Before I start, this is not meant to offend anyone, I sometimes enjoy reading high school fan fictions, however, theirs a lot of fan fictions about shippings & high school, a lot of the ones I've scene use the same thing over and over again. This is just to poke some found into them and again, not meant to offend anyone.

The sun shown brightly on the red brick big house, the rich man, Norman, and his wife Caroline lived their. Norman was a collage professor and his wife was an art teacher. They had one child, her name was May. She had just graduated Petalburg Middle School and was going to high school today.

Caroline put down a plate of eggs and a piece of toast down for her daughter, the clock said six A.M. Her husband was watching the news and enjoying a cup of coffee. Norman logged away from his every so precious television and looked towards the stairs, she is going to be late, he thought to himself.

Caroline swept the pieces of cereal with her black broom. She put the red and white rose carpet aside for a moment as she did. Norman came up to her and kissed her cheek- like most people do. He walked up to the coffee maker and poured some more inside his blue cup.

"Dear, I think May needs a wake-up-call," said Norman, "Yet again." Caroline nodded and walked up the clean and polished wooden stair case to a pink room- it belonged to her only daughter May.

The room had clean dark maple wood floors, one dirty blue carpet sat by May's lavender bed. Caroline peaked to see if May was their, sure enough, she was, sleeping right inside her lavender covers. She saw her daughter's alarm o'clock- turned off.

The lady walked over to her daughter and pulled over the delicate covers gently, she shook the brunette lightly. May responded by turning around to the opposite direction.

"May," whispered her mother, "It's time for you're first day in high school, sweetie- get up now." May continued on sleeping, her mother was losing her anger a little.

Finally, Mrs. Maple (The last name of Norman, Caroline, and May), yelled out, "Wake up!" In the brunette's ear.

"What?" May said as she rolled off her covers- shaken by the noise. Caroline looked at the sight guiltily, she felt a little bad on how that happened. She rushed over to where she was immediately.

"Mom?" asked May, "What on earth am I doing here?" Caroline laughed a little at May's memory.

"You rolled off after I yelled a bit too loud, now, go get dressed and cleaned up for your first day in high school!" she commanded. May looked at her queerly.

"No I mean, in home, and what the hell? My room is pink!" she responded. As soon as the words slipped her mouth, Caroline ran right down stairs to wear her husband was.

May looked at the floor, her closet, and even herself, she was surprised to see a choice of too girly clothes hanging. Where is my bandanas? And where are my pokemon!. May has never been this neat, or, this girly in her lifetime. She was in the middle,- not too girly, but not a total tomboy. She looked in a light-wood Make-up variety set and found six pokeballs inside.

"Max, he so did this, I also bet while I was asleep someone rowed me on a freaking boat back home, or, this is just a dream." said May.

"Okay! Go Wartortle!" she said. To her surprise, no pokemon got out. She tried calling out every single other Pokemon she owned, but nothing happened. May pressed a button, it opened up, but, all that was in it was make-up.

"Oh my god!" said May madly. She threw one of the "Pokeballs" -actually make-up, into her wall. The noise was loud enough to make a stuff bunny fall out of her bed.

"MAY!" yelled her mother loudly. The brunette blushed embarrassed on what happened, she walked over and put the bunny back in bed.

"Sorry Fluffy, no offence, I don't remember getting you though." said May. She walked over to yet another pink aspect of her room- the bathroom. Mascara, combs, brushes, hair curlers, headbands, and bras lined up the golden bathroom. From what May remembered, she had a Pokemon shower curtain- not one with pink tulips and daisies!

May digged through a cabinet- too her luck, she found a white bandana. She combed her hair a little and wrapped the bandana around her head. She walked into the- as she calls; what happens when barbies attack close and took out a regular pair of blue jeans, white sneakers, and a red t-shirt.

She put them on really fast and ran downstairs. She nearly fainted at her house, the gym wasn't their and it was so regular. Their weren't even any pokemon. I'll wake up from this dream soon.

But, something was missing- Max. He wasn't a Pokemon Trainer yet, and, her mom and dad are gym leaders! She walked over to the round table and sat down slowly. My mom and date aren't that big on coffee.

"Mom, where is Max?" said May

Caroline looked at her daughter, "Who's Max?"

May fell off her seat, Max is the child you adore, honor, and give like everything to mother!. May dusted of her jeans and sat back down, she continued to enjoy her food.

"He's my brother!" said May. Norman looked at his wife, they both shared the same facial expression.

"You're an only child," said Norman, "Maybe you're mom and I can have some more kids."

May had just finished her waffle, she was just about to drink her delicious looking orange juice until she heard that news. She drank a little, then spit it out faster than you can Mississippi.

"WHAT!" she screamed. May got out and walked back and forth about fifteen times. Jesus, Max is gone, all my stuff has been replaced with girly things and I'm stuck in some world! Oh calm down May, its just a dream, say it to yourself girl!

"This is just a dream, just a dream, just a frikkin' nightmare, when I wake up I'll be in Johto, this is just a dream!" said May quietly to herself. Who the hell am I kidding? My family and me have been abducted! May ran away from the kitchen and right into where the chocolate sofa was. She threw the pillows off and checked under and over.

"Max!" she said. When she found nothing she went to the next sofa. "Max! Where are you!" May screamed out loud. This was impossible, and pretty dumb on her side. She ran up the stairs as fast as she could and ran right into her room, she checked the shower, some cabinets and her whole bed. Then she saw her bunny. In some movies, bunnies are used as spy cameras, that's it! Whoever took my brother and hypnotized my family has been watching me from this fluffy fake bunny!

May held her bunny-whom she named Fluffy tightly. "WHERE IS MY BROTHER FLUFFY!" she yelled, "YOU RAPIST! YOU MURDERER!" she yelled a little louder.

May turned and looked at her other stuff animals, "Oh watch and see Perry the Unicorn! Your next!" May walked over and faced a stuff bear.

"I will kill you and break you all apart! Give me back Max! I will throw you all in the fireplace and I will laugh at the sight of you're cotton balls being burned! And- I'm not just talking about your stuffing." she yelled.

"Don't give me that look you fake Dalmatian!" she said yelling at Puppy. Her mother and father crept up the stairs, just enough to her threaten her stuff animals. They exchanged worried looks.

"I got my eye on all of you! Especially you Perry and YOU Fluffy!" May yelled out. Her mom suggested that Norman go up and talk to May a little.

"Caroline, this is probably a teenage stage," said Norman. Caroline nodded but still looked worried.

"She may be having her monthly," he said, "I'll go check on her." And with that, he climbed up the last few stairs, May was lecturing an orange cat toy on what happens to victims.

Norman knocked on the door, even though it was open. May stopped what she was doing and walked over to her parents. "Hey dad," said May. She said dad very sarcastically. Norman walked in fully and closed the door.

"May," he said softly, "is it your time of the month?" he asked. May started blinking very fast and then almost fall over.

"What? I have not even had my damn period!" she yelled out. Norman looked at her, more worried then before.

"You're light green and now with red blanket proves another thing," he told her. May shook her head, she grabbed her red and white bag and kissed her dad's cheek.

"Bye dad!" she said running down the stairs. Caroline almost fell over as May ran out.

"Goodness!" she said. Caroline was leaning against the wall. May dropped her bag and ran back up to give her mom a goodbye kiss too. She picked it up and ran off.

May's POV

I questioned a stuff animal on killing my brother? Maybe in this world May's crazy. I ran into this high-school which is where the Pokemon Center should be as fast as I could. Maybe some Pokemon hit me and I'm stuck in this illusion.

And just incase…

Note to self: If Drew or Harley this this… remind me to kick their ass!

That took a good hour to complete O.o, now I shall work on my Science homework.

Also, if anyone feels as though I made fun of their work and the person is offended, tell me. I don't bite.