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Prince Daniel Fenton of Amity was bored.

He sighed staring out the window of the carriage. It would be so much easier to fly to his sister's wedding, but special talents weren't supposed to be made very public.

Sister's wedding. The words still gave him a shiver. It wouldn't be so bad, except it was to his best friend. Seriously, Tucker and Jazz? It was hard for him to imagine.

His mother, the Queen of Amity, Maddie Fenton interrupted his thoughts on what he would say to his friend. She was talking to his father, who was smiling hugely. "Jack, did you see the King and Queen of Hapus before we left?"

The king's face fell as he said, "Yes. I'm sure she was taken by ghosts! And that woman is possessed by one!"

Danny rolled his eyes as he continued staring out the window. The King and Queen of Hapus were the Royal Manson's. He didn't have any grievances with them, it was just weird. He had heard rumors (being able to turn invisible was great for eavesdropping and getting gossip) that the King and Queen of Hapus were the polar opposites of their only child, a dark princess, and that they hadn't gotten along well. So why were they searching for her so hard? Searching for their child wasn't odd, but it made Danny feel sick to think of the glint in their eyes. As if the girl was a possession, not an actual person….

Queen Manson looked at Danny and said, "Prince Daniel, have you seen this girl?" The woman held out a picture of a girl. Danny scanned the picture. The girl had pale skin with raven hair that stretched down her back to her waist, and with striking amethyst eyes. She was in a black dress that hung loosely down her sides from her shoulders and was glaring at the camera with distaste.

"Nope, I haven't seen her." Danny said. He didn't like the Queen of Hapus.

"If you see her, please tell us. We need to find her." The queen said with energy.

Danny nodded as he tried to look like he wasn't fleeing the woman.

Jazz poked Danny in the shoulder and he flailed his arms in instant reaction. "Agh!" He yelped as he toppled off his seat and onto the floor.

Jazz cracked up. "Seriously, Danny. You need to calm down more."

"I-I meant to do that." Danny said, his face scarlet.

Jazz laughed and said, "Cheer up. I won't go into gooey details… Unless you ask."

"EW! No way!" Danny said, getting to his seat with a lot of not-so-fake gagging.

Danny stared up at the castle of the royal family of Hcet. He was always amazed that his tech-obsessed, geeky friend had this big a home. He heard an excited yell and Tucker raced out. He hugged Danny and said, "Dude, I haven't seen you in ages! How are you?" And then, without waiting for an answer, turned to Jazz and kissed her lips.

"Ick, can you two at least stop doing that until I'm out of the area?" Danny gagged.

Jazz, her cheeks scarlet, stuck her tongue out at her baby brother. Danny hated to admit it, but Jazz and Tucker made a good couple. Tucker was taller now, and his crazy, eccentric style was evened by Jazz's cool determination.

Tucker, also blushing scarlet, said, "Just wait until you find your special girl. Then I'm going to torture you!"

Danny shivered and said, "Yeah right, Tuck. May I remind you of a certain Paulina?" Both shivered at the money hungry, small kingdom princess who had stalked Danny for a month before he had gotten her to go away. He had last heard that she had dug her stifling claws into the Kingdom of Casper's prince, Dash. Danny winced. They deserved each other. Tucker, slinging an arm around Danny's shoulders, walked into the castle after Danny's parents and sister.

Danny smiled cheerfully at dinner, punching Tucker in the shoulder. "You really got it?" HE asked in amazement.

Tucker grinned evilly. "Yep, I got it! The latest Zombie Busters! "Zombie Busters: The Black One Awakens"!"

"Sweeeeet!" Danny said, drawing out the word in impressed awe. He looked around for the nearest maid to refill his drink. Highly caffeinated, of course. He waved his hand at the nearest one, and she came over with a pitcher and poured more soda into his glass. Danny looked up to thank her, and then froze. Amethyst eyes were staring into his, as raggedly cut raven hair hung down to just above her shoulders. She whirled away before he could say anything, and moved swiftly away.

Danny stared after her, unconsciously noting that her skin was stained with soot or smoke or something…

"Dude, wake up." Tucker was waving his hand in front of his friend's face.

"Who was that?" Danny said, still staring after her, despite the fact she had disappeared behind a corner.

"No one." Tucker said hurriedly, "Just a maid, a random servant. Now who wants to skip dinner and go play Zombie Busters?"

Danny stared at Tucker. His friend's eyes were clouded over with worry. But what was to worry about? He was about to be married to Jazz -ick- and couldn't be happier. Danny pushed those thoughts away and followed Tucker as he left, formally saying, "Prince Daniel and myself are going to the game room. Don't disturb us unless you have shakes."

Tucker sighed in relief as Danny conked out on the couch after their 14th run at Zombie Busters. He had been so worried that Danny would continue thinking about the girl. Tucker got up silently, moving carefully to avoid stepping on the scattered popcorn from the bowl that Danny had knocked over.

Tucker sighed in relief and pushed a stone in the wall, opening up a secret passage. He went up it and entered a room where a very worried maid with amethyst eyes was sitting.

"What happened?" Princess Samantha Manson of Hapus said, worried.

"He didn't realize, I think. I am SO sorry Sam! I didn't know that your parents-"

"They are NOT my parents!"
"Fine! That Royal Family of Hapus had already been to see the Fenton's!"

Sam sunk down on the bed, pressing her head into her hands. She hated this. All of this happened because of the special talent that every person of royal blood was born with. "Sorry Tuck. Thanks a bunch for hiding me."

"It's ok. Not your fault that your parents can't see what's right in front of their eyes."

"NOT my parents."

"Yeah, I know, Sammy. OUCH! What was that for?" Tucker said, glaring at her, rubbing his arm.

"Don't call me Sammy. No one calls me Sammy."

"Whatever." Tucker muttered, rolling his turquoise eyes at her.

Sam flapped her hand in a shooing gesture and said, "Go away. I need to go to sleep. I nicked some tasks to do in the kitchen, so I don't have to almost run into any of the Fenton's again. You better clue Jazz in soon though. She'll be staying the longest."

"I know. So, tell me, are you desperate to avoid all the Fenton's, or is it just the handsome one?" He said with an evil smile.

Sam punched him in the arm again, making him stifle a yelp. "Shut up." She was blushing slightly, beneath the soot stains she had rubbed into her skin to make the unusual pale skin less obvious. Of course, amethyst eyes made it hard enough to avoid recognition. Only Tucker knew where she was, and he wouldn't tell. Sam suddenly felt a wave of nausea, and her amethyst eyes glowed eerily, as she said in an echoing voice, "Watch out." Sam's glowing eyes closed, and then she collapsed.

Tucker grabbed her arm and hoisted her back on the bed and said, "Computer, scan building for anyone who heard it, NOW." The computers immediately started to move, as Sam opened her eyes. They were beautiful amethyst again, but no longer glowed with that odd light.

"Lucky tech-geek… All you have to do is to talk to computers." Sam muttered.

Tucker laughed and said, "Well, you have the extraordinary one, Sam. You have the legendary Seer power. Which is pretty damn cool, despite it being nothing to my babies." He stroked the ever present PDA that was in his pocket.

"I never wanted it. I wish I could have just have had something mundane, if it meant I didn't have to hide like a coward." She growled.

Tucker smiled and poked Sam teasingly. Sam swatted his hand and said, "Go to bed."

"As you wish, your majesty." Tucker said with a mock bow before running off before Sam could hit him again, knowing that she wouldn't want to be asked about what the message meant.

Danny wasn't as unaware as he appeared. He waited for Tucker to come back and pass out before fully opening his eyes. He turned ghost, his white hair bright against the darkness, and he flew to the wall. He poked the stone, but it wouldn't move. Must have something to do with Tucker's talent. He tried for ten minutes and then blinked. "Intangibility, you idiot!" He muttered, and turned intangible. He flew through the wall, following the passage, until he reached a room.

An empty room.

He landed and looked around. "Why would Tuck sneak up here for no reason in the middle of the night?" He asked himself quietly. He was about to fly back, and then froze. On the bed, lay a single strand of raven hair. Short raven hair. He picked it up for no reason, and stuck it in his pocket before going back to Tucker's room and passing out like he had never been awake.

Danny had a mission. He was going to find that maid again, and find out why the heck he seemed to half recognize her. But Tucker seemed to be against it, saying over and over again, "It's just a MAID Danny. Why?"

"Because she's familiar, Tuck, like I've known her before, but I don't know where…"

Meanwhile, Sam had her own worries. Being in the kitchen was not a fun experience. The air was filled with smoke from the old fashioned ovens that the cook didn't want replaced, though they badly needed to. Sam covered her mouth as she pulled out the cooked bread, and placed it on the cooling rack before sneaking out of the kitchen. It wouldn't hurt to get fresh air. She leaned against a tree in the central garden that barely anyone knew about or went to. She smiled and closed her eyes. She hated being cooped up in the palace, and this was nice. She wasn't sure about her transformation from a princess of medium standing to a lowly maid, but she didn't mind too much.

It was the taking orders part that was really hard. She wanted to be independent, and she was more independent as a maid as she ever was as a princess, which she liked. She didn't like having to obey everyone, but she swallowed her pride and obeyed them. It chafed, and she usually blew off steam by annoying Tucker when they were alone. Sam rubbed her head, hating her gift. Being a Seer was a blessing and a curse. She had visions and could see auras of people's personalities, and the worst thing, was that it made her parents not see her as a person. She was a possession, something to ensure their future that they were anxious to get their hands on. Why couldn't they have just accepted her? Instead they had tried to make sure she'd never leave by never letting her meet anyone out of their own court, who all were high ranking. Sam sighed. At least she had escaped. She was more free here than she had ever been at Hapus. No one cared here if she wore black clothes or had amethyst eyes.

Not to mention, no one knew that she had any powers. That was one major upside. No weird looks, no hushed whispers, just a passing disrespect that she could live with.

Sam jerked her head up as she saw someone coming closer. He had white hair and glowing emerald eyes. He was dressed in black spandex with white points. He blinked at her, noticing her in the shadows of the tree. She didn't recognize him, but she glanced at his aura. It was beautifully intricate, a rarity, and was pure emerald at some points, while pure white at others. It was unlike any she had seen before. Usually auras were duller colored, more mundane, yet his glowed like something out of this world.

Sam blinked as an odd, echoy voice said cheerfully, "Am I that good to look at?"

Sam glared up at him, hiding her blush at being caught looking at someone's aura with anger, "No, you're not."

"Then why were you looking?"

"None of your business!" Sam snapped. No reason to be polite to him. He was just another servant of the Fenton's, probably. Not a prince or someone official; she would've heard of someone like this.

"Oh, touchy." He said, gently teasing. She found herself smiling, and Sam blinked. What? She almost never smiled. She was too solemn and worried about being seen to smile that much. "What's wrong?" He asked, seeing her worried look.

"Once again, none of your business."


Sam shot him an exasperated look. "So butt out."

"Can't I at least have your name?" He begged, his emerald eyes glinting teasingly as he sat next to her.

"You first." She shot back.

"Fine. My name's Danny." Danny said, and then blinked. He hadn't meant to say that.

"Well, a deals a deal. My name's Sam." She raised an eyebrow, suddenly suspicious, "Last name?"

"Fen-Phantom, I mean." Danny said, stuttering slightly. "What's yours?" He said, trying to cover up his stutter.

"Don't have one."

"What? How do you not have a last name?" Danny asked, confused.

"Easily." Sam said, chuckling quietly. Danny smiled slightly in response to her laughter. It sounded like she didn't laugh much, and it was pretty. Actually, she was pretty. He could see her easier now, in the sunlight, than he had in the dining area. Her hair was ragged and stopped before her shoulders, but it gleamed in the light and her amethyst eyes were bright and intelligent.

"Beautiful…" He murmured, not meaning to.

"What?" Sam asked, glancing at him in confusion.

"U-um, your eyes are beautiful…" Danny stuttered, blushing furiously at being caught muttering.

Sam flushed red and felt uneasy. Most people were unnerved by her weird eyes, and she knew that he was telling the truth, because his aura hadn't spiked as they did when people lied. If he was willing to look into her eyes, he might see something better off hidden… She got to her feet and blurted out, "I have to go," And ran off before he could say a word.

"Wait!" Danny called, reaching for her as she vanished. He sighed and rubbed his head. He wished she would come back. Her eyes were beautiful, and she was unlike anyone else he had ever met. She was defensive, yes, but she had shown a glint of something more, and Danny was intrigued.

"DANNY!" Tucker yelled as he came out of the castle, glaring at his friend. "Dude, turn back. You know you aren't supposed to let people see you like that, and no one should know your talent!"

"They don't, Tuck." Danny said as silver rings formed around him and spread out, turning his white hair black and his green eyes blue. He smiled and said, "I found her!"

"Who, your true love?"

"No, you idiot! I found the maid I saw yesterday!" Danny said, blushing a bit at the true love comment.

Tucker froze. Uh oh. He had found Sam? "Wait. Were you Danny Fenton or Danny Phantom at the time?" He asked. It would be bad if he recognized Sam as either form, but it would be much worse if he became her friend as Phantom, and then recognized her. She'd think that he blurted out her secret.

"Phantom." Danny admitted and then hurriedly explained, "I didn't mean to, I ran into her out here, and we just started talking. Her name's Sam, and she's so different Tucker…" He trailed off, his blue eyes getting misty.

Tucker blinked as he realized he might not need to worry so much. It looked as if Sam had made an impression on Danny. "What do you mean as 'different'?"

"She pretty as well as smart, and her eyes look… As if they've seen a million different things. They're beautiful." Danny smiled dreamily and his pants fell down as his legs turned intangible.

Tucker laughed and said, "Dude, I can see your boxers." He forgot his unease as he couldn't stop laughing. But that comment did disturb him. He had seen Sam's eyes, and if he saw them again, he might make the connection between odd colored eyes and the legendary Seers…

Danny snapped out of it and turned red as a brick as he drew his pants up and said, "I-I haven't done that in ages! Why now?"

Tucker shook his head and said, "Dude, when I said you might find your love here, I didn't actually mean it!"

Danny blinked as he absorbed that and said, "Love? What, no Tuck, I don't…." He blushed scarlet again and Tucker started to crack up.

A shadowy figure floated in the air 20 feet above the two boys, watching coldly. His scarlet eyes glowed viciously as he glared at Daniel and his friend. Hm. A girl with odd colored eyes, and they looked like they saw millions of things, did they? The ghost smiled evilly before turning invisible and flying into the castle kitchen. He had to make sure of his suspicions first, and he could feel the girl's presence here. He saw her and then quickly backed through a wall. An evil smile lit his face as he turned visible and flew back to the roof. The prize was found at last.