The next day, Alice and Rosalie arrived at my house at noon for our shopping spree.

I hopped in the car, put my seat belt on and then closed my eyes, waiting for the car to start. After a while I dozed off. When I awoke, I noticed we had arrived in Seattle and were driving the speed limit.

Five minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of the huge mall and got out. Alice dragged me out of the car and into the store.

"Okay, let's head on over to Forever 21," Alice chimed in still dragging me, now to the store.

As we went through the mall to find Forever 21, people would stop and just stare after Alice and Rosalie...not giving me a second glance. Soon we arrived to Forever 21 and went in.

"Hey, Rose, pick stuff out that you think would suit her," Alice told Rosalie quietly...but not too quietly.

"Alice! You said you weren't going to buy me anything," then when I realized what they were planning, I slapped my forehead. "Rosalie! I can't let you buy me anything!"

"Bella, this is my way for apologizing to you about the way I've acted towards you. I want to start a new chapter, become friends with you. And I'm truly sorry about the way I've acted," Rosalie said.

I stared in shock. Never had I thought I'd hear Rosalie say anything like this to me.

"But, you still don't have to buy me anything!" I tried protesting, but she was already looking at the clothes.

"Try this on," Rosalie said giving me a handful of clothes and pushing me into the dressing room.

When I was in my little room, I looked at the clothes she had picked out for me. She had them on hangers when she gave them to me and the first outfit had a cute tank top that was kind of low cut and and flowy mini skirt. It was cute but not really me, but I tried it on anyway.

"How does it look?" I asked skeptically coming out of the dressing room.

"'s cute, but I think you may need these," Rosalie said handing me a pair of lace leggings.

When I came back out, I got ooh's and ahh's from Rosalie and Alice as they looked me over.

"You know, this actually looks good on you. Even though it's definitely not your style." Alice said smiling.

The next outfit Rosalie had picked out for me, was more comfortable. It was a pair of dark skinny jeans and a form fitting T-shirt that said "I Don't Bite" with a vampire on it. It was ironically cute.

After showing Alice and Rosalie, I tried on the last outfit Rosalie had picked out. She picked me out a pair of tight fitting jeans and a black low cut scoop neck T-shirt.

Rosalie bought everything she had gotten me and were once again off to another store.

"We should go to Sephora. Bella needs some new makeup," Alice chimed in.

"Oh and Bella? When we get back home, we'll show you how to apply makeup," Rosalie teased.

"Oh great, I get to be your guys' barbie doll...once again," I grumbled good naturedly. I didn't want Rosalie to dislike me again.

When we got to Sephora, Rosalie dragged me to the makeup counter and sat me in one of the chairs there. She told me to stay put and then she went looking for makeup for me.

Alice was waiting patiently beside me for Rosalie to pick out everything for me.

"Aren't you guys going to buy some stuff?" I asked Alice.

"Of course. That's what's taking Rose so long," Alice replied tapping her foot.

About one minute later, Rosalie came back to us with a armload of beauty products.

"Wow," I breathed. "How much would you say all that costs?"

"About five hundred dollars," Rosalie said shrugging, "no biggie."

"No biggie?" I asked increduously. That could buy me a lot of clothes... "Why are you buying all of this?"

"Um, if you haven't noticed...we love using you as a beauty guinea pig," Alice smiled showing her razor sharp teeth.

"Ha, ha" I said dryly,then teasingly said. "What are you saying I need makeup to make me look pretty?"

"Of course not Bella!" Alice exclaimed. "We're just accentuating your looks, is all."

"Uh-huh, sure. Like I'm going to believe some coniving vampires," I smiled teasingly.

"Oh Bella! How could you say something like that?" Alice said with mock offense.

"Will you two cut it out and get in line. I want to get back to shopping," Rosalie said laughing.

We did as we were told and once we had checked out, they dragged me to another store.

"I love this store, it's so cool and hip," Alice said dragging me into Buckle. The clothes were all see-through material and kind of low-cut.

"Can we get a dressing room?" Rosalie asked the clerk after a few minutes of grabbing clothes for me.

"S-sure," the girl said taking in Rosalie and Alice's inhuman beauty with some jealousy. "Here you go."

"Okay Bella, you know the drill, step out once you're dressed in the first outfit." Rosalie handed me the clothes and pushed me into the dressing room.

The first outfit she picked out for me was a pair of boot cut jeans and a blue shirt that was off-shoulder and kind of had something similar to wings. It didn't look as bad as I had expected.

"Mhm, fits perfectly. Next," Rosalie analyzed and pushed me back in.

The next outfit was some flare jeans -thankfully it didn't look like bell bottoms - and a blue tank top with a "burnout" tee on top.

When I stepped out, Alice smiled at me, and handed me a pair of royal blue high heels.

"Alice, I'm not wearing heels and you cannot make me!" I said angrily.

"Bella, you need some shoes for a formal occasion." Alice said innocently.

"No, I'm perfectly fine with wearing a pair of Converse, thank you very much."

Alice sighed, "Bella, you need practice. Do you want to try them on properly or would you like me to forcefully put them on your feet?"

I glared at her in defeat. "Give me the stupid shoes."

I decided to try and walk after I got them on, and stumbled a few times.

"Okay. Let's go get Bella some more cute tank tops and a few more shirts and we'll be ready." Alice said taking the heels.

While we were waiting to check out, somebody called Rosalie's name.

"Hey, Rosalie? Is that you?" the disembodied voice came over to us, and turned out it was Jasmine.

"Hi Jasmine." We all said.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Jasmine asked in her ditz-like way.

"Um, shopping what else?" I answered smiling. I definitely did not like Jasmine one bit.

"No, duh. I was just being polite Bella," Jasmine said glaring at me. Our feelings toward each other were obviously mutual.

"Well that's a stupid way." I said under my breath, and then to Alice and Rosalie. "Oh, it's our turn."

Jasmine hovered over us as we were checking out. And I could feel her glaring at me every time she looked at me. But I couldn't care less, as long as she stayed away from Edward. Not that she would be a problem...but then again, she was vampire. I quickly shaked that thought off. Edward loved me, vampire or not.

"Do you guys mind if I stop by your house later tonight? Like midnight?" Jasmine asked after we'd checked out.

"Why?" Rosalie asked warily. I suspected Rosalie new Jasmine's motives toward Edward.

"Oh, just to hang out with Edward." Jasmine said smirking at me.

"Edward won't be at home." Alice said simply, looking at me.

"Why not?" Jasmine demanded.

"Because he's with me," I said hotly.

Jasmine snorted. "Why?"

I couldn't respond. I just gaped at her. She didn't notice that we were dating?

After finally regaining the ability to speak, I answered with a question. "You really haven't noticed?"

Alice interrupted me, "Bella we're going to go to Victoria's coming?"

"Uh, no, I'll wait here." I said my eyes not leaving Jasmine's once.

"Okay." Alice gave me a meaningful look at me while Rosalie talked on her phone.

"Notice what?" Jasmine said starting the argument again. "That you two are dating? Oh I know that...but really I've got you beat."

"H-how so?" I asked.

"Well let's see. Number one, I'm beautiful -unlike yourself. And number two, I'm a vampire just like him. He wouldn't have to be careful around me."

Again all I could do was gape at her. I couldn't belive that'd she use those two things as reasons.

"What? The vampire got your tongue?" Jasmine smirked at me.

"There is no competition. So don't waste your time," I said hostily.

"Of course there isn't. Like I said, I'm beautiful and immortal. Just like your soon-to-be-used-to-be boyfriend. There will be a fight for him...if you don't back off that is...and I will win."

"I truly hate you Jasmine." I didn't hide the sincerity in that statement.

"Oh I know, because the feeling is very much mutual."

"You know Edward is going to know what you're thinking."

"Actually no. My power is very useful. I'm not affected by any vampire's power. None, nada, zip."

"Wow...that explains some stuff." I mused and turned on my heel heading into Victoria's Secret.

When I found them, they were checking out. So I smiled and said, "I'm ready to go now."

"I called Edward, Bella. We heard everything she said, so don't worry...the only reason those things are true is because she's a vampire Bella." Rosalie reassured me.

We rode in silence the whole way back. Just thinking about everything Jasmine had said. We arrived back at the Cullen's house in a hour.

Edward was waiting in the garage when we arrived. I got out of the car and into Edward's arms.

"Don't worry. There is no competion. It's silly of you to even think that something like that could happen..." Edward soothed me.

I sighed in content.