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As months passed, Jake and Chance perfected their ability to shift into the realm of spirits. As it turned out, though, everyone already knew of their relationship with each other. Not many of the other new recruits were happy for them, either. A lot of the older Enforcers were fine with it though. Apparently a lot of partners ended up dating each other, gay or not, if for no other reason than the matching of their minds that comes with perfect or near-perfect sync. Every day, the couple would walk through the Academy, only to be met with sneers and taunts. As their agitation grew, Jake and Chance considered actually leaving the force more and more. They kept realizing, though, that they had no where to go. Not at this point, not if they wanted to live together. And they did, truly. One day, though, the homophobic kats made a mistake that nearly cost them their lives.

Jake sat next to Chance on the roof of the Enforcer building. Of course, only Enforcers had roof clearance, but they were Enforcers, so no problem for them. A senior Enforcer had once told them that the roof was a good place to hang out with the kat you loved. He'd been right. The duo sat up here often when they had free time. They'd sit at the edge of the building and look at the skyline. They especially loved it during sunset and moonrise. This is what they were doing now, in fact. But they were interrupted this time, unexpectedly. Usually, if someone went onto the roof, it was to launch the choppers or to hang out. This time, though, it was them. The same kats who had ganged up on Jake about three months ago. They'd surprised him when he was getting some soup for Chance, who'd caught one of the worst colds either of them had ever seen. Well, not really a cold, unless you could call tonsillitis, an ear infection, a fever of 103.6, and a bad headache a cold. They ended up cracking a couple of his ribs and giving him bruises just about everywhere. Chance had suggested he tell Feral, but Jake had refused and just made sure to hide them. Chance couldn't hug Jake like he normally would've until he was healed completely, which thankfully only took about a month to heal completely. Jake looked at Chance, who could easily see the fear in his lover's eyes. There were a lot more of them this time.



"There's no way in hell I'm going through that again."

"I'd die before I'd let that happen to you, Jake."

"And I you, Chance. But with that logic, either way we're both dead."

"Are you suggesting...?"

Jake nodded. "I...we need to fight back. We can't go down Chance. We need to live this through. As long as we can avoid killing them, I don't care how many we hospitalize."

Chance blinked, then said solemnly, "You're right. We need to do this." He stood up and took a step in front of Jake, folding his arms. To the large group of kats advancing on them, he said, "You're not going to hurt Jake."

"We're not, huh?" The dark brown tabby that Chance assumed was their leader jeered.

Jake stood up, taking his position next to his love and lover. "You aren't hurting Chance, either."

The leader took a knife out of his pocket, and at least four of the kats behind him drew their own weapons. One even drew his Enforcer model blaster. The mass of haters ran at the duo, stopping only a few feet away when the two didn't even flinch. "Accepted your fate already? You wusses are so pathetic you almost aren't worth killing!"

Neither flinched. Their tails twined behind them, and they let themselves be drawn into a state of resonance of their souls with each other's, a feat only attained by the few couples with the special bond of love and sincerity it takes to get drawn into the spirit realm. At this point, the leader laughed.

"Aw, the fags want to die together. How DISGUSTING!"

Their eyes began to glow brightly; Jake's green, Chance's blue. Their voices were in perfect sync. "While I'm alive, you won't hurt him." They both said. Their tails unwound as they walked away from each other. Once they were about ten feet away from each other, they turned to the group. The resonating duo spoke again, setting the group off edge.

"You want to kill us? Then fight. You'll deserve the pain you get." They watched one of the smaller kats in the group run away. They ignored him.

The rest of the group pulled out their knives. Jake and Chance took it as their cue. They sprinted toward each other and jumped into the air, colliding boot to boot, and pushed off each other, so that they went even higher. As they came down, they landed in the middle of the crowd, each knocking out one of them. They worked through the majority of the crowd quickly, and it wasn't long before there was only the leader and one other kat left. "Big now?" Jake asked as he knocked the remaining lackey out in a single hit.

"You know, you both said you wouldn't let us hurt you. Yet both of you are bleeding all over."

The two looked at themselves. It was true, both of them looked like they'd gone through the paper shredder. Chance stepped behind the kat, Jake in front. Jake held the kat by the throat, claws out. Chance held him on the other side, fingers touching Jake's. Their paws glowed.

"You two, stop!"

The two turned their heads to see Feral, with the kat that had run off behind him.

"I've seen enough here. Stop this before I remove you from the force!"

Jake turned back to the dark brown tabby. "I'm sorry, Commander. I've let go of this too many times. I can't, not this time." Jake and Chance sent their soul energy tearing through the kat, forcing him into a deep coma. Jake looked at Feral. "He deserved to die." Jake collapsed onto the roof, unconscious from over exerting his energy, as well as blood loss. Chance passed out next to him.

When they woke, they were in a hospital. Feral stood next to them. He shook his head slowly.

"You two... I hope you realize that under most circumstances you would be under life imprisonment."

Jake groaned and tried to sit up. "So what are our circumstances, Commander?"

"Well, neither of you have a record, and it could be considered self defense, but you two still put nine kats into the hospital for nearly critical injuries and two with comas. The best I can do for you is put you on community service five days a week indefinitely. I can't keep you on the force."

"But, Commander, we-" Chance got cut off.

"Chance, we knew this would happen. Don't back out now." Black was creeping back into Jake's vision. It didn't take him long to pass back out.

Chance sighed. "I know, Jake. Sorry." He closed his eyes and let himself drift back off.


A few days later, The duo was released from the hospital. They were told to pick up their things at HQ and head to the old salvage yard, where they would be living the rest of their life, or close to it, unless the charges against them all dropped somehow. When they arrived, two strange looking kats waited for them. The short one tossed a set of keys to Chance.

"Feral says you two have to run the salvage yard! Not so hot now, are ya?" The two drove off.

Chance looked around in disgust. "Jake, this is stupid. We aren't junkmen!" He kicked a piece of scrap metal.

Jake spoke up. "Chance. There's enough military salvage here... I think we could build it."

Chance's eyes widened. He hadn't ever thought they'd actually get the chance. "The jet. Our jet."

Jake nodded. "The one of a kind, Turbokat."

The two spent the next three days settling in and looking around. They even found a hangar in which they would eventually build the Turbokat.

Insert long time lapse here. Jake is now 24, Chance 25. They've been the SWAT Kats for a few years now. Taking place after the show was canceled.

Jake was handcuffed to the bed in his boxers when the SK alarm sounded.

He flattened his ears. "Damn... That's our cue, Chance. Get me out of these."

A very naked Chance fluffed himself up. "But I don't want you out of those, Jake..." He whined. "It's sexy..."

Jake shook his head. "Chance. It's Callie. The Swat Kats have to answer her."

"Fine." Chance undid Jake's cuffs and picked up the phone. "Ms. Briggs, what's wrong?" He put it on speaker.

"T-Bone, Dr. Viper's at it again. We noticed early, so he hasn't done much damage yet, but the Enforcers found his lab. He's turning MegaKat Bay into MegaSwamp Bay. The Enforcers need help!"

"We're on it, Ms. Briggs."

It took them all of three minutes to get dressed and into the Turbokat. When pulling out of the hangar, Razor noticed something off about T-Bone.

"T-Bone, is something wrong?" he asked worriedly.

"No, nothing." There was a strong hint of sadness in his voice.

"What, that we got interrupted?" Razor joked.

"I said it was nothing."

Razor leaned forward and put a paw on his mate's shoulder. He whispered in his ear. "Chance... I love you. I know when you're lying." He sat back.

T-Bone sighed and cut off the Turbokat's radio feed. He spoke up. "It's just, I never thought about it before, but we'll never have kits."

Razor's eyes fell. "I never thought about it either. Do you want kits?"

"Yeah... I think I do."

"Me too. We could adopt, maybe. I don't know."

"I don't either. Look, can we save this conversation for later?"

"Oh, yeah."

T-Bone turned the feed back on. A few minutes later, they arrived at the bay. It didn't take long to locate Viper's lab, it was in a rather obvious cave, since it was surrounded by mutant plants that the Turbokat's new flamethrower made short work of. The duo had several issues sneaking in, but nothing that really slowed them down.

"Geez," Razor commented, "these omegas are slacking off..."

When they found the actual room the lab was in, T-Bone, who entered first, was promptly met with a serpentine tail in the face, smashing him hard into the rock wall. When he didn't get right back up, Razor rushed to his side.

"T-Bone! Are you okay?"

T-Bone's eyes flicked open lazily. "I wouldn't say okay." He made a pathetic attempt at a laugh. "Give me a minute. I'll get back up. Don't wait for me though, get him!" He pointed at the lizard trying to escape.

Razor dashed forward, landing a punch on Viper's chest, sending him flying into a shelf of chemicals. One of the jars fell to the ground, shattering. He wasted no time firing a spiderweb missile at the villain. However, when the weights wrapped around him, they shattered multiple other jars, splashing everywhere.

T-Bone saw a small spark catching one of the chemicals on fire. He put all his strength into standing up and pulling Razor back out of the room, and collapsed just before the explosion.


"T-Bone!" Razor shook his mate in an attempt to wake him.

"Ugh..." T-Bone opened his eyes. "Razor?"

"Yeah, buddy. It's me." He said softly. "I was starting to think I was losing you."

"Nah..." He sat up. "I'm okay now." Upon noticing a kat behind Razor, he asked, "Who's that?"

The kat stepped forward. He looked familiar, but T-Bone couldn't place it. "Hello, T-Bone."

Razor put a paw on the kat's shoulder. "T-Bone. Meet Dr. Elrod 'Viper' Purvis."