Battlestar Fleur

Chapter 2: Sylons

The cold Qaprican night was charming with a starry sky and winds coming from the mountains, everyone in McGonagall City was getting ready to celebrate Christmas soon and that day, November 30, Bill had invited Harry, Ron and Hermione to have dinner!

Fleur had invited Ginny too and she had also baked a huge pizza for them all, Bill had opened his best Qaprican wine and the Christmas tree was gleaming with countless colourful lights while little Victoire, who was riding her toy broomstick, was flying all around the apartment.

"Congratulations Harry!" Bill cheered, rising his wine glass- "You don't get promoted to Captain everyday! Just wait, you're going to love the Battlestars"

They were enjoying dinner at the table of the dining room, the window displaying that night a wonderful view of McGonagall City that looked like a vast ocean of lights...

"Thanks" Harry muttered, enjoying pizza with wine- "You know I didn't really want to be part of the Armada, I just want to have a long and happy life with Ginny! However the honour is too great to reject, so I had to accept"

Harry had been recently awarded status of Battlestar Captain by the High Council of McGonagall City, and his new starship, the relatively new-design Battlestar Harry, was to patrol the outskirts of Qavel's solar system to ward off any potential dangers and threats.

"I'm so proud!" Ginny said, rising her wine glass as well- "Maybe I can ask to serve on the Harry after I complete my duty with Fleur, so cheers!"

"Cheers Harry!" exclaimed Ron and Hermione, who were also planning to get married soon.

Fleur appeared with pasta and cheese for all, Victoire was laughing and screaming in delight while she flew around the table and then the Wiz-Y screen, (a wizarding technology craft similar to a LED-TV) which was beside the door, showed them yet another mysterious advertising that Fleur had seen already seven times that day!

Large silvery and blue letters appeared saying: SYLON! Life was never Easier! Wait for it!

"What do you think is that new Sylon thing?" Harry asked.

"I have no idea, but they are promoting that all over the city!" Fleur said- "They were handing out leaflets at Central Park today"

Hermione drew out a book from her bag while Ginny played with Victoire, and so they continued having dinner and talking about life in the Space Wizarding Armada, wondering what that SYLON mystery could turn out to be after all...

The first day of December the famous Sylons finally appeared, they were displayed for sale at the best Malls only, everyone was very surprised by them and they immediately caused happiness and furor all over McGonagall City and all other cities of Qaprica!

Sylons turned out to be domestic robots that were six-feet tall, all silvery and cute, with two long legs, two arms with claw-like hands, a large head and a red light that was their eyes which would go all the time from left to right, and they were intelligent and designed to work in the House on all domestic works that you could possibly think of...

Fleur dashed to the Mall very excited but they were all gone, so that night Bill ordered a Sylon to be delivered to their apartment! Then, just two days later a large wooden box came by giant-owl wizarding mail and Fleur, itching to try her new Sylon for the first time, opened it immediately with a large iron bar.

The wooden box had large red letters that said: "SYLON: Life was never Easier!" and then out the Sylon came, walking and talking and ready to clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, clean Victoire's messy bedroom and make breakfast everyday!

Fleur began to boss it around all the time and the Sylon never complained, their apartment had never been cleaner and Life had never been easier! Bill was happy with the Sylon and Fleur simply loved it, while Victoire liked to play with it and the Sylon would tell her fairytales every night before her sleep time...

The Sylon always prepared the most delicious food three times a day!

Within a few days there were tens of thousands of Sylons in McGonagall City, and you could see them everywhere in the streets attending their masters!

Sylons would take the dogs to walk, clean the litter of the cats, mow the grass in the parks, buy everything necessary in the markets, take out the trash and even take the little Wizards and Witches to Hogwarts and pick them up at night...

Millions of Sylons manufactured in Qaprica were exported to the other eleven planets of Qavel, and Wizards and Witches would boss them all the time!

So the night of December 16 Fleur came home after having fun at the Mall, and she found a perfectly clean apartment, Bill was busy in outer space, Victoire was attending a party at a friend's place and her Sylon was staring peacefully at the stars...

Fleur ordered the Sylon to prepare a pizza and open wine, and after taking a shower with strawberry shampoo and bubbles, Fleur sat on her favourite couch and proceeded to enjoy her pizza and wine watching a movie on the huge Wiz-Y screen.

"Sylon!" Fleur called- "Come here, I need you to work as a stool for my feet!"

The Sylon turned around slowly and stared at her for a few seconds, the red light in its face moving from left to right all the time... and then, seemingly unhappy by that order, it walked towards Fleur and bent on its knees so that his back would support Fleur's clean and strawberry-smelling pale feet.

"Life was never Easier!" Fleur exclaimed happily, rising her wine glass.

"I don't like this!" the Sylon said- "You should treat me better after cleaning your entire house..."

"Oh, shut up!" Fleur said, and she kept watching her movie and enjoying her wine!

To Be Continued!