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Brown to Black

My mom told me one day that my eyes were black as night. I told her that that was normal. They were black all the time last I had checked. She came up to me and looked me dead in the eyes and said, "They were brown when you were born."

I didn't bother to argue with her. As long as I had been looking in mirrors, they had been black as a raven's wing. Brown? I couldn't remember a time when they had been brown. Had they ever been brown?

Apparently. But I didn't care.

They probably turned black because I had seen a few too many painful things. The brown was probably clouded over with the pain, turned a dark raging onyx inferno. It didn't make a difference. My eyes were dark in the first place. They would always be dark.

I had watched Quarrel die. Pain had to be sourced by that for starters.

I had probably killed some people somewhere along the line in my childhood. That always darkens the spirit.

Not to mention my father died in the claws of a murderer. That always puts a damper on things.

And being in the Null Void might've ruined a couple hundred hopes and dreams.

"They might've been brown once," I told my mom, "but they're black now."

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