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The Snorktown High School is now over and AllStar, Daffney, Dimmy, Casey, Junior, and Tooter walked over to Dr. Gallio's lab to work on their homework, when they got there Dr. Gallio was nowhere to be found so they all sat down in the living room (which was located between the front door and the lab) and got started on their homework.

"I wonder where Uncle Gallio is," wondered AllStar as he works on his Science Homework, "He might help me with all these math equations and stuff."

"Yeah, like we need more scientist to help us with our homework," joked Junior.

"What do you mean?" asked AllStar.

"Suffice to say that there isn't very many scientist in the ocean, including you of course due to your interest in science." proposing Junior, "I bet the vast majority of those scientist are in your family, and in your family something is bound to go wrong."

"That's not true!" insisted AllStar.

Suddenly Dr. Gallio walked into the living room, he was covered head to toe in soot and his hair was all messy. The look on his face tells the gang that Junior was probably right after all, "I stand correct," he said.

"Uncle Gallio, what happened?" asked AllStar.

"Well, by brother Dr. Strangesnork tried to kidnap me yet again," explains Dr. Gallio, "He had me locked in a Snork Size cage and then he forgot what he wanted me for, then he pressed a button on his supercomputer and his whole lab exploded. I was ejected a few meters from his lab and hit the ground hard, I simply got up and walked back here."

"Well, enough about me." said Dr. Gallio as he takes off his glasses and wipes the soot off of it before putting them back on, "Have you heard what Radio's up to lately?"

"Radio?" asked Casey.

"Haven't heard from him in a week," explained AllStar, "Why?"

"He hasn't shown up at my lab lately, so I tried went looking for him yesterday which I probably shouldn't have done after what happened last time." explains Dr. Gallio, "Somewhere out in the Outback, in the deep south, sits a giant facility. It had 8 cooling towers, 6 dome like structures, and a missile site. Those building looked highly advance and it doesn't look like a Snork design, Radio is up to something and I couldn't tell what it is."

"When I got near, one of Radio's shirtless hillbilly Snorks of his prevented me from proceeding into the site saying I had to authorization to be there. I asked him what is the facility for, he said he has no idea but the look on his face tells me that he's lying I just know it. Awhile heading back home, I soon gotten a clue by noticing these symbols in the sand."

"What were those symbols?" asked AllStar.

"They looked relatively large, they were in boxes and were placed in periodic form," explains Dr. Gallio, "They were huge, quite large. I swam as high as I can until I'm able to see the entire chart drawn into the sand. I even took a picture."

Dr. Gallio shows the group the picture of what he found, in reality it was the Periodic Table of Elements. There were 106 elements on it, it had the Atomic Numbers, the symbols, the names of the elements, the Atomic mass. However, the Snorks don't know what the Periodic Table of Elements really is nor were they aware of it. The table soon peaked AllStar's curiosity.

"What is it Uncle Gallio?" asked AllStar.

"I don't know nephew but it looks very astonishing as it was written in corral," said Dr. Gallio, "It was huge in person, I think each of the blocks were 10 meters across so it was 180 meters wide. Compared to the average Snork which we're 7.62 centimeters tall, this is quite an engineering marvel. But what does it mean?"

"It means science," said a voice.

Everyone turned and look towards the door and see's the green Snork, Radio, walking through. His green octopus Rex follows behind, seems happy to see everyone wants again. "Your looking at the Periodic Table of Elements, made by the humans up in Dry Space."

"Humans?" asked AllStar.

"Yup, they know more than we could possibly imagine," said Radio, "In fact, they have this 'internet' thing where I managed to get access to using my Quantum Computer. I managed to learn so much of the species, I could tell you that no creature on Earth preys upon the Humans."

"And what about this industrial complex your building out in the middle of nowhere down south?" asked AllStar.

"You won't understand if I told you," claimed Radio, "What I can tell you is that most of the knowledge we currently know came from the humans, such as the familiar Celcius temperature we all use. In fact, they know so much that my craving for knowledge had led me to round up every hillbilly in the Outback and have them build that Science Facility. They'll do whatever what I say and since they also crave knowledge it was a win-win, I just hope it pays off."

Suddenly, the Snorks began to here the Attack Siren go off. It was a rising and falling tone, this isn't good. "Junior, your dad better know what's going on because it sounds like Snorkland is in big trouble," said AllStar.