Battlestar Fleur

Chapter 3: The Sylons Attack

Christmas came and it was a beautiful night in McGonagall City, with countless stars twinkling and the violet moon so high up in the sky...

Fleur, Bill and Victoire had enjoyed a fun dinner with wine, turkey and pasta, sharing with Ginny and Ron as well! The Sylon had been acting mysteriously all day, but they didn't really care and simply enjoyed Christmas and their presents. Fleur got a new dress from her husband, while she gave him a superb new Qaprican Firefly broomstick and they gave Victoire many new plushies and cute girly toys.

Meanwhile, the Sylon did not get any presents at all!

Sadly, Bill was called by the Space Wizarding Armada all of a sudden, well past midnight (something strange is happening, they said) and they called Ginny and Ron as well to fly to Battlestar William immediately, so they all left and Fleur and Victoire were left alone.

Victoire was very sleepy and went to bed at last, and then Fleur, after staring for a long time at the Christmas tree and its colourful lights, went to sleep as well...

It was a quiet morning, the wind was whispering outside and a very sleepy Fleur, wearing her white and violet nightgown with her silvery slippers, walked out of her bedroom to discover that the apartment was a total mess and that her Sylon had not cleaned anything at all!

The dishes needed cleaning, there were empty wine bottles everywhere and the floor was a disaster, so Fleur, walking around with her long silvery hair a total mess, was looking for her Sylon and wondering where it had gone to or what could have happened to it.

Nothing, just the silence and the solitude in her apartment...

"Where is my Sylon?" Fleur asked herself standing in the dining room, Victoire was still sleeping peacefully in her room and then it finally happened!

Artillery fire was coming like a meteor shower from the sky, fiery red bursts that hit the super tall skyscrapers of McGonagall City...

"WHAT?" Fleur screamed, watching horrified how many skyscrapers were blown to pieces in seconds amid violent fires and explosions- "What is happening!"

The apartment shook when the tower was hit by shockwaves and shrapnel, Fleur falling to the floor while Victoire, waking up, began to cry and scream.


"Victoire!" Fleur screamed, trying to get up between broken glass and fire- "Come here!"

The main door opened violently and Bill appeared, wearing his full Battlestar Captain uniform and looking terrified and pale.

"Fleur, quick!" he said- "Get Victoire, we have to get the heck out of here!"

"WHAT IS THIS?" Fleur said, and then little Victoire came crying and screaming for her mother- "Bill, what...?"

"The Sylons have attacked us!" he replied, picking up his daughter- "We have no time! Our Serpents are ready, COME!"

In that instant an artillery blast hit Central Park and the terrible explosion shook skyscrapers miles away, terrified people running madly in the streets while millions were dying all over the shattered city...

Fleur and Bill left behind their burning apartment in a hurry, Victoire trying to reach her little toy broomstick seconds before the roof collapsed and everything disappeared in fires and ash.

Two little ships were leaving the atmosphere and reaching outer space at wonderful speed, and both of them, looking like arrow heads and thirty feet long, were silver and blue with a very bright red light gleaming from behind.

Fleur was piloting the first while Bill was with Victoire in the other, and then, finally leaving Qaprica hundreds of miles below them, they were joined by thousands of other little ships and a terrible scenario appeared before their eyes:

Huge halfmoon-shaped starships were fighting the Battlestars with missiles and artillery, explosions and shrapnel everywhere while thousands of little fighter ships, both SWA Serpents and strange half-moon ones, were flying and fighting wherever you would look.

"My God!" Fleur shrieked, crying as she watched how a distant Battlestar, already missing parts, was taking a severe beating from artillery fire and a large burst of missiles- "No!"

"FIRE!" Bill screamed, and all the Serpents around them attacked with gunfire.

Fleur pressed the weapon controls and her Serpent shot a fiery burst, many enemy fighters blown to pieces before her eyes... it was awful, and she could do nothing but cry as she witnessed the fierce battle and the infinite stars twinkling in the dark space...

"Fleur!" Bill called her- "Get to your Battlestar and take command!"

"Flak field!" she replied, her voice tearing apart- "Flak field! Flak field! FLAK FIELD!"

Fleur and Bill maneuvered desperately and evaded artillery fire coming from a huge Sylon starship, but many other Serpents were not lucky and they began to get hit...

"I'm hit!" screamed a voice- "Captain William...!"

They were exploding as the fiery bursts hit them with no mercy, explosions everywhere and shrapnel taken by the shockwaves while Qaprica, so far below them, looked devastated by the artillery and Warhead attacks.

"Take her to the William!" Fleur screamed to her husband, heartbroken and thinking of her daughter- "It's a stronger ship..."

Fleur saw how Bill and Victoire were disappearing far away into the battle, husband and wife gazing into each other's eyes a last time... Battlestar William looked like a monster in the distance throwing flak fields at the Sylon Moonstars, and Fleur, crying and evading the attacks, flew straight to her own starship.

Battlestar Fleur looked like a giant shadow in the battle, menacing in looks and military in design, and just a few Serpents were flying into it while thousands would come out...

"Report!" Fleur screamed, already wearing her Battlestar Captain outfit.

Ginny and Luna Lovegood had been commanding the Fleur so far, many other Crew attending screens and controls while the ship, receiving attacks, would shake hard with fire and sparks flying everywhere around them!

Inside the Battlestar looked similar to a submarine, all dark with red lights, a military ship and not a cruiser...

"Captain Fleur!" Ginny replied, looking up at her- "Minimal damage, all batteries ready!"

"Sylon starship just before us!" Luna said, and Fleur, looking out across the great window of the bridge, saw that one of those giant and awful Moonstar ships was in perfect range for her Battlestar's weapons.


The main front batteries of the Fleur shot a searing flak that hit the Sylon Moonstar squarely, explosions coming from the enemy ship- the raw kinetic energy of those weapons was formidable, shockwaves appearing while the starship was suffering terrible damage...

"Warheads ready!" Ginny said.

"What are you waiting for?" Fleur shrieked, and then the Battlestar sent three nuclear missiles that hit the Sylon starship and blew it to particles in a huge blast of a searing white light...

"That came from the Fleur!" Hermione said in the bridge of the William.

Bill cheered and waved his fists with courage while the William, still unscathed, was taking many attacks and delivering missiles to the enemy Moonstars all around it...

"Please help!" came Harry's voice from the communications device- "We're trapped!"

"Get all the Warheads ready!" Bill yelled like a roar- "These bloody Sylons will never..."

The William was hit by something terrible and the entire Battlestar was shaken, crew sent flying through the air while sparks appeared everywhere and the alarms began to cry and howl- the bridge was dark and full of smoke, red lights weakening and little Victoire, pale and crying for her mother, screaming in fear...

"HELP!" came Harry's voice again, desperate and furious- "HELP! HELP...!"

Fleur saw in horror how the Battlestar Harry, already critically damaged and trapped between the flak fields, was hit by three nuclear warheads at once and finally exploded in a huge blast of fire and white light...

"HARRY, NO!" Ginny shrieked- "HARRY!"

Qaprica was getting hit by countless nuclear missiles coming from hundreds of Sylon starships, the entire planet in fire while all Wizarding cities were shattered to ashes just before their eyes.

"Qaprica!" Fleur screamed heartbroken- "No!"

Then the Fleur was shaken again under terrible attacks, sparks flying everywhere while the awful alarms began to sound-

"When did they build all of these?" Luna asked, apparently very calm while outside the Fleur was getting hit by a nuclear warhead after another.

"The battle is lost!" Fleur shrieked- "We have to get out of here!"

"A civilian fleet is following us!" Luna said- "Our FTL drive is almost ready!"

"JUMP!" Fleur ordered, and in that instant, her eyes teary and red, she saw for a split second how the William was hit by a terrible warhead-

The huge William disappeared in a searing blast of white light, and then Battlestar Fleur jumped across space and time...

To Be Continued!