Two Months Later (In the Future)

The doorbell sounded in Kirk's quarters.

"Enter!" Kirk called. He looked up from his work as the door opened. "Hey, Bones, what's up?"

McCoy walked in. He had a small smile on his face that told Kirk he was proud of something, and held his hands behind his back.

"Jim, you remember what I told you about Artemus? That he wrote a book about his adventures in the American West with James West?" McCoy asked.

"I think so, why?"

McCoy smiled, and pulled out an old book from behind his back. "Well, I sent a message to my dad after we got back. After searching the attic, he found the book. I've been reading it; and now I remember why it was one of my favorite books when I as a kid!"

Kirk took the book, and read the cover. "In Service of the West: The Memoirs of Secret Service Agent Artemus Gordon. Wow, Bones, this is cool. Mind if I borrow it?"

"Sure Jim, go a head. Just don't damage it;" McCoy said. "And let me show you something." The Doctor took the book and flipped to one of the first pages. "Read this."

Kirk read the dedications. "To James T. West: partner, friend, and brother. To all those of the Secret Service, namely J.P, F.H, Col. R, and President Grant."

"I did some research on those initials;" McCoy said. "From what I can find, J.P is Jeremy Pike, F.H is Frank Harper, and Col. R. is Colonel Richmond. We both know who President Grant was. I also found it surprising that James had the same first two initials as you."

Kirk nodded and moved on to the next and final dedication. He nearly dropped the book in surprise of who it was dedicated to:

"To Capt. J.T.K, Dr. L.M, and Comm. S.: I know you will read this someday. Just know you three gave Jim and I one of our wildest adventures, which I will never forget. Sorry I couldn't put it in this book; it's against the First Directive. Good luck with what the future brings you.

"Bones, that's … that's us!" Kirk cried. "Artemus dedicated his book to us!"

"I know, isn't it cool?" McCoy said. "But like he said, our adventure isn't in there, and he never gave our names, just those letters. I told you we could trust them."

Kirk started to laugh. "You're right, Bones, you are right. They were the only two people in the Wild, Wild West we could trust." He patted McCoy on the back. "Now come on, my shift starts in five minutes. I think I'll surprise Spock and show up early."

The two exited Kirk's room and Kirk walked right into another crewmember, knocking her to the ground.

"Oh jeeze, I'm sorry about that!" Kirk said, helping her up.

"No, no Captain, it was my fault;" she stammered, clearly embarrassed that she had just ran into her commanding officer.

"No, Lieutenant, it was mine;" Kirk said, looking at the braids on her sleeve for her rank. "By the way, I haven't seen you around here before…"

"I was just transferred to the Enterprise, sir;" the Lieutenant replied. "I came from the Farragut."

Kirk crossed his arms. "And are you going to tell me your name, Lieutenant. Not that I'm going to put this on your record, if you're afraid of that…"

She snapped into attention. "No sir, sorry, sir. My name is West; Lt. Artemis West… Sir, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost…"

Dr. McCoy nearly fell over in surprise, and Kirk went slightly pale. "What? Uh… no, Lt. West, I'm fine;" Kirk said. "Nice to meet you, see you around." He grabbed McCoy's arm and dragged him past the very confused Lt. West and into the turbo-lift; where they burst out laughing.

"Bones, you don't think she's…" Kirk couldn't finish his sentence.

"Maybe, Jim, maybe;" McCoy replied. "I wouldn't be surprised. After all, it has been 400 years…"


Hope you enjoyed my story! I am thinking of writing a sequel, and ideas are already forming.

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