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The next day at Snorkland, the attack siren goes off once more and every Snork scrambles into action. AllStar's friends and family gotten out of their homes and grouped together near the Town Hall, Governor Wellington was waiting for them. "Are all the Snork's accounted for?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Dr. Gallio, "Hey look, it's only one small boat this time."

Romanov came over Snorkland and AllStar and Radio were eager to go back home, they all hugged Romanov's hand as he picked them. "Oh thank you," said Radio.

"Thank you Romanov," said AllStar before the two Snorks jumped into the ocean.

"Your welcome guys, your secret of Snorkland is safe with me." said Romanov.

"I didn't catch your last name, what is it?" asked Radio.

"It's Reznov," answered Romanov as he restarts the engine, "Romanov Reznov."

When Romanov took off, the two Snorks swam back down to the bottom of the ocean. Radio and AllStar took huge breaths of saltwater, relieved that they're home once more. "I missed this blue ocean." said AllStar.

"Reznov," muttered Radio, "Where did I heard that name before?"

When the Snorks swam back down to the Town Hall, the gang could not believe their eyes as the Snorks rushed up to them and hugged Radio and AllStar tightly. "Oh we missed you guys!" cried AllStar's mom.

Rex came out of nowhere and clobbered Radio as he licks his face, Radio hugged the green octopus tightly, "Oh Snork we have a lot of crap to tell you," said Radio, "How we got back you asked? Well a couple of humans had helped us get back home, the human operating the boat up there is named Romanov Reznov."

"Well how about that," said Junior as he came along, "So there are humans up there who care about us after all."

"There's also something we've discovered awhile being kidnapped," said Radio as everyone lets go of him and AllStar, "They tested me and AllStar's DNA, the test proved that AllStar is the father but what matters is that they discovered who's my biological mother."

"Who?" asked Dr. Gallio.

"My mother is human, I'm a Hybrid Snork." said Radio, "And you know what's the kicker, my mom is only 10 years old and is still just a child. Her name is Ardy Reznov."

"Wait a minute, so you aren't fully Snork all this time?" asked Daffney.

"I'm not surprised that I'm a hybrid, but I'm not letting that fact stand in my way in life." said Radio, "What matters is that if I had family in the Human World and I have family right here." Radio placed his arm around AllStar's shoulders to prove his point.

"I have no time to stay around for a celebration, I gotta get back to the Outback right away because I fear that the idiots who are working with me might screw up the Science Facility I've built." said Radio, "I'll see you guys tomorrow then."

"Bye Radio," said AllStar as he and Rex swam off.

"Yeah, bye." said Radio.

As Radio and Rex swam off, AllStar hugged his parents and SmallStar tightly, "We've learned a lot you guys, but I've learned to stand with a love one in times of need. Radio pretty much saved me from depression up there, I don't know how to thank him."

"You can thank him tomorrow, let's go home now." said Mr. Seaworthy, "And you can talk all about this misadventure of yours."

"Better said than done," muttered AllStar, "But okay."