I've been trying to get my plot bunny to come out of hiding to help me with a couple of fic's currently under progress (that I'm not uploading til they're finished) and a friend inspired me to write this after being unable to open her car... enjoy

Disclaimer: I do not own The Producers (I wish I did though) Mel Brooks does :)

Max and Leo walk up to the front door of Roger Debris' elegant upper eastside Townhouse on a warm Thursday evening in May and are about to ring the bell when they hear Carmen shout

"It won't go in!"
"Try harder darling" Roger replies
"But the holes too small"
"Then let me try" Max and Leo hear Roger and Carmen moving around Leo Looks at Max and says
"Max maybe we should come back later"
Max chuckles nervously.

"Don't be silly Leo it can't be what it sounds li..." he trails off as they both hear
"Oh yes Roger, that's it!"

"Maybe your right Leo we should come back later" Max turns to walk back down to the footpath when a boy on a bicycle races past causing Max to jump back, bumping into Leo. As Leo begins to fall the throws his arm back accidentally pressing the bell on his way down. Max Looks down at Leo as the door opens revealing Carmen holding the spinner from a twister game.

"Yesssssssssss- Oh my Leo what are you doing on the ground?"

"STUPID KID ON A BIKE-"Max begins to yell

"It's alright Max" Leo reaches up, grabs Max's hand and pulls himself upright.

"Well you're just in time for a game of twister" Carmen begins to usher Max and Leo inside

"but-but-but that's not aaahhh" Leo begins to stammer

"What Leo is trying to say is that we're here to talk about Prisoners of Love"

"Oh but Max all business and no fun you must play please just one round and then we can get down to business" says Roger as he walks into the room.

"Just one round?" Max asks and looks at Leo to gauge his reaction, Leo is obviously uneasy at the thought of playing Twister with these two.

"All right we will" Max is taken aback at Leo's words

Leo leans over and whispers in Max's ear

"It's only a game" Max nods both men take their coats off and follow Roger into the living room.

Max's thought is that he'd rather have Leo to himself.

I may write a second chapter for this story if I get enough reviews =D