"Molly, Harry and Ginny are here!"

Arthur Weasley wore a huge smile as he opened the door and scooped little Nellie up in his arms. James had pushed in as soon as the door opened and was heading for the kitchen to find his grandma. Last came Harry and Ginny, each carrying a sleeping baby.

"Happy Christmas!" exclaimed Molly Weasley, coming from the kitchen with James trailing behind her with a cookie.

"Happy Christmas, Mum," said Harry, allowing Molly to take the baby from him.

"Still so tiny," cooed Molly as she rocked the infant in her arms.

"She's only three weeks old, Mum," said Ginny. "She'll grow."

"So this is Lily then," said Molly. Ginny handed her the other baby and Molly settled into the old wooden rocker as Harry helped Ginny with her cloak and then settled with her on the divan in front of the fire.

"Where's everyone else?" asked Harry, noticing that the house was rather quiet for Christmas morning.

"You're the first to arrive," said Arthur. "Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts."

"I can't believe Sirius doesn't have red hair," said Molly as she gazed at the face of the second baby.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with messy black hair," protested Harry.

"Or messy red hair!" piped in James, crawling up on his dad's lap.

A roar of flames and a whoosh from the fireplace heralded the arrival of the Ron Weasley family and within an hour the house at Ottery St. Catchpole was overflowing with people once again.