Chapter Two: The Name Game

Abby smiled as she walked into her lab at NCIS. She murmured a good morning to each of her 'babies' as she turned them on before turning on her music. Today was going to be a great day- she didn't even have a scratchy throat because she didn't have to scream last night at the club. She was definately going to have to go out with Andi again.

Just as she was beginning to wonder what the others where up to, Tony burst into her lab carting three heavy evidence totes stacked one on top of the other.

"Tony!" she exclaimed as she rushed forward to help him unload the crates from his arms. "Why didn't McGee or Ziva help you?"

"McGoogle's doing his research thing and Ziva said she had something to do." Tony told her as she signed the chain of evidence forms.

"Oh, you poor thing," she said, setting down the clipboard and giving him a hug.

"I thought you were going to try that new club?" Tony asked as soon as the goth forensic scientist let go of him.

"I did. Why?"

"Usually your voice is all scratchy after you go to a club because you have to scream at your friends to be heard over the music"

"Oh, I didn't have to yell this time. My friends ended up being no-shows and I met a girl that could sign. So instead of scream-talking, we just signed."

"Really? Sounds like you had fun." He said with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle. Just as she was about to smack him, he backed away with a "Well, I'm gonna head up before they miss me too much. See ya!"

"Wait, Tony!" Abby called out just as he disappeared from view.

"Yeah?" He asked, peeking back around the door frame.

"Do you know any names that a girl would use the nick-name 'Andi' for? I couldn't figure it out and the girl at the club wouldn't tell me her real name unless I guessed it."

"I dunno, Abs. I knew a girl, growing up, that hated her name so I dubbed her Andi. I doubt your girl has the same name though." Tony said as he walked back out the door without saying what the girl had been called.

"What do you think, Bert?" Abby asked her stuffed companion with a sigh as she pondered the thought.


"Andrea?" Abby said aloud, testing it for herself. "Miranda?" She shook her head no. The way Andi had spoke it sounded like she was ashamed or embarrassed by her name.

"Cassandra?" That one at least had some weight to it. She was just about to start up an internet search, she was so desperately curious, when her phone rang.

"Lab." She answered swiftly after pressing the speaker button.

"Hello Abby," Ziva's voice came from the speaker. "It is a slow day today and I was wondering if you would care to go to lunch with me?" The goth forensic scientist looked at the clock on her computer monitor and decided now was as good a time as any for a bite to eat.

"Sure thing, Ziva. Just let me switch my lab coat for my cloak and I'll meet you at security, alright?" After a murmur of agreement both women hung up.