Hello peeps! This story... well, if it goes the way I'm intending, Chance and Jake aren't gonna be having a lovely time. I'm not good at that and I need practice. Anyway, Chance is 16, Jake 15. They are in their sophomore year, and have never even met each other. I can't give much more than that; it would ruin the drama of the first couple chapters. So, read on!

Damn, I guess I gotta say it. If you're stupid enough to think I own SWAT Kats, even though I wish I did, you need to be shot. No offense. But really.

Jake's POV

~~~X~~~ ~~~X~~~ ~~~X~~~

As he walked through school, all he heard was snickers and laughter. At him. He wasn't exactly popular. And by that, I mean he was alone. Completely alone. He had no friends, no lovers, no admirers even. No one even respected him, as far as he knew. He was the nerd. Or at least, he acted and looked like it. While his parents were alive, they had always told him to look nice for school, that in the long run, even if uncomfortable, he would have better chances at life. He hadn't cared, no, not then. But then their plane crashed, and he was left alone, with only his sister to comfort him. She tried to get him out of his shell, this empty life he was living. But he honored his parents, and wore a button-down shirt and tie every day, taking what they'd told him to the extreme. She tried to get him to a psychologist, but he'd refused. He knew his problems, he just didn't want to face them. He felt it would be an insult to his parent's memory. In school, he was hollow. Nothing filled him. He hid himself. Outside school, well...

By the end of the day, and TGIF, he was ready to let off his steam. And who knows, maybe he'd finally meet someone.

Chance's POV

~~~X~~~ ~~~X~~~ ~~~X~~~

As he walked through school, people parted around him. Girls giggled, guys just stared. He was the popular one. He was the one that being a friend of could make you popular, no matter how unpopular you were. He had friends. He had at least a dozen, maybe two. But he was still alone. People were his 'friends' for popularity, to induce envy. He did well enough, if it interested him, he learned it. If it didn't, his mother helped him learn it. He was casual, but too much so. He couldn't be himself, he was too crowded. His father left his mother before he was born. Ass. He wished someone would like him for who he was, not for who he could make them be. In school, he was hollow. Nothing really game him a reason to enjoy himself. He'd played football, hell, he was the star player. But that's the thing. Was. It just took away his time, he never enjoyed it. His popularity had dipped when he'd quit, but after a month, everyone forgot about it. It was funny, almost, how his popularity was beginning to ruin his life. He wanted more...

By the end of the day, he was ready to go to the bar and get drunk off his tail. Even at his age, you could do that in MKC. He'd always hoped to meet someone at the club who'd actually respect him...

Ok, so pretty short, but it's an introductory chapter, kinda like a prologue. Still, it's pretty deep. I'll add the next chapter in a week or so. Till then, review, and think about it!