Battlestar Fleur

Chapter 7: A New World

With two flashes of fire came two more warheads of the William, and those silvery missiles, searing their way across dark space, hit a particularly large Sylon Moonstar and blew it to radiation and particles-

The blue shockwave was spreading like an awful ball of light, and when other Sylon Moonstars were hit by it they were quickly torn apart to pieces and exploded seconds later... that made Bill realize that his idea was the key to a desperate final victory, and he decided to order the new strategy right away trying not to think how much it would cost in the end.

"Fleur!" he called his wife.

"We are resisting!" she replied seconds later- "Bill, we have to..."

"I am sure that these are the entire Sylon fleet, all that is left of it after the many raids against the William" he said rather calmly- "It's all of them, here and now we have to take them out once and for all!"

"I know!" Fleur replied- "It's our last chance, we have to keep fighting and..."

"Listen to me" Bill continued, Ron and Hermione staring up at him- "Get ready to receive all our escape pods with all of the William's crew and civilians- We are setting all our warheads to explode on impact, and we shall ram the Battlestar against that huge Sylon Moonstar over there"

Ron looked terrified but inspired at the same time, and Hermione, silently crying, was looking out at the stars and the Sylon starships getting closer to the William-

"WHAT?" Fleur shrieked with a broken voice.

"Please don't argue, just get ready!" Bill roared- "The shockwave shall be powerful enough to shatter all of them! Start maneuvering the Fleur, you have to get some distance, get close to the planet and brace for impact..."

"Bill, no!" Fleur screamed in tears, but the communication was cut.

Ron and Hermione were looking in tears into each other's eyes, but then three warheads came and hit the William all at once with terrible power-

The high alarms were howling harder than ever, many crew were sent flying, sparks fell everywhere you looked and the Battlestar was shaken to a point that they had never suffered before, fractures appearing in many parts of the armor...

"Ron, Hermione!" Bill yelled across the smoke and the weakening red lights- "You have to lead everyone and take them to the escape pods, guide all the civilians, take my daughter and get into the Fleur as soon as you can!"

"Bill, what?" Hermione cried-

"I'll stay here to ram my Battlestar against their largest starship" Bill replied with a broken voice- "Someone's got to do it, please tell Fleur..."

"BILL, NO!" Hermione roared.

"That I love her..."

"No way!" Ron yelled- "Bill, you can't stay, you have to be our leader in this!"

The William was now surrounded by the Sylons, receiving flak hits everywhere while the Fleur, apparently escaping, was flying fast towards the planet- the distance between the Battlestars was growing larger every second, the Serpents still fighting against thousands of little Sylon fighters outside...

"You have to get married and start a family" Bill said in tears.

"And you have a daughter to live for!" Ron roared in his face- "You have Fleur and Victoire! Hermione and I are staying here to ram the William"

"You are my brother!" Bill replied, the deafening alarms howling everywhere.

"We want to kill Sylons, we want to avenge Harry" Ron said.

"This way, we can kill them all in one single hit" Hermione cried- "I love Ron and we shall die together in glory! Now go Bill, GO!"

"It has been an honour to serve on your command" Ron whispered as he gave his brother one last and crushing hug- "Take everyone to the Fleur and say goodbye to Ginny for me!"

"This is Captain William" said Bill's voice, coming from the damaged sound system and heard all over the Battlestar- "We have armor fractures and low ammunition, I have set the warheads to explode on impact and we are ramming the Battlestar. Get to the escape pods as fast as you can..."

Terror and angst broke out everywhere, civilians running while the crew was trying to take control of the mobs-

"It has been an honour to be a Captain of my Battlestar William"

Then Bill dashed out of the burning bridge in his desperate way to the refuge of the kids, without daring to turn back and look at Ron and Hermione a last time...

Ron took the maneuvering controls while Hermione took over the artillery batteries to keep attacking the Sylons, and meanwhile the Fleur, visible far into the distance, was managing to escape from the blast that was coming within minutes...

Bill was carrying a terrified Victoire and leading a group of hundreds of civilians, all dashing across a dark hallway barely illuminated by the red lights. The William was shaking hard from the violent hits outside, and then they all reached the deck of escape pods and began getting inside those large, white capsule-like ships-

Bill and Victoire climbed into the Captain's personal Serpent, hundreds of crew and civilians alike were getting ready inside the pods and then they all began to fly across long and dark tubes, finding outside the searing flak fields and the infinite stars...

Little Victoire was crying as she looked all around the battle and Bill, maneuvering to avoid the attacks, could see how the armies of Serpents were protecting the large squadrons of harmless escape pods. Heavy gunfire and explosions could be seen anywhere you looked, and then he proceeded to lead all the Serpents and the pods towards the relative safety of the Fleur and the hopes of a new life.

Battlestar Fleur could be seen in the distance like a dream, and meanwhile the William, all burning over but still resisting like a monster, was attacking with flak fields and advancing menacingly towards the greatest Sylon Moonstar...

"That's all from us!" Fleur screamed as the last flak attack of her Battlestar, searing across dark space, hit and destroyed yet another Sylon Moonstar- "We have to get as far as we can from the blast, the William is just about to blast them out of our lives!"

Luna and Ginny were pressing many keys and taking control of the vast and almost empty Serpent decks, opening way for the escape pods from the William to finally get in-

"They are entering" Ginny said- "All serpents and escape pods are landing safely inside! We have twenty, fifty, seventy..."

"Captain William and Victoire have landed" Luna confirmed with relief.

"Close the gates"

Battlestar Fleur was relatively calm and safe, as the Sylon Moonstars, more than thirty of them, were now focusing all of their might and firepower on the William in a futile last effort to stop their doom...

"Ron, Hermione..." Ginny cried.

"Now, let's pray for the best" Fleur whispered, not really sure that her damaged Battlestar would resist the shockwave from the most powerful blast that they would ever witness in their lives- "This is Captain Fleur, please everyone head to the refuges and brace for impact. William hits in ten, nine, eight, seven..."

Ginny looked out at the William and the stars, crying for her brother...

Battlestar William was advancing unstoppable like a terrible monster, tearing its way across missiles and flak fields as Ron and Hermione, caughing and crying in smoke and fire inside, were getting ready together for the last moment of their lives.

The Sylon fleet outside was unable to stop the shattered but still resisting William, and then Hermione looked into Ron's eyes for a last time...

"I love you" Ron cried.

"Sylons" Hermione said, furious and looking to the front- "Life... was never... HARDER!"

Then the last moment came, and they died instantly in a huge blast of light...

Battlestar William crashed into the hull of the greatest Sylon Moonstar, tearing its way across armor and decks while the terrified Sylons were trying to escape- then a second later it happened, and all the warheads detonated at once with unimaginable power...

"Fleur!" screamed Ginny while Luna, looking at the crash, was sobbing and crying.

The huge nuclear blast lit the dark space with such power that down in the planet night became a bright day, a dreadful, searing blue shockwave spreading like a bubble of death and destroying everything it found in its way!

The Sylon Moonstars were being shattered to particles at contact with the shockwave, all of them destroyed while the Fleur was still trying to get distance...

"It's coming!" Ginny shrieked.

"This is Captain Fleur, brace for impact!"

And then the shockwave hit the Fleur, and they had never imagined anything like that...

All of those hits, all the battles, all the flak fields and warheads, all those shakings of the past were nothing at all when compared to this-

Fleur screamed in terror while she was flying across the shattered bridge, fire and sparks appearing everywhere while the horrified crew was falling or flying all over the Battlestar... Ginny had fallen like a doll and was now trying to stand up, Luna still resisting and holding to the Captain seat!

The shrieking alarms were sounding with great power, fire and smoke appearing everywhere between a shower of sparks-

"Report!" Fleur screamed as soon as she got back on her feet-

"All systems are crippled!" Ginny shrieked- "Armor falling apart, all engines destroyed, air leaking out and life support system is collapsing!"

Cries and screams were coming from every corner of the Battlestar, William protecting Victoire in a hug and silently crying in the darkness- the Fleur was now falling out of control into the blue planet's atmosphere, and even though the Sylons were gone it did not seem like the Wizards and Witches would make it out of this one...

Fleur could see across her tears the beautiful atmosphere as they were falling into it, and then she realized that the lives of the last seven thousand human beings were lying in her hands...

Battlestar Fleur was flying out of control as it fell into the atmosphere, the remnants of the armor and the dark metal hull becoming yellow-hot as the enormous starship was searing its way across air and clouds...

"Ginny, Luna!" Fleur screamed, taking controls and trying to maneuver- "Get out of here! Everyone, get out of here and go to the escape pods!"

"We are not leaving you!" Luna said- "Fleur!"

"This is Captain Fleur" she said, and that was the last message that the sound system would ever transmit- "We have lost control of the Battlestar, I'll try to land on the surface as best as possible! You all have to escape as we are falling!"

"Fleur!" Ginny screamed, giving her a last hug- "It has been my greatest honour..."

"Please tell William and my daughter that I love them" she said, and within a few seconds Fleur was left alone at her Battlestar's bridge...

Serpents and escape pods were coming out of the crippled Fleur as it was falling, a fiery and yellow shooting star tearing its way across the sky-

It was a charming night and Bill was flying outside leading many squadrons, crying as he saw, totally heartbroken, how his beloved wife and her Battlestar were falling out of control towards the mountains and forests that were still many miles below them...

"My flower..." he whispered, holding tight Victoire's little hand.

The hundreds of little ships were flying in the fiery trail that the Fleur was leaving behind her, they were descending into the atmosphere at a heck of a speed, minutes later they were flying between sharp and snowy mountains and then it finally happened:

Battlestar Fleur hit the highest part of a frozen mountain tearing it apart, and then, defeated at last, the great starship crashed between valleys and forests and advanced out of control destroying everything that crossed her path.

Inside Fleur was screaming and crying between alarms and fires, the Battlestar was leaving a huge trail of destruction, the Serpents and pods were landing in the forests and then the mighty Battlestar finally exploded in a blast of white light...

It all had ended, it was the end of her life...

Fleur was lying broken between torn trees and fire, shattered fragments of her Battlestar burning all around her... it was a scene of death and destruction, and the proud Captain, suffering from internal bleeding and great pain, was looking up at the stars.

The twinkling lights were looking magical and perfect, forever gleaming in the solitude of dark space that they had left behind...

Fleur was crying and the stars were reflected on her eyes, tears sliding down her face as minutes were passing- she could hear nothing but the whispers of the fire and the wind, and then came two voices that she loved and that would be forever a part of her soul.

"Mommy!" screamed Victoire.


Bill and Victoire had appeared dashing towards her across the shattered forest, and twenty seconds later the blue eyes of Fleur were gazing into the loving eyes of William Weasley-

"Is this a new world?" she asked, her voice fading away into the silence.

"Yes, we did it" Bill replied.

Victoire was crying, and then Fleur, looking at the stars, sighed with glee and relief for the last time of her life.

Her eyes lost the light, and everything went dark around her...

Five years later, a teenage Victoire Weasley walked out of a dazzling crystal castle into the most beautiful gardens that you could imagine...

She was wearing with pride a dark uniform of the Space Wizarding Armada, and after walking for some time between frozen lakes and trees, she found her father William sitting on a wrought iron bench and looking peacefully at the distance.

A fantastic and dazzling city was visible between forests many miles from the hill where the crystal castle stood, looking like a vast sea of lights in the night with its super tall skyscrapers reflecting the stars and the violet moon up in the sky...

"Hello, my sweetheart" Bill said with a broken voice, looking up at her.

"Five years ago a night just like this" Victoire said, sitting down beside him- "You are thinking of her, just as I have been all day"

"We shall never forget her" Bill said, putting his left arm around her shoulders- "Fleur is part of us forever"

"I am so proud" Victoire said with a sad smile- "My mother made all of this possible, it was her gift for all of us"

"A new world..."

Victoire looked up at the stars, crying and thinking of her mother...

The End!