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Wow that guy can eat, Ash ate two hamburgers, two ice creams, soda, and not to mention five bars of chocolate. Surprisingly, with his big appetite he was some what athletic. He told me about when he played football one year. He wasn't the best at it, but not horrible in my opinion. That is until he kicked a guy in the balls. That was the game the coach saw, and a few others where he was sick but still went. Maybe he deserves a chance this year? This Ash isn't that different from Pokemon World Ash. He's dumber, more immature, and a bit more happy than the one I know.

"Hey Drew," said Ash, "are you going to eat that?" He was stuffing down some French fries while saying it. I wasn't that hungry anyways, especially after watching him eat. I gave him the hot dog and watched him finish it in maybe three or four bites.

I heard a ring-tone of some girl singing a song. The girl just kept saying this place is going to blow over and over. Ash took a break from yet another chocolate bar and pointed to my pocket. I checked in there and saw a pink phone. So this is where the ring tone is coming from? What the hell is this anyways? Sounds more like a dying cow.

I opened the phone, it said that I had a miss call from Elliot -that Jackass who wants me to get May. I called him back, what was it now? I heard a voice saying, Elliot here. I answered with a hello then went outside to speak more privately about this. I don't want to hurt May but Ash, despite being an idiot, might get a bad idea about this.

"Drew, did you lure May yet!" he asked angrily. I heard some grunting noises in the background. I do not want to know why and what is going on in that bastard's headquarters.

"No, I didn't even see her today." I honestly answered. Hopefully she is in school still, I need to tell her this. I don't want her hurt, and maybe she's confused about this too.

"IDIOT! Find her and bring her too me! Dead or alive I don't care. We'll say she's alive even if she's dead for all I care." said Elliot. He said she wouldn't die? I never trusted him at all to begin with, but he's confusing me.

Before I can answer, he shut off the phone like the bitch he is. I'm betting that he's having some sex with more then one girl wherever he is.

Ash came out rubbing his belly, I couldn't help but laugh. "See, this is what you get for eating too much!" I replied while pulling out a comb and fixing my hair. I need to flip my hair. I know it sounds crazy but I have too. I do it about fifty times each day!

"Sorry Drew, but we need to go!" yelled a tired Ash. Oh god, good thing that kid doesn't have to do anything when we get there. He'll throw up and do something stupid. But, I do don't know a thing about football.

But it doesn't look that hard. Just run, catch, that's about it. It seems like a piece of cake, try out, do good, then say I'm not interested and leave the place at once. While I look like it, I am not a big sports fan or person.

"God, did you eat the whole food supply Ash?" I replied.

"No, only half of it." Ash said. Hopefully he was joking, if not then he may not last walking all the way there.

"Drew, can you carry me?" asked Ash. What the hell is he talking about. He doesn't look heavy but I will never ever carry him down all the way there. God damnit, can't he carry his own butt to somewhere not that far away?

"No, hell no. Never in my life." I responded. Ash smiled mischievously, something was up with that kid.

"Fine then Drew, I'll just go right next to you. We'll walk together." responded Ash. He pushed his lips towards my face. Now I see where this is going. I quickly pulled away.

"You fag," I responded.

"So that means we're over!" yelled Ash. I looked around, people where talking. This is what he wanted.

His eyes began to tear up. Suddenly, he buried his face in his arms and started crying. "You're an idiot, but a sneaky one in that." I told him. He can't be that damn heavy, right?

"Yay!" yelled Ash. He jumped into my arms and I almost dropped him. Unfortunately, I didn't. He's heavier than I thought. Turns out, carrying him bridal style like was more easier. But even more embarrassing.

"Look! There's the fat guy!" said Drew quite loudly. Surprisingly, no one minded. But then again, he was Drew. In this world, Drew had a lot of achievements. But what confused him the most was how. If he was an assassin then wouldn't he be killing and hurting people rather then doing stuff like football?

"Coach!" yelled Ash, "Drew put me down now."

Drew smirked, "gladly." he said in a sarcastic tone. Drew dropped Ash on the grass field. Before he could get up and probably do some sort of revenge, Drew ran towards the coach, knowing that Ash wouldn't do anything to him when the coach is watching.

"Hayden, you ready?" said the coach. Will this guy ever stop eating? thought Drew to himself.

No, thought Drew. He was scared, his pride will keep him from admitting it but he did not want to get hurt.

"D-R-E-W who do we love? HAYDEN, DREW! Goooo Drewy!" said some cheerleaders for the team. Drew chuckled, I have my own group of fan girls in this crazy world too.

"Hey what about for me!" said Ash in his usual cheery tone. The group of girls chuckled at his request, then went back to cheering for Drew.

"What's so good about green haired Hayden, right Ashy-boy?" said a voice behind Ash. Turning around, he saw none other then Gary Oak with a new girlfriend.

"What happen to the other two?" asked Ash. Gary shrugged then continued touching the new girl.

She wasn't that intelligent looking, but she was pretty. She had beautiful blonde hair with natural brown highlights. Her beautiful blonde hair swayed with the slight breeze. Ash could smell a cherry blossom scent coming from her nest of blonde hair. Her body was even more beautiful. She had perfect curves, a natural looking tan, and plum pink like lips. She was wearing a touch of make-up, but not much.

She wore a red tank top with a short sleeve, mini leather jacket. Not to mention her white skirt with a heart belt that was black. She had on a white headband, with red spots and a creamy white flower on it. She also wore perfect white sandals that showed off her toned legs. Her eyes where so beautiful that they kept changing color so Ash didn't know what color it was.

"What's her name Gary?" asked Ash. Gary smirked, similar to how Drew smiled when he was about to drop Ash.

"Marion." said Gary.

"But please call me Mary Sue." said Marion. Ash couldn't help but find the name funny. He giggled until Gary told him to shut the fuck off.

"Oh Drew's up next!" said Ash gleefully.

"Come on Hayden! Make me proud!" said the Coach while counting stacks of money.

"Okay I'll try." I said. Good bye May, good bye pokemon, good bye Solidad, good bye world, good bye life, good bye Har- nah no good bye to him, good bye everything else.

I looked and saw Ash sitting in the bleachers with Gary and a girl? What the heck happened to the other two from earlier today. Playboy. Ash seemed happy however, but he was upset about not being able to try out. Maybe I'll help that big idiot a little.

"Yo Coach, can Ash play this round on the opposing side?" I asked. Genius of me, my manipulation skills have worked before on people, and this guy practically loves me. Well this Drew.

The Coach nearly dropped his stacks of money when I asked, but he agreed.

"Caution: When Ash kicks, be warned." He told us all. He did kick that guy in the balls and now he can't have children anymore? If he kicks me then I can't have children when I grow up!

"Why the hell did I imagine a picture of May when I thought that!" I yelled. I saw some jealousy from the cheerleaders when I looked over. I'm such a pervert.

The Coach blew the whistle, Ash whispered good luck to me before he kicks.

I waited impatiently for this too be over with and return to that pink place of hell. "Just go!" I yelled at Ash. A bit frightened, he kicked-

"WRONG BALL DUMBASS!" I yelled. Oh shit this hurts. It's like it was cut off.

"Drew you uhh dropped something." said Ash. Oh shit, what the hell does he mean by that.


"You dropped the picture of your girlfriend. I think that's far off a ball. And that is because it is a rectangle." said Ash while taking a few steps back.

"She's not my girlfriend!" I yelled at him. He looked sad, people started throwing insults at him like dumbass, idiot, hopeless, and dropped as a baby. He wasn't a bad guy, he throws a damn good kick..even if it was my balls.

"Sorry Drew," said Ash. He put his two arms in front and helped me to my feet. But god dammit this still hurts.

"Oh god, it's like a knife was stabbed in there." I said. The people around us chuckled. Perverted minds. I thought. Oh the stinging, god this hurts. I'm even cussing. Dammit I need help.

"Let's go the nurse's office buddy." said Ash while tapping my back and holding me up.

"Tapping puts pressure on my front which pressures my balls." I replied. More stares, wow this school has a lot of perverts.

"Oh god sorry," replied Ash.

"Ow! This fucking hurts! Be a little bit more gentle Ash!" I nagged him. We just arrived at the nurse's office in the school. He was trying to get me through these doors and struggled.

"Sorry Drew, hopefully it doesn't actually fall off."

"Shit, it hurts again." I complained. I don't want to think of my manhood falling out. I doubt that's even possible anyways, but damn, if that does happen it will be painful. And I can't do anything such as sex when I grow older. Why the hell do I imagine May when I think of the word sex?

"I'm such a pervert, I have never cussed this much either." I told Ash. He nodded, agreeing with me. Isn't this the time when he should say I'm not a pervert and I'm just coming to that age? Great support there from that idiot. He did, however, help me all the way here.

I noticed familiar blue hair and a short skirt. It belonged to that cheerleader, the one who was watching me earlier and blushed and ran off when I asked who she was. She was blushing again at the sight of Ash guiding me into one of the seats.

Finally, it and in he, dropped me- very hard, on one of the seats. "ASH! That hurts, be more gentle you idiot." I yelled at him.

"W-what happened?" stuttered the bluenette.

"I got my balls kicked." I told her. Wow, does this girl ever stop blushing!

"Oh, I-uh can help." she said. And of coarse, she blushed! How the hell is she supposed to help, I'm not gonna let her get into my pants.

"Nah, it's kay Dawn." said Ash. So her name is Dawn? "Drew here got a nice girlfriend named May Maple. And she won't like you getting her man!" He finished. Dawn's face saddened, then it looked almost jealous, then sad again.

"Wow Drew you have an effect on women, and men in that case." Ash joked. He's right, the fan girls, that fat coach, and now Dawn.

"So she was your girlfriend.." said Dawn. She walked off slowly but surely to one of the rooms in the nurse's office.

"Dawn's innocent looking and pretty, but she falls in love with a lot of guys in school. You're not an exception, she even went out with a guy who had a girlfriend. But Dawn didn't know, if she does know, she'll leave them alone. That girl was dumped in a heartbeat by the guy." said Ash.

"Does the girl know Dawn didn't know?" I asked. I didn't have a crush on the bluenette, but I knew she wasn't evil.

"Nope, the girl hates Dawn. She's also the captain of the cheerleading squad for baseball. Dawn's the cheerleading captain for basketball and football. Originally, this high school had one squad for basketball and football. But they made one for baseball, it was open to anybody with a C+ average and to people who weren't in the football and basketball squad." said Ash.

"Wait, I thought she was a freshman?" I asked.

"She's not, she's a sophomore, and so is the dumped girlfriend and the jackass boyfriend." said Ash.

"Who is the dumped girlfriend and jackass anyways?" I asked.

"Well the jackass boyfriend is in our grade, he got held back. You may know him as Gary Oak, the biggest player in our school. The girl happens to be my sister, Leaf. But she's a sophomore." he said.

"You should tell her what you know." I advised him.

Ash shook his head, "I've tried, she doesn't believe me." He went and got an ice pack, then dropped it right where it hurts..

Ouch, I wanted to tell him that he should be more gentle. But after telling me the drama with his sister, Gary, and Dawn I laid off..for now.

"Uhh sorry, now don't get my wrong, I don't hate Dawn. She is a nice girl, I don't like Gary that much though. However, Gary was my childhood best friend till we fought over this piece of cake." said Ash.

"Dumb much?" I asked. Ash grinned, something told me it was Gary's and Ash wanted more.

"So what the fuck do you need?" asked the nurse bitterly. Ash sat in the chair next to me, shocked at the nurse's f-bomb thrown at me.

"Ash here, kicked me in the balls by accident. So I need help." I asked. The nurse rolled her eyes.

"What the hell should I do, keep putting ice over it you baby. And you know what? You probably deserved it!" she yanked before going into one of the rooms.

"Amazing high school." I said sarcastically to Ash. He nodded in agreement. What did I ever do to her? This is the first time she's met me, this isn't even my world! And is she even supposed to cuss?

"Oh yeah, Dawn's the nurse's pet." said Ash. So Dawn got hurt and the nurse refused to help me?

"Did Leaf tell you that?" I asked. He nodded. I would someday like to meet Ash's sister, she seems nice. But I am sure Ash didn't have a sister in the pokemon world. Hmm, maybe I never met her.

"I refused to help him sweetie." said the nurse. She was consoling the cry-baby Dawn chick for some reason probably stupid.

"But still h-he l-loves M-May." cried Dawn. What? Do I have a boyfriend in this world? Or is it….

"Drew got what he deserved anyways, a nice kick in the balls." said the nurse. And it was, my favorite green haired friend. As soon as she said that I rushed out. I needed to say something about this.

"Hey Drewy, I said." His eyes clinched at the nickname. But wait, what if he doesn't know of the Pokemon World?

"What is it bandana," said Drew. I couldn't help but smile, maybe he does remember! But my happiness ended quickly, I was wearing a bandana right now. I just want one person to know about the pokemon world, is that too much to ask?

"So I heard you got kicked in the balls? I can't say I saw it coming, but you deserve it. And if you think that's bad you pansy, I'm going to kick your butt this summer. If- you know what I mean!" Drew flipped his hair. I noticed Ash sitting right next to him snickering, I also noticed an ice pack on his erm private part.

"Please, if you can get pass the first round we'll talk." he replied. I was getting angry, I very well always have went past the first round! I kicked his butt in the Kanto one too.

"Well if you get to the last match-up we will talk." I said with a wink. I do hope that Drew knows what I'm talking about.

"You know what May? If you are who I hope you are then none of us will get to the first round if we stay here." he told me. I smiled, I wanted to run up and hug him. He did remember..hopefully he meant what I thought he meant. Ash was a problem- I needed him out or me and Drew in a private conversation.

"Drew, we need to talk." I said, I walked over to where he sat. I couldn't help but notice the ice pack.

"What red?" said Drew calling me one of his many nicknames for me.

"Well green, get your butt off the chair because we need to talk." I replied. Drew shook his head.

"It still hurts though May," replied Drew. He flipped his hair, as he usually does. I smiled mischievously.

"Too bad!" I took the ice pack off and gave it to Ash. Then, I dragged the egoistic green haired guy out the door.

"OW!" yelled Drew. That didn't stop me, I wasn't going to play guess and hope with this guy.

"Drew, do you know about Pokemon?" asked May.

Wow O.o this is long. Here's a little prologue sentence in May's point of view:

I didn't expect what was next from Drew right after I asked.

^ any guesses to what that was?:P