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Two figures were breathing hard, their clothes in shambles, their skin bruised and battered. "Sasuke." The taller figure said beckoning the smaller figure toward him. Sasuke moved with caution toward the person,"I'm sorry." He heard before he felt two fingers poke him in the forehead.

Sasuke watched as the taller gave a bloody smile before falling to the ground lifeless. Sasuke fell to the ground; it was finally over he couldn't believe it. "Itachi?" He asked to make sure but he received no answer. He grinned, after years of revenge it was finally over, his clan was avenged.

Sasuke looked at Itachi's body expecting to feel triumphant or maybe content but instead he felt hollow. He felt empty but why? As he continued to think about his new feeling he didn't notice a new person who was near Itachi.

This person pressed his head on Itachi's chest vainly trying to look for some sort of life. He was about to give up when he heard the fainting beating of the heart. Giving a small smile; he drew his arms around Itachi's midsection hoping that he wouldn't splice his new company. He then disappeared with a 'pop'.

Sasuke turned sharply at the noise; surprised he didn't see his brother's body. Trying hard to get up though his body was protesting to lie back down and rest damnit but he refused to listen. Sitting up right he looked around the battlefield trying to see if Itachi was anywhere but he saw nothing.

Slumping back down to the ground he did something he hadn't done in years. Uchiha Sasuke started to cry, tears flowed down his cheeks. He cried for his dead clan, he cried for his friend he had turned his back on, for his childhood he had lost in his revenge but most all he cried for his aniki.

His tears slowly stopped and he just laid there until Naruto found him.

Harry's Pov :

I checked my surroundings happy to see that I was to see I was at Grimmauld Place. Holding Itachi close to my side I slowly made my way up the concrete stairs. Pressing on the doorbell, I waited for someone to open the door.

Mrs. Weasley face appeared when she open the door; "Why,hello Harry! Come in , come in." I did so with haste going straight to the living room barely glancing at Hermione and Ron who were in a rather heated snog.

I heard Mrs. Weasley ask behind me what had happened and who was he but I didn't answer instead I asked more like commanded; "Floo Madam Pompfrey and tell her it's an emergency." She made a grunt of acknowledgement at my request before heading off.

It seemed as soon as had left Ron and Hermione had noticed me. They each said their "Hi." but I paid them no attention. In fact I was barely aware of anything except Itachi's life hanging by a single thread.

As I watched Itachi's slow rise and fall of his chest I was sucked into my memories.

I remember it raining very hard and at three I was sat out on the porch. I was cold and hungry but I deserved it. I was a freak and a freak should be treated as such.

Trying to find a relatively dry spot to sit but it was futile. Just sitting there I watched the rain fall for what felt like hours until a white light momentarily blinded me,moving closer to the door I waited. A boy maybe two years older than me with long black hair stood there in my family's yard.

"Who are you?" He asked clearly noticing my presence. "A freak." The boy frowned walking toward the porch till he was arms length away. "I don't see a freak. You are a boy, what's your name? My name is Uchiha Itachi."

"My name is Harry." Nodding Itachi sat down on the porch twisting his pony-tail to rid it of water. After that he just sat there. Still cautious about this new person I sat next to him. We watched the rain together in comfortable silence.

We continued to watch as it rain until my uncle opened the door his face purple pointing inside he grumbled; "Dudley's sleep, get in the house." As I walked in the house I turned to see if my new friend was there but he was gone.

This time I was about five Itachi had visited multiple times though nobody saw him. Tending to the roses, I got up to get more soil when a familiar white came out of nowhere.

"Itachi!" I yelled, excited to see him. He slowly made his way over. "What took you so long,slowpoke?" I teased. Itachi smirked not giving an answer. "So what are you doing little one?" He had adopted that name for reason, "Working in the garden." He wrinkled his nose distastefully; "Doesn't your gardener or an older adult take care of it?" I shook my head; "Nope, a freak earns its keep." I recited the exact words my Aunt said.

I felt myself being turned around rather suddenly. Itachi's face had a scowl on it. His normally black eyes had red highlights in them. "Don't you ever say that! You are Harry James Potter not Freak, Scum, or any other deeming name! Understood!" Outwards I was freaked out but on the inside I was happy he cared.

"Now, move over so I can help you." Smiling I gladly complied laughing myself silly at my friend who was having trouble with the gardening tools.

About two hours later we were finally done, the garden looked great though both of us were sweaty and dirty. I was a lot less dirty than Itachi who was covered from head to toe in black dirt. "Freak, get in the house this instant." A shrill voice yelled. Sighing I got up my good mood ruined. Going in the house I saw Itachi give a small wave before disappearing.

I was now seven and I was graced with more jobs. I now tended the garden, cleaned the house, and did Dudley's homework of course.

I scowled as I tried to write a two paragraph report for Dudley about what he should be grateful for. Nothing came to me; deciding to forget about it, I threw the paper on the ground. Huffing, I laid on my cot glaring at the ceiling.

It wasn't really Dudley's homework that had put on the edge. It was just that Itachi hadn't visited in awhile I was starting to worry. He usually visited once or twice every week or so.

Sighing to myself I decided to get some sleep, everything would be okay tomorrow.

July turned to December, Itachi had visited twice both times he seemed displaced. He didn't speak as much nor did smile. I was saddened by the changes in his personality.

My memories brought me to the year I turned nine something had changed drastically in Itachi. He was now eleven but whenever he visited me he was always in bloody attire.

"Itachi. What is happening to you?" I was eager to know what was wrong about my best friend. When he looked at me I swear my world stopped and chills ran down my spine. "Everything is falling apart." That was all the answer I needed.

That year all I gave to Itachi was silent comfort trying to get him to smile with my magical stories. Sometimes I got a chuckle other times I got a small smile but that was all I needed. I was happy he was happy or it least content.

At eleven I had found I was a wizard. My Uncle went to epic levels to hide from me. The magic followed me and they couldn't hide it anymore.

So they told me and I was happy, though I needed to tell Itachi about it. He came though the night before I left. He appeared in my cupboard. Sitting on my cot he stared unseeing at my wall, body tense. His clothes had blood splatters all over them, his usually pristine white mask stained red.

"What happened?" I asked though scared of the answer. He turned to me ever slowly looking at me haunted; "I killed them all. Every baby, child, mother, father, and cousin, I killed every person in my clan. I had too." As he said that tears started slipping before he was crying like a small child.

I had never seen him so vulnerable before, I never felt so helpless. My best friend needed me and I couldn't do anything, deciding to do what I've seen people on TV and several times in school I hugged him tightly.

Pulling him down next to me I just hugged him, whispering soothing words trying to calm him down. The brunette did eventually he cries reduced to sniffles until it was no more. Looking over I was happy to see he was asleep, giving a small smile I snuggled on my side of the cot.

Loud thumping could be heard waking me up. "Tachi?" I asked, looking around. He was nowhere to be found, getting up sadly I packed everything in my trunk.

I didn't even get to tell him where I was going. My door was left surprisingly open, as I was about to leave something silver got my eye.

Going toward the object, I grabbed it, my eyes widened as I saw what it was. It was a necklace specifically Itachi's necklace that he never went without.

"Come on, boy! We don't have all ruddy day!" My uncle's came bringing from my thoughts. "Coming!" I yelled back putting Itachi's necklace on without a single thought.

My Uncle dropped me off at Kings Cross Station where I found my way to Platform 9 3/4. Boarding the train I was glad to find a quiet compartment though a short redhead boy sat with me.

He was really nice and everything but I only half listened as he jabbered on. I instead focused on the landscape we were passing by, my thoughts on Itachi.

Someone was calling my name rather loudly and I was broken out of my thoughts. Madam Pompfrey was the unconscious brunette muttering various charms and spells.

As she did that Itachi's face twisted in pain more than a couple of times though he didn't make a single sound. For about ten minutes Madam Pompfrey continued her work until she stopped with a tired "Done."

Turning to me she asked; "What happened?" Deciding to partially tell the truth I replied "He was in a battle." The answer didn't satisfy her in the slightest.

"With whom?" I didn't answer for a few seconds; "Death Eaters." The whole room got quiet when I had uttered Voldemort's followers.

"How did he survive?" I shrugged, I wasn't going to give away his secret. Running fingers through her hair she didn't question any further. "You are quite lucky that I got here in time your friend was on Death's doorstep." Fishing three potions of her carpenters back she handed the potions to me explaining each one.

The first one she gave me was a dull pink,"This is for his lungs, he needs to take this everyday. Next," She gave me a bright blue vial "this is a muscle relaxant. He needs to take until he says the pain stops. Lastly," She gave me a burned orange vial "this is for his eyes. I can't restore he eyesight completely but this will give him some vision."

Nodding at all the information she turned leave before she said quickly. "No straining activities and make sure the young man takes a spoonful of each potion at every meal."

"Thank You!" I said in gratitude giving her a radiant smile. She gave me a soft smile before exiting the room. Mrs. Weasley suddenly appeared out of nowhere; "Do you need anything, dears?" Ron and Hermione shook their head, I asked for two sandwiches and a butterbeer. She was gone for two minutes before she came back with a tray smiling in a Thanks she left.

Taking a sandwich I sat near Itachi's feet, eating my lunch and when I was finally done Hermione and Ron started talking. "Hi, Harry! So how have you been?" I stared at them for a really long time double checking to make sure they weren't kidding or joking around.

"How have I been?" I asked. My voice was deadly calm as I started to speak; "I don't know about you but I've been having lovely nightmares about Sirius and Cedric plus Voldemort killing people. Let's see what else I been worked to the bone cause my living family lives to see me tortured, I felt oh so loved there.

I almost lost my best friend today in a Death Eater battle, which was a real joy. I think that sums up my answer." Their mouths were hanging up as I finished. Returning the courtesy I asked, "So, how have you guys been?" There was silence, smirking I started.

"Oh,I know. You've guys were having a jolly good time at MY deceased godfather's house without me. You also got together at some point, not even bothering to mention it in any of your letters.

While I poured my heart out to you guys begging for something or somebody to help me. Or to give me a bit of information about the wizarding world but what did I get in reply. 'Sorry, mate we just can't right now.'

Did I mention having great dreams your hopes and things you're striving for. You guys have been doing bloody fantastic don't you think?"

The couple continued to sit there in silence. Sneering at them I got up calling Kreacher. "Please make another bed in my usual room." Kreacher was about to protest but I wasn't in the mood tonight. "KREACHER! I'm the master of the house, you will treat me with respect!" The house elf was silent but reluctantly he snapped his fingers.

"Now was that so hard?" I asked giving Kreacher a tired smile. The elf grumbled disappearing to who knows where. Going back to my sleeping friend I called Mrs. Weasley again. She came in the living room again with a warm smile. "What can I help you with dearie?"

" I was wondering if you can help me get my friend upstairs." "With pleasure." She replied pulling out her wand muttering a quick levitating spell.

Itachi steadily moved upstairs with the uttermost precaution before dropping him gently on the bed. With a "Goodnight and thanks." We were finally left alone.

Taking his shoes off I dropped them on his bedside,pulling the covers on his body making sure he was comfortable I got in my own bed."Goodnight 'Tachi." I heard myself before dozing off into hopefully peaceful dreams.

Two figures stood under shady trees. One of the figures body was spilt into two. The left side black and the right side black, his hair green and his body had two upwards leaves making look like a Venus flytrap. "Report Zetsu." A voice beside came. Zetsu looked up at the man beside him, "I couldn't find a trace of either Sasuke or Itachi."

Madara grew quiet with the startling information. Both brothers were in no condition to move judging by this battleground. Madara continued to think before his eye flashed red. Turning to Zetsu he said; "Contact Kabuto. Our plans are now in session."

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