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Chapter 25

The greatest thing you'll ever learn
Is to love and be loved in return.

No one's POV

5 Years Later...

Sonny sat on the couch studying for her exams. This was her last year in college and she was glad it was almost over! Sonny had gone to Rivercreek College which was one of the best colleges in the country and it was really close from home.

Now she was very happy. She was happy because one, she would finally graduate and be a professional and the second was that Chad's release was just a few days after her graduation. Sonny couldn't help but feel ecstatic. Everything was finally coming to normality and she and Chad could finally be together after all this madness was over.

After Chad had been sent to jail, Sonny was given Clare's custody since Marine was in no financial conditions to take care of Clare. Grace had stayed a while with Sonny but then went back to her home and she still came back to visit her like she always did. Grace was like a grandma to Clare. Clare was now 12. Sonny was still surprised how much Clare and Chad were alike even though they hadn't met until after Chris' arrest. Sonny and Marine had explained what had happened… sort of, what they could tell to a 7 year old and they introduced her to Chad. At first it had been awkward but they got along really well.

Sonny was now 22 and Chad 25. She visited him regularly and they still loved each other as much as before.

"Sonny?" A voice interrupted her thoughts. Sonny looked up and closed her book.

"What is it Clare?" Clare smiled. She had become into a beautiful 12 year old. Her blond hair was long and her eyes were a bright blue. She was going to attract a lot of guys when she grew older.

"Well, today is your 22 birthday party Sonny! You should be preparing for the party" Clare said chirpily.

Sonny sighed and looked at the clock. Her eyes widened. She had only 30 minutes to get ready before the guests arrived. "Oh my!"

"Yep, oh my missy! Go get ready" Clare held Sonny's hand and dragged her to her room "Now don't come out until you look presentable, today is a very, very very special night" And she was out. Sonny frowned, why Clare had said it was very special? It was just a party. She shook her head.

Sonny smiled and opened her drawer. This was going to be a great night… as great as it could be when Chad couldn't be there.

. . . .

Sonny laughed among her guests. It was a very pleasant party and she felt good to be among her college friends. Some of them knew about Chad, others didn't however she didn't have someone she could call best friend. She had had one and her name was Alex almost 10 years ago. Sonny lived by Alex's motto to live life at her best and break rules… and hell, she did that and Sonny didn't regret anything. Now her latest confident was Clare who was more mature than her age but obviously there are just some things that you can't tell to a 12 year old.

"So, how are you enjoying your birthday?" Sophie asked. Sophie was one of Sonny's college friends.

Sonny smiled. She looked stunning in her baby blue dress. It was strapless and was just above the knee. She also wore a necklace that had belonged to Chad but he had given it to her. It was a C. Her hair was the same wavy brown curly hair it had been. "Amazing, it's been so much fun"

"And have you seen Chad lately?" Sonny nodded.

"Yes this morning I went to visit him" She sighed sadly "I wish he could be here"

"Don't worry; he will be free in a couple of week's right?"

"You are right"

The whole night Sonny tried her best to keep her mind focused on the people around her than on the blonde she loved so much.

"It was a lovely party, Happy Birthday Sonny!" The last guest waved as he disappeared. Sonny waved back and shut the door closed.

She was so tired, her feet and back ached and she was sick of wearing the dress all night. It had been a pleasant party but she was glad it was over. Her thoughts reminded how much she desired for Chad to be there and how he could make the party so special but she had to content for the next year, when he would actually be free.

They had talked a lot about their future when he got out. Sonny would be finishing College and be a professional Psychologist and Chad would start a business, after all Chris had left him a big amount of money since he was in jail for life. Maybe they would even get married but they had actually never talked about it.

Sonny climbed the stairs slowly as she turned off the lights. The whole house was dark except for the light that came from her oddly. It was odd, Sonny didn't remembered turning on the light. She shrugged, maybe Clare did it.

She opened her door's room and shut it close without looking back, with a quick motion she threw her shoes to her right.

"Ouch" A male voice said. Sonny paled. There was someone in her room and his voice sounded oddly familiar. She slowly turned around and she gasped. It was him. It was Chad freaking Dylan Cooper but how? He wasn't supposed to be out of jail yet.

"Chad? But How?" She squeaked.

He looked radiant. His blond hair fell over his forehead and he was wearing that trade mark smirk she hated and loved to see at the same time. He was wearing a black suit that molded his muscles very good. In jail he had worked out and it had fitted him really good. He looked like he hadn't aged but he looked more mature. His shoulders were broad and his muscles were more defined. His eyes didn't look like a boy's anymore but like man. The blue in his eyes still reflected every single emotion and right now it reflected one thing, love.

His hands were on his pockets and he walked a step closer to her.

"Hello Sonshine" Chad whispered. He half-smiled. He felt shy and didn't know what to do. If go and hug her or stay here but he just wanted to kiss her senseless.

Sonny had her hand over her heart and the other swinging freely next to her leg. Her mouth was slightly open. There were tears welling up in her eyes. This felt so surreal.

Her heart beat was strong and fast, she felt it would come out of her chest and her breathing was heavy. There were goose bumps on her back and she shivered.

"Chad" She said louder this time and ran to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and Chad wrapped his arms around her waist. "I missed you" She whispered, her head burying in his chest, holding him closer to her as if he would leave and she would be left all alone again.

Chad placed his head over hers and smelled her scent deeply. "I missed you too, so so much" His voice cracked a bit, he wanted to cry and so did she.

"I thought you wouldn't be free until some more days" Sonny said, her voice a bit muffled by her silent tears.

"They decided to let me free before" Chad smiled and hugged her tighter. "I missed this" Sonny nodded and kissed his throat making him gulp. Chad looked down at her, their foreheads touching. He smiled "You waited for me" He whispered, his eyes drinking in her and sparkling.

Sonny grinned and kissed the tip of his nose "I would have waited forever" Her eyes were watery "Because I love you and I wouldn't be able to love anyone else, my heart is already taken by you" Her voice broke. By now tears were running freely on both their faces. Sonny breathed deeply and smiled, wiping his tears away.

"Oh Sonny" Chad whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear "I love you so much" He kissed her tears that were on her cheeks, her eyes, her nose and the corners on her mouth. His hand was behind her head and the other was holding her waist, bringing her close to him. He grinned and looked at her eyes.

They slowly leaned in, inch by inch, slowly and their eyes closed waiting for the moment they had waited so long. Their lips finally met and they sighed contently. They kissed softly and sweetly, pouring everything they felt into the kiss. It was like their first kiss but this time it was stronger. Chad's lips were sweet and Sonny's soft. Their lips moved in sync.

Chad brought her face closer and bit her bottom lip asking for entrance and she gladly obliged. His lips were warm and his touch sent shivers through her spine. It was perfect. Sonny ran her hands through his chest, feeling every part of him she could.

Her heart raced faster than she could believe and she was sure he could feel it. "I love you" She muttered between kisses as she threw his jacket of his shoulders leaving him in his white shirt that outlined his chest even better.

Chad's hands were holding her close. He kissed her so tender, so sweet and so lovingly that she felt she would melt right there. Her legs were wobbly and if it wasn't for Chad's arm around her waist she was sure she would have fell to the floor. The kiss was just mind blowing.

They pulled away to breath, panting and their cheeks flushed. "I love you Sonny and I want to make this right" Sonny raised her eyebrows and he left his arms around her and she felt cold.

He searched around his pockets and brought out a small velvet box. Sonny's heart stopped for a moment.

His blue orbs met hers and he smiled shyly. "I know this isn't the most romantic place and maybe not the best time" He kneeled down in front of her and opened the velvet box. The ring was beautiful, it was a silver band with small round diamonds around it and a heart shaped sapphire in the middle. "But I love you Sonny, you are the only person I want to be with forever. You are the only person who understands me and sees behind myself, you are the only person that makes my heart beat and you are the only person I would think of marrying so" He licked his lips in nervousness. Sonny brought one hand to her mouth. "Would you, Allison Munroe marry me and be my wife?" He looked so hopeful and happy. His eyes were a crystal blue and he felt his heart would get out of his chest.

Sonny nodded, trying to utter a word "Yes! I'd love to, it's perfect" She jumped on him, hugging him close. Chad hugged her back, laughing softly and kissing her cheek.

They pulled away and Chad placed the ring on her finger, it fitted her perfectly. "I love you" They said at the same time, smiling and this time they knew nothing would bring them apart because they had somethign strong, love.

"Love doesn't make the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
Elizabeth Browning

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