Battlestar Fleur

A Harry Potter story in Outer Space

By Sheila Welkar

This is only a fanfiction, written just for fun and based on the characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling- Inspired by the Battlestar Galactica reimagined series!

Chapter 1: Qaprica

So the infamous year 2012 had come with the unexplained disaster, terrible fire and shockwaves causing mayhem and death the world over...

All of the Muggles were exterminated within a few days, while the Wizards and Witches of the world, counting with Magic to protect them, were able to survive after suffering casualties that took over ninety percent of them all.

When they came out of their refuges they found nothing but fire and ruins everywhere, and so very soon the Wizards and Witches had no choice but to forsake the shattered planet... and venture out to space where no Muggle had gone before.

After travelling a few weeks they discovered a group of planets where they could live together in peace, and so the Wizards and Witches created the Twelve Colonies of Qavel and decided to start a new way of life and forget the horrors of the past.

Twelve enormous and powerful starships called Battlestars were built to protect these new worlds, one for each of the planets, and so begins our greatest story of all...

Qaprica was a very beautiful planet with forests and mountains, weather was nice all year and the famous McGonagall City, built beside a giant lake and surrounded by the forests, boasted a population of seven million happy and proud Wizards and Witches!

So one day of November Fleur opened the window and she could see the lake and forests in the distance, the super tall skyscrapers of McGonagall City shining with the happy morning light coming from the twin suns...

"Good morning, my sweetheart!" came Bill's voice all of a sudden from the kitchen- "Victoire has made pancakes for us, come quick before they are cold!"

Fleur was wearing a beautiful silvery dress with blue gloves, and then she closed the window of her bedroom and hurried up to have breakfast with her beloved husband Bill Weasley and their little daughter Victoire.

"I'm coming!" she said- "Save some maple syrup for me please!"

Fleur closed the wooden door, dashed to the bathroom and proceeded to wash her face and her hair before having her breakfast of that day.

Fleur and Bill lived in a fantastic apartment in one of McGonagall City's tallest skyscrapers, like three hundred stories up in the sky and always with the best view of the city that they could imagine!

Their place was cozy and sophisticated with all the wonders that the new Wizarding Technology had to offer, and little Victoire was happy with her new life in the strange but otherwise attractive planet of Qaprica.

The rest of the Weasley family lived in McGonagall City as well (even though Molly had died in the unexplained disaster back in Earth) and so life was prosperous and happy, as the Wizards and Witches were free of Muggles and had twelve worlds all of their own.

Bill worked in the Space Wizarding Armada (SWA) where he was Captain of the new and dazzling Battlestar William, named in his honour and also larger and more powerful than all the other Battlestars! Meanwhile Fleur took care of little Victoire and worked in the New Hogwarts of Qaprica, where she was the professor of Qaprican Magic and Skills.

Soon, however, Fleur would be Captain of her own Battlestar Fleur of Qaprica...

Life was happy for Fleur, Bill and Victoire (who was, by the way, a freakish veela-werewolf hybrid with fangs, tail, silvery-blonde-red hair and the ability to throw balls of fire, but her parents loved her anyway!) but they did not know, they had no idea that very soon something terrible would change their lives forever...

"Hello Mommy!" said little Victoire, enjoying her pancakes- "I can't wait for my first day at New Hogwarts of Qaprica!"

Victoire was already wearing her black Hogwarts robes, itching to finally attend the famous Wizarding school for her first year! Fleur was going to take her to the castle that day (which was nearby McGonagall city between forests and the giant lake) while Bill would go to outer space to have yet another day of usual work in the Battlestar William.

The dining room of their apartment was spacious and cute, with wooden floor, white marble walls, a crystal table and wrought iron chairs, apart from Bill's collection of wine bottles and a huge window that gave them a superb view of the city!

"Hello sweetheart!" Fleur replied- "Thanks for making breakfast!"

"Good morning, my precious flower!" Bill said- "I trust you slept well?"

"Perfectly" Fleur said, sitting down- "I love these peaceful nights of Qaprica"

"Battlestar William is receiving new Crew and improvements!" Bill commented- "Sorry, that means that I have to depart early today, but I shall be back tonight anyway! By the way, Harry, Ron and Hermione are coming to have dinner with us"

"That's fine!" Fleur replied- "Can't wait to see Harry again"

Bill Weasley was one of the most respected Captains in the Space Wizarding Armada, and that morning, as usual, he looked so cool wearing his black robes of Captain and his official heavy boots that were given to all Crew of the Battlestars! Fleur loved those cool, dark SWA uniforms and she couldn't wait to be a Captain herself.

"I'll take Victoire with me and later we want to visit the Mall and Central Park" Fleur told her husband happily- "I think that pizza would be great for dinner!"

Victoire finished her breakfast in a hurry and dashed off to her bedroom, getting her owl and all her stuff ready for her first day at Hogwarts! Meanwhile Fleur and Bill kept chatting quite casually that morning, the pancakes were delicious and nothing seemed out of order in the peaceful world of Qaprica...

Central Park was a place that everyone loved, hidden between super tall skyscrapers and cute malls in the very heart of McGonagall City.

It was very green with grass, trees and bushes everywhere, apart from lakes, meadows, ice rinks to skate all day and trails to have a walk! You could always find a silvery bench to sit down and rest a while, the birds would sing and there was a giant statue of Minerva McGonagall in the middle of the park.

Fleur was sitting on a bench just before the fifty-foot tall statue, admiring the violet sky of Qaprica after reading the plaque that was part of that most beautiful monument: "To Minerva McGonagall, who discovered Qaprica and founded the Twelve Colonies of Qavel for us all. We owe you our Peaceful worlds. Rest in Peace"

It was a perfect day in Central Park with many wizards and witches walking around in their everyday lives, and Fleur, who had finally quitted her job at Hogwarts so she could become a Battlestar Captain in a few weeks, had decided to chill out for the rest of the day. Victoire had disappeared somewhere playing with little Teddy Lupin, and Fleur, wearing that day her best silvery dress, had been shopping for hours at the best mall of McGonagall City!

"Bill is sure telling me that I have spent too much!" she thought, taking a look at her large collection of shopping bags around her- "Who cares, now I shall be a Battlestar Captain as well and we can pay it all"

A blonde young girl passed by handing leaflets, and when Fleur asked curiously for one, the girl beamed and walked straight for her.

"It's coming!" the girl said- "Very soon! Just wait..."

Fleur took the large, white leaflet with blue and silvery letters and she saw the words that were written on it:

"SYLON: Life was never Easier!"

"What's a Sylon?" Fleur asked herself as the girl disappeared- "Life was never easier?"

"Hello Fleur!" said a familiar voice, and a red-haired woman had appeared all of a sudden!

"Hello Ginny" Fleur replied as she was sitting down beside her- "What a pleasant surprise! How is your work at the Armada so far?"

Ginny was wearing her black SWA robes and looked so cool with her long and fiery red hair, seeming to be very happy and proud that particular day.

"Fantastic!" she replied- "You know that we shall work together on Battlestar Fleur, but today I was granted a tour of the William and it's superb"

"I know, six thousand feet long" Fleur said- "The best armor of all Battlestars!"

Battlestar William was indeed the joy and pride of the Space Wizarding Armada, everyone wanted to serve on it and Bill was already a very famous Captain! Meanwhile, Battlestar Fleur was five thousand feet long and its armor and artillery batteries were rather outdated for the new standards of Qaprica...

"The William's artillery is the most powerful that I have seen!" Ginny continued- "It has over three hundred batteries and twelve missile tubes, but I have no idea how many warheads are part of its reserves these days"

Fleur was not very happy to hear about artillery firepower and nuclear warheads, as actually her personal goal as a Battlestar Captain was to make the Fleur a guardian starship and keep peace without attacking anyone.

"We don't need all of that anyway" Fleur said- "Life is perfect! What could possibly happen in the Twelve Colonies of Qavel to affect us?"

"You know, we can never be sure!" Ginny replied- "Luna has joined the Armada as well, maybe she will be on the Fleur with us"

"Wonderful!" Fleur said- "Just three more weeks"

"I have to go now" Ginny said, standing up in a hurry- "I have to plan my wedding day, Harry says that he wants it simple but I'm getting everything ready for the full blast!"

"See you other day!" Fleur said, and Ginny disappeared in the distance flying with her new Qaprican Firefly Broomstick.

Fleur looked up at the sky and the stars that were always visible in the violet sky of Qaprica, and she thought, she tried to imagine what could possibly go wrong in the perfect life of these twelve perfect worlds...

The Twelve monstrous Battlestars were the greatest power that the wizards and witches had ever created, but even with them they could not feel really safe after the unexplained disaster that had almost wiped out all life back in Earth.

"What if something happens?" Fleur asked herself- "What if someday we have to leave Qaprica and seek a new world somewhere up there?"

The stars were twinkling in the violet sky, and Fleur sighed as she stared peacefully at their magic and their beauty.

To Be Continued!