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Next Door to You

Chapter One

Special Girl Next Door

Her adventure was finally over and there was nothing for her to do anymore. She no longer had a purpose. Her original plan was to finish the jewel, defeat Naraku, and live together with Inuyasha. That was not going to happen though. Inuyasha told her that he didn't feel right with her and told her to be happy with someone else. She was crushed when he had said that but he was right in some way. Kagome thought the same thing. Inuyasha was like an older brother to her and vice versa and she wouldn't have it any other way.

She came back to her time when she said goodbye to everyone. She left them gifts so that they would always remember her and then she left. She was currently packing up her things and bringing them to her new car. She was moving from the shrine to an apartment she found. It was always sad to leave the house and leave her family behind but she needed a new life. She was still the guardian of the Shikon no Tama and would always be. She decided that if she stayed at the shrine, then she would be reminded every day of her adventures and she only wanted something new.

She placed the last box in her car. Her mother had already taken all her furniture yesterday to her apartment and was presently for her daughter's departure. "My baby's grown up. I hope you have fun," her mother said to her. She had tears in her eyes as she cried. She held a napkin in her hands and wiped them away as her daughter hugged her. "You be good."

"I will, mama," Kagome said as she picked up her brother and swung him around in a hug. "You're the man of the house now, Souta. You be good to mama." Kagome set him down and watched as he nodded to her. He smiled to his sister and watched as she got into her car. Kagome started the car and drove away.

Her apartment was a good five hours away from the shrine but with Kagome being a fast driver, she got there in less than three hours. Never did she once get pulled over by the police and she was happy about that. When she stepped out of the car, she smiled up to the sky. "It's going to be a good year," she said to herself as she popped the trunk. She grabbed the heaviest box because she was stubborn and a bag as she started walking up five flights of stairs. She passed young woman, who was smoking and had her left hand in her skirt's pockets. Kagome only caught a glimpse of the woman and thought that she was pretty. She had long light brown with bangs that shot out in different directions. She was wearing a button down grey shirt with a long black skirt and flip flops. Kagome smiled to her as she smiled back and noticed the box.

She lift her cigarette down. "Hey, let me help you," she said as Kagome stopped walking and turned to her as the woman grabbed the box with ease. "What floor?" she asked as she smiled again.

"Uh… the fifth floor," Kagome answered as the woman smile turned into a grin. Kagome was tempted to ask if that was a good thing or a bad but she decided against it. "I'm Kagome," she introduced herself with a happy smile.

"Shizuru," the woman answered as she threw down her cigarette. She stomped on it and then led Kagome up two more flights of stairs. Kagome followed her and started looking for her apartment number. "What's the room number?"

"Um…" Kagome looked down to a piece of paper. "Eight," she said as Shizuru walked past her and motioned her to follow. Kagome listened and caught up with her. Shizuru showed her the door on her left and Kagome used her key to get in. when they walked in, there was already a couch with a table in front of it and some chairs around the room. There was also a bed mattress leaning against a wall. "Wow, this place is better than I thought."

"This apartment is pretty big," Shizuru said as she set down the box and stretched her back. That box was a lot heavier than she thought but she was a strong woman, so she could handle it. "I'll help you with the rest and then I'll introduce you to my brother's friend, who's literally next door."

Kagome's eyes brighten at her and then they walked back to her car. "Thank you for helping me," Kagome said kindly. Kagome was really happy that someone was nice enough to help her move in and even introduce her to some people.

"No problem, kid," Shizuru said with a soft laugh. They got to the car and started unloading everything. It took about two more trips before they finished and went next door. Shizuru just opened the door and walked into silence. "Hey, don't all stop talking on my account," she said with a glare as she motioned for Kagome to come in, which she did after locking her door. "Kagome, boys," she said. "Boys, Kagome."

Kagome looked at her funny. "That's an interesting way of introducing people."

"Yeah, well, I'm too lazy to actually say their names."

"How hard is it to say a name?"

"As hard as it is to quit smoking," Shizuru said as she walked over to a chair. She motioned Kagome to sit next to her. Kagome listened as she felt all eyes on her as she sat down. She finally got a good look at who was in the room. There were four young men in the room, all staring at her. "Do you boys have a problem because if you don't, then focus your eyes on something else," she said as none of them heard her, they were too focused on Kagome.

"I'm sorry. My name is Shuichi Minamino," said a young man. Kagome glanced to him as she watched him smile. He wore a plain white shirt with a brown jacket over his shirt and white pants with socks. His hair was bright red and pulled into a low ponytail and his eyes were the brightest green she has ever seen. He had soft features and Kagome couldn't but somehow feel like she just walked back into the feudal era.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi," she answered with a bright smile and he seemed to be taken back a bit. Kagome was wearing a short black and white plaid skirt as she crossed her legs. She had on a tight red shirt with a black smiley face in the middle. The red really showed off the curve of her breasts. Her black hair was wavy a bit and went passed her back. She had bright sapphire eyes that were smiling at all of them.

Shizuru kicked her brother in the back as he winced in pain. He glared at her as she glared back at him. He turned to Kagome and said, "I'm the great Kuwabara Kazuma and will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" he told her and asked her as she giggled. He blushed a bit. He was wearing an open blue jean jacket with a dark blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He had a long face with high cheek bones. He had brown eyes and an off shade of orange hair that pointed outwards and that curled. Kagome would tell that he was tall and built well.

"What happened to Yukina?" asked another boy. He was sitting in front of Kagome, next to Shuichi, and across from Kuwabara. He wore a tight white shirt that hugged him and light blue skinny jeans. His black hair was grease back with a few strands in the front with honey colored eyes. This man was also built well and had an aura was someone that was strong. He turned to Kagome with a grin. "Name's Yusuke Urameshi," he said as he looked away from her, knowing that he could easily get lost in her bright sapphire eyes.

Kuwabara rubbed his head and laughed nervously. Shuichi looked to his other friend, who was leaning against the wall. Kagome followed his gaze and saw another young man wearing all black. He was wearing a tight black shirt that looked to be cut off on the sleeves and pants that were tucked into his boots. He had his arms crossed over his chest and looked highly annoyed to be in this room but his eyes—his blood red eyes were staring at Kagome, who was watching him. His hair stuck straight up with white highlights in the front. He also wore a white headband that looked to be covering something because Kagome could feel power coming from there. Shuichi turned to Kagome and noticed that she was staring, almost like she knew something. "Kagome," he said as he got her to look at him. "That's Hiei."

Kagome nodded and tilted her head with another bright smile. "Well, it's nice to meet everyone," she said happily as Shizuru nudged her in the arm. Kagome turned to her.

Shizuru looked over to Yusuke. "Yusuke," she said as he turned his annoyed glared to her. "Kagome is your neighbor."

"Really…? I thought that she was just some friend of yours," he said as Shizuru kicked him. "Ow!" he emphasized as he rubbed where she kicked him; in the arm.

"You sure are violent…" Kagome said with a laugh as Shizuru turned to her with a wicked grin.

"When you have a baby brother, then you have to be violent," she answered as she watched her brother glare at her. Kagome suddenly looked confused.

"I have a baby brother and I'm not violent with him."

"Did I mention that my baby brother rarely went to school and picked fights with everyone?"

Kagome looked like she was thinking for a moment and then burst into laughter. "I left my mother with my brother. He's trying to go for the bad boy look and it's just not working," she said as she tried to breathe again. Shizuru laughed and then the room was suddenly filled with laughter. All but one was laughing; Hiei just rolled his eyes and looked out the window.

"How old is your brother?" Shizuru asked as Kagome slowly stopped laughing.


She pointed to Kuwabara. "Okay, well, you see that thing, he skipped classes with Yusuke and wasted his smarts on fighting," she said as Kagome turned to Kuwabara as he continued to glare at his sister.

"I'm right here, you know!" he yelled out as Kagome laughed again.

"Kuwabara doesn't have any smarts. Who the hell are you talking about?" Yusuke said as he watched Kagome out of the corner of his eye go into a fit of laughter. He joined with her when he realized what he said.

"He's got smarts… he just doesn't use them well," his sister said with a straight face.


"Look here shorty, no one asked you!"

"I didn't say anything," he answered calmly with a glare to make him shut up; although, he knew it wouldn't work.

Kagome couldn't stop laughing and eventually she fell off the chair she was sitting on, which got Yusuke to laugh more. "You guys are hilarious!" she said as she held her sides.

Yusuke opened his eyes and his eyes widened as a perverted grin was placed on his face. He whistled. "Who knew that the girl next door wore lace!" Kagome sat up and blushed hard, no longer laughing. Yusuke got whacked over the head by Kuwabara. He glared at him. "What'cha do that for?"

"It's not nice to look up a girl's skirt."

"I didn't look up… it was just there!"

"You're a pervert."

"I can totally agree with this," Yusuke said with his grin still on his face.

"I should've warned you about Yusuke," Shizuru said to Kagome as she helped her up and back on the chair.

"It's not like I haven't dealt with my fair share of perverts," Kagome said as they looked at her. "What, I've been kidnapped before, almost raped, and does tortured count?" They stared in disbelief.

"Dang… you have to have someone protecting you a lot, don't you?" asked Yusuke as she blinked. "Maybe moving here was a bad idea. There's some crazy shit that goes on in this building and or this city."

"Anywhere is better than where I was."

"I understand that but um… maybe you should just go back there. I mean, if you can handle gang violence and demons…" He covered his mouth. "I wasn't supposed to say that…"

"Don't worry, I handle myself. I mean, gang violence is a pain… no, I take that back, demons are worse," Kagome explained as Yusuke's jaw dropped.

"You know about demons?"

"Know about them? I got kidnapped by demons, traveled with them, and fought with them. Trust me, I know demons. Like how I know that Shuichi and Hiei are full demons and you, Yusuke, are a half-demon," she said as Shuichi's, Hiei's, and Yusuke's eyes widened.

"Damn, nothing can get by you."

"Yes and Yusuke, if you ever look up my skirt again, my fist will be down your throat," she threatened as she stood up and turned to Shizuru. "I'll see you around." She nodded and Kagome left to go back to her room.

"You think that that would actually happen? I mean her fist down my throat?"

"Yusuke, I think you should be careful around her," Shuichi said seriously.

"Look, Kurama, I'll be fine. I can handle myself just as much as she can handle herself. I'll be fine," Yusuke said as he waved him off.

"Come on, baby brother, we're leaving," Shizuru said as she grabbed Kuwabara's collar and left without him even getting a word in.

"Right," Kurama said as he placed on his shoes and left.

"You leaving Hiei?"

"What makes you think I'll stay with you?"


"As long as you don't fall in love with her, you'll be fine," he said as he opened the sliding glass door.

"But wouldn't falling in love mean that I have to like her?"

"The smell of your arousal is a dead giveaway that you have feelings for the human," With that said, Hiei jumped and disappeared into the night.

"My what?"

Next door, Kagome was moving her mattress into her empty room. She sighed. It was so quiet that it irk her to no end. She placed the mattress down on the ground and coughed when it made dust fly. She would be setting up her bed tomorrow but right now she didn't feel like going to sleep. There wasn't a TV or computer in her room and she didn't have a phone to call anyone. She wished for some strange reason that she could go back over to Yusuke's apartment but knew that that wouldn't happen, even if she did feel drawn to him like a moth to a flame. She sighed again and walked into the small kitchen. She opened the fridge and was surprised to see a cake—one that her mother obviously made—saying congrats on your new place. The cake was huge and for a second, wondered how she would eat it all…

She suddenly got an idea. She looked down at her watch; it was only ten thirty at night. She opened her front door and walked two steps and knocked on Yusuke's door. She waited a minute before Yusuke answered the door, shirtless. He looked at her and saw the blush on her cheeks. "You need something?" he asked as Kagome stared up to him.

"I have a huge cake in my room… So, I was wondering if you would like to come and eat it with me."

Yusuke blinked. He wasn't expecting her to ask that. "Sure," he said as Kagome smiled. He grabbed a shirt randomly from off the couch and placed it on as he followed her to her place. Yusuke walked in and closed the door behind him. He looked around the empty apartment and noticed that her apartment was bigger than his. He found that completely unfair.

Kagome picked up the large cake and brought it over to the table. She set it down and then walked back to her small kitchen. She grabbed a knife, two forks, and two plates. "I have a feeling that neither of us will be able to finish this thing…" she said as Yusuke laughed.

"Maybe I should've had Hiei stay with me for a couple more minutes," he said as Kagome looked at him confused. "Hiei loves sweet things, so this cake would be to his liking."

"Think you can get him?"

"Well, let's see, you would have your slice of cake and I would have mine… Hiei would have the rest of it," Yusuke said as Kagome's eyes popped. "Like I said, Hiei loves sweets."

"Dang, I mean, I love sweet things too but I could never finish this big of a cake by myself." Kagome cut herself a piece and then grabbed Yusuke's plate and cut him one too. She gave the plate to him as she leaned against the couch, happily eating her mother's cake.

"So, how do you know demons?" Yusuke asked as Kagome closed her eyes and sighed. Well, that was definitely one way to start a new conversation.

"Well, why do you hang out with demons?"

"I asked you first."

"I don't care, I asked you second." They glared at each other before they burst into laughter. Kagome grinned. "What I'm about to tell you is going to be very farfetched."

"It can't be as bad as my story but go on," he said as he leaned back and got in a comfortable position.

"Okay, on my fifteenth birthday, I fell down a magic well." Yusuke's face dropped as he placed his plate down on the table. "Mistress Centipede had grabbed me and brought me five hundred years into the past. Apparently, I had the Shikon no Tama in me and the demon wanted it." Kagome lifted up her shirt and showed him a scar as Yusuke stared at it. "This scar is proof the demon bit me. When she did bite me, a jewel popped out of my flesh and confused the hell out of me." She put her shirt back down.

"Okay, now I'm just going to give you a rundown." Yusuke nodded slowly. "There was a big bad spider demon named Naraku, who we were after. By we, I mean, me—the Shikon guardian and miko, Inuyasha—a half-demon mislead by Naraku, Miroku—a monk with a cursed hand, Sango—a demon slayer trying to a avenge her brother and her two tailed cat demon, Shippo—a fox demon tagging along with me, Kouga—a wolf demon getting revenge from his slaughtered pack, and Lord Sesshomaru—Inuyasha's full demon half brother trying to kill Naraku because he took something of his. We defeated Naraku after we lost some of our comrades, the jewel went back into me, and I came back here to start a new life."

Yusuke's jaw had dropped with his eyes wide. "Damn…" he dragged the word out. "And here I thought I was bad…" Kagome grinned and giggled. "Okay… hold on," he said as he thought about how he was going to phrase his story. "Okay, when I was fourteen, I saved a young boy from getting hit by a car, thus I died. It was a little weird, seeing as I was hovering over my body… Anyways, I got brought to the Spirit World where Koenma—son of King Enma and ruler of the Spirit World, said that I did something unexpected and that they didn't have a place for me yet…" Kagome giggled. "So, I went through a series of tests to gain back my life. Once I got my life back, I was given the title of 'Spirit Detective,' which is someone that goes after supernatural activity in the human world."

"Dang," she said.

"Hey, you gave me a rundown; I'm giving you my story."

"And I'm all ears." She smiled as he grinned.

"Anyways, my first assignment was to gather three artifacts that were stolen from the Underworld, this is also where I met Hiei and Kurama. After I gathered them, I went to go get training from Master Genkai, who put multiple people through tests to see who was the best one to… I'm just going to say to earn her respect and training. I got Genkai's training and then got involved with another case. After that case, I got involved with the Dark Tournament." Kagome tilted her head to the side. "The Dark Tournament is a tournament that demons hold to see who's the strongest. There was a guy name Toguro—he was the biggest pain in my ass and I thought no one could get worse than him. A man named Sakyo had planned that he was going to create a large hole to the Demon World… Well, I defeated Toguro, won the tournament, escaped with my life when the stadium started to crumple, and went home."

"So what happened next? I mean, obviously something happened next because that's not the end of it," Kagome said as Yusuke nodded while grinning.

"Oh, it's not the end of it," he said. "I started going back to school with little rest and whatnot, when these three punks decided that they were going to kidnap me." Kagome looked shocked for a second, and then regained her calm. "My friends rescued me only for me to find out that it was only a test and that there was a big ass problem. The problem was named Shinobu Sensui. He was a bigger pain in the ass than Toguro. Sensui collected six other people to help him from where Sakyo left off. Sensui wanted to open the portal to the Demon World and cause genocide to the human race, which to me sounded like it was unbelievable. So, the other six that he collected, my friends and I slowly started defeating them one at a time.

"When it came to my fight with Sensui, he told me that he had seven personalities, which was not good. Koenma came and tried to stop Sensui—he failed though. Sensui killed me." Kagome's jaw dropped. "Yep, and Sensui went through the portal to the Demon World. Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei were not pleased with me dead and went after Sensui. I heard bits and pieces while dead… Spirit World's SDF—Spirit Defense Force, came to close the portal and told Koenma that I was part demon." Kagome's eyes lit up. "Apparently, one of my ancestors was some powerful demon named Raizen. I got reborn and traveled to the Demon World, where Raizen took over my body and killed Sensui without me knowing what I was doing.

"Okay, so I came back here, was told that I was stripped of being Spirit Detective and that King Enma had ordered that I be captured and killed because he was afraid of my demon blood or something along those lines. Obviously that didn't happen if I'm talking to you right now. Genkai told me to go see the first Spirit Detective ever and get advice from her. I got the advice that I needed but then people from the Demon World came to her house and asked for me. They explained to me that their King was dying because of starvation. If their King died, everything that he worked on would go into hell. His followers wanted me to visit him. Also, apparently, I'm his son…" Kagome squealed as he looked at her funny. "Okay, they gave me a week to decide if I wanted to go or not. I had already made my decision to go and when the week was over, I went through the portal—the one that Sensui had made, with the help of the SDF—reopening it for me. I found Raizen's followers waiting for me there.

"They brought me to Raizen's tower and or territory. I met him for the first time and I was still anger at him because he had taken over my body, so I fought him, lost, and got badly injured. It was around that time that I learned of the other two rulers, Mukuro and Yomi. I trained very hard for one month and fought my father one last time. When I got up to the tower, Raizen was extremely hungry and went after me. He didn't get very far but he did manage to throw us both out of the tower. He explained to me how he met a human woman and his version of his semi love story. Pretty much, he fucked her and then left… Anyway, Raizen died right in front of me and I had to tell his followers that he wasn't alive anymore, but that I had inherited his territory."

"Aww, that sucks… well, the part that he died," Kagome said with a sad smile.

"It was okay. I only knew him for a bit, so it wasn't like he affected me or anything. So, I then trained for one year and after that year was up, I marched straight over to Yomi's territory and declared that Raizen died and that I was going to hold a tournament. The tournament was to decide who was going to rule over the Demon World. The term would only last three years and then it would be held again. It was only to help with the peace from the Demon World and the Human World, so that there wouldn't be any more fighting. In the end, I lost to Yomi. Mukuro lost to Enki, who is now the peacemaker at the moment and might I add, that every time he fights, he wins..." Yusuke rolled his eyes and continued, "I stayed in the Demon World for little while and then went home—end of story."

Kagome whistled and blinked. "Damn," she said with her jaw dropped slightly. "So, what are you doing now?"

"Guy without job. Guy can't get hired," he said as Kagome laughed.

"Why not?"

"Let's just say that no matter how many times I say that I'm not the guy from when I was fourteen and that it was all in the past, no one seems to believe me," Yusuke explained. "What about you? Do you have a job?"

"Well, no but I hope I can get one."

"Trust me, you can get a job. They don't know you; they know me." They laughed for a bit until Kagome yawned. "I'll take that as a 'I should get going.' I'll see you around," he said as he grabbed his plate and brought it to the sink as Kagome brought the cake and placed it in the fridge.

"Night Yusuke," Kagome said with another yawn.

He smiled at her. "Night," he said as he opened the door and closed it behind him.

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