A/N: This isn't actually about Hello Kitty specifically, no, it's about a young girl who dresses up her cat to look like Hello Kitty. Please enjoy, and it's based off a real life situation, and CATS WERE HARMED in the making of this fic.


"Mreow." The cat sat on the window sill, minding it's own business. It wanted nothing to do with the world. All it wanted was to sit there and enjoy it's lazy afternoon in the heat of the sun shining through the windows. It was a silver tabby, with elegant markings covering it.

But no, it couldn't enjoy it's own business because of the torture device these people created.

The cats owners, Mrs. and Mr. Gaustacchio, had created a young, beautiful girl. Well, that's what everyone thought until it grew into a monster. Her name was Gran, she had bright indigo hair that you'd probably see off one of those anime TV shows, she had dyed it. She was seven years old and a high scoring elementary schooler. She got the top grades in her class and was very happy about it.

But the cat wasn't happy, no, it would never be happy for as long as that thing was alive. Gran came home everyday only to put the cat into overly awkward and possibly painful situations.

And today, the cat was going to experience the worst of it.

"Mew mew!" Gran slammed open the front door, slipping of her shoes, a cute yet menacing expression could be seen smeared across her face.

Her long indigo hair grew down to her waist. Her bright blue, angel eyes sparkled. God, she was the perfect Mary-Sue.

The cat jumped from it's perch and ran as fast as it could, but a tiny hand clasped onto it's tail. Fuck. The cat cursed mentally in it's brain.

"MREEEOOW!" It howled, hoping that someone would hear it.

"Now, now mew mew." Gran kneeled down and scooped the tabby up into her dainty arms and carried it up into her perfectly pink room. "Guess what I've got planned for you today!" Gran grinned a chesire-cat grin, and pinned the cat to the bed. "Hehehe!"

She grabbed a case from her pocket and opened it up to reveal a thick, whit powder. She smudged it across the cats fur. She then got out some lipstick and carefully applied it to the cats snout.

Gran was having fun, she was having lots of fun. It was like having the joy of killing people, except, you wont get arrested, though you may get in big trouble for animal abuse. Gran was the top animal abuser in all of the USA. But everyone disregarded her, how could such a cute face be such a cold blooded, menacing, evil, cruel, horrid, being?

She applied ribbons, flowers, and lots of other crap to the howling, pained cat.

When she was finished, she took a step back to view her work, "HAHAHAHAHAEEEAEHAHAHEAE!" She laughed, it looked just like Hello Kitty.