on this site. Lucky me! I put it in SEGA Superstars since Opa-Opa is one. Bear in mind: since we don't know Opa-Opa's true character after Super Fantasy Zone, I gave him this, so please don't complain about it. Anyhoo, enjoy!

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Fantasy Zone IV

Chapter 1: The New Friend

Two years have passed since the most recent invasion of the Dark Menon Force. The Fantasy Zone has returned to peace thanks to the efforts of the small yet valiant hero, Opa-Opa. The small spaceship creature had gone through very harsh trials in his life, not the least of which was confronting a part of him: a personality of vice created from the stress of the war during his childhood. Even so, Opa-Opa overcame the darkness in his heart and kept the Fantasy Zone safe.

At the current time, we find Opa-Opa doing something he hadn't been able to do before: enjoying himself. "Wahoooooo! Ha ha ha ha!" The small ship laughed as he dashed around the futuristic planet of Zerudia, which was also his home planet. Despite his age, he still had the personality and youth of a child. The Zerudian dashed around in the air, looping and dodging structures like an acrobat. A breeze lifted under his wings, carrying him along faster. "All right!" Opa-Opa did a flip in the air from the wind boost. "Ha ha ha ha!"

"Having fun, Opa-Opa?" A deep voice said. Opa-Opa turned around and saw his father, O-Papa, right behind him. O-Papa had managed to have been rebuilt after he was harshly wounded by the Dark Menon Force, much to his son's happiness. Seeing his father suddenly appear behind him startled Opa-Opa.

"Nyah! Don't scare me like that, Dad!" The smaller ship complained.

The larger ship chuckled. "Sorry. You seem to be enjoying yourself."

"You bet!" Opa-Opa chirped. "I was so caught up in fighting in the past that I never took the time to see how much fun flying around could be!"

O-Papa chuckled again. He was happy to see his son's joy after everything that had occurred. "Well, I'm not going to stop you if you're having fun."

"Thanks! I'm gonna explore Zerudia some more! See ya, Dad!" With that, Opa-Opa flipped in midair and took off in another direction. As he watched his son jet away, O-Papa couldn't help but feel uneasy for some reason.

'I'll keep an eye on him.' He thought. O-Papa activated a cloaking device and followed the smaller ship.

A few minutes later, Opa-Opa had slowed his speed, allowing him to take in the sights of Zerudia some more. "Man, why didn't I do this before?" He wondered. "Maybe I'll get a better view from below." Opa-Opa dove down to where he was just above the ground. Zerudian locals greeted Opa-Opa as he flew by. "*sighs* Zerudia's such a nice place." He said. He was too focused on the sights of the planet that he wasn't paying attention to what was in front of him. Out of nowhere, he slammed into something. "Oof!" He lost his air balance and landed on the ground. "Ow…" He looked at what he had hit and saw that he had hit not something, but someone. "Hey, are you all right?" He asked as he got up.

"Yeah, I'm okay." The other Zerudian said. Opa-Opa shivered at the cute-sounding voice. It was female. The other Zerudian stood up, allowing Opa-Opa to see her. She was the same size as Opa-Opa with light pink facial glass. She had a sky blue bottom area, a dark pink back area, an orange ring around her facial glass, and identically orange legs. Her wings were tinted blue and quite beautiful, and a small red bow sat above her facial glass. Opa-Opa found her very cute, and his facial glass gained a small red tint.

"S-Sorry for running into you like that." He apologized, shifting his wings uncomfortably. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Don't worry about it." The female ship said. Then she got a good look at him. "Hey, aren't you Opa-Opa?"

"Yep, that's me." Opa-Opa said, his cheerfulness back and his blush discarded. Since he was a three-time hero, he was used to people recognizing him.

"Nice to meet you, Opa-Opa." The female Zerudian held out a wing, which Opa-Opa shook like a hand. "So, what were you doing around here?"

"I was just exploring Zerudia." The hero said simply. "I never got to in the past. Why you ask?"

The other ship's facial glass tinted a bit. "Well… do you think I could come with you?"

"H-Huh?" Opa-Opa's facial glass tinted again.

"Well, I've never really seen that much of Zerudia, and since you're exploring, you could show me some of the things you've seen!"

"Hmm…" Opa-Opa rubbed under his facial glass with his wing. "Sure! Come on!" He took to the sky instantly, laughing. The girl giggled and dashed off after him.

Unknown to them, however, O-Papa was watching through his cloaking device. 'Looks like my son has a new friend… or is she more?' He thought.

As they flew, Opa-Opa thought of something. He looked at the other Zerudian and spoke. "Hey, I never got to ask. What's your name?"

"My name's Zia-Zia." The girl answered.

"Zia-Zia… cute name for a cute girl." Opa-Opa mused. Realizing what he had just said, Opa-Opa's facial glass went scarlet. Zia-Zia's facial glass tinted as well. Opa-Opa then thought of something. Flying over to Zia-Zia, he tapped her with his wing. "Tag, you're it!" The hero then took off laughing.

"Hey! Get back here!" Zia-Zia yelled playfully as she jetted after him.

O-Papa saw the whole scene occur. '*chuckles* She'll definitely be more than a friend.'

Am I doing good so far? Just to clarify, Zia-Zia's name is pronounced "zee-uh zee-uh." I strongly suggest watching footage from the Fantasy Zone series to get the gist of this story. Please review, but if you've got a flame, douse yourself with some water!

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