Konoha, the Village hidden in the Leaf. It was said that Konoha was the strongest nation out of the five great shinobi nations. The village was surrounded by high walls to keep invading armies' out. Behind the village was the Hokage Mountain. The Hokage's were the greatest shinobi and leaders of Konoha ever to exist. They range from the Shodaime, Nidaime, Sandaime, and the Yondaime. Each of these Hokages has their faces carved into the mountain to commemorate their services to the village, but if you were to look closer you would be able to see that the Hokage face's has been painted on.



Right now it seem like our blond hero was being chased by two chunin shinobi because of his latest prank.

"hahaha give it up, your just mad because you don't have the guts to do what I did, losers, wannabe's, you'll never catch me." Naruto said while running away from the chunin's.

The two chunins were on a routine patrol when they saw Naruto painting on the Hokage Monument. Hence why they are chasing Naruto, they have been chasing him for a good two hours now. 'Man, doesn't this kid ever run out of energy, I mean for a few minutes chase I'll understand, but 2 hours straight this is fucking ridiculous!' the chunin thought, but if they were paying closer attention they would have realize that they weren't chasing Naruto anymore, who was hiding behind a fence. As soon as the two chunin ran by, Naruto came out of hiding.

"Hehe, that was too easy." Naruto said.

"OH YEA NARUTO!" Naruto jumped and turned around to see a man wearing a chunin vest, with brown hair tied into a pony tail and with a scar running across his nose.

"Gah where did you come from, what are you doing here Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked nervously looking at his sensei.

"No, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in class." The chunin now named Iruka told Naruto.

Konoha Academy

"I'm at the end of my rope Naruto, you've failed the graduation test last time and the time before that, today you've got another chance and you're messing it up again" Iruka said to a tied up Naruto calmly. Naruto uses a Nawanuke no jutsu to get out of the rope he was tied in and walks back to his seat.

"Thank you Mizuki, for watching the class while I was out." Iruka said to the white hair chunin.

"Oh, it's no problem Iruka." Mizuki said while glaring at Naruto.

"Alright everyone, we will be having the written portion of the exam first." Iruka said while Mizuki stands up and hands out the test. When he got to Naruto, he puts a mid level genjutsu on his test making it extremely difficult for Naruto to pass. An hour later, everyone turns in their test.

"Alright, if everyone would follow Mizuki outside for the shuriken and kunai throwing part of the test, while I grade the test." Iruka told the class. Everyone gets up and follows the white hair chunin outside to the target practice field. Mizuki then starts calling everyone up one by one, handing them 10 shurikens and 10 kunais to hit the farthest target. 30 minutes later, Sasuke Uchiha has the highest score, while Naruto has the lowest, because each hit he made Mizuki cuts his points in half.

"Alright, everyone follow me back inside for the last part of the class." Mizuki told the class, and everyone followed him back inside the class.

"Alright class, this is the final part of the exam, we will be calling you in one at a time to make three Bunshins and to receive your Hitai-ate." Iruka told the class while Naruto was freaking out.

'Oh no, the Bunshin no Jutsu is my worst jutsu.' Naruto thought.

Minutes flew by as students went into the room when their name was called. Each student that was called in came out of the room with a Hitai-ate tied around their foreheads. Showing that they pasted the last test that lets them become a genin.

"Naruto Uzumaki!" Hearing his name being called, Naruto walks into the room with determination. Once he was inside he sees Iruka and Mizuki sitting behind a desk with a Hitai-ate sitting in the middle of the desk.

"Alright Naruto, all you have to do is make three bunshin's and you will pass." Iruka told Naruto.

'Alright Naruto, you can do this, get it together' Naruto thought and then puts hands into the ram seal and pushes chakra into it.

"Bunshin no Jutsu" there was a poof of smoke to the right of Naruto. Once the smoke clears, a sickly looking clone of Naruto was lying on the ground. Naruto starts laughing nervously while Iruka's left eye starts twitching.

"YOU FAILED!" Iruka yelled.

"Iruka." Mizuki said gaining Irukas attention. "He's off, but his moves weren't bad and he did hang in there and replicate, this is his third time in the academy and he's trying really hard to become a shinobi, we could cut him a break." Mizuki told Iruka giving Naruto hope that he could finally become a shinobi.

Iruka lets out a long heavy sigh. "Mizuki, the other students were able to create three effective bunshins, but Naruto could only create one and look at it, it's pitiful, I can't pass him." Iruka said making Naruto mad and lose hope of becoming a shinobi.

Outside of the Academy

We find Naruto sitting on a swing under a tree. He was watching the other students get praise's from their family for becoming a shinobi. Naruto was so depressed that he didn't hear Mizuki jump down next to him.

"Hey Naruto." Mizuki said gaining Naruto's attention.

"Oh, hey Mizuki-sensei, what do you want?" Naruto asked Mizuki. Mizuki proceeded to sit down next to Naruto.

"Iruka-sensei is tuff, but he is not against you." Mizuki said to him.

"Then why? Why only me?" Naruto asked Mizuki.

"He wants you to be strong with all of your heart, but that would never happen if he was easy on you, he's like you, you know, no parents, no family." Mizuki explained to Naruto.

"But this time, I really wanted to graduate." Naruto said hanging his head down. Mizuki looks at Naruto, an evil glint in his eye. 'Gotcha.'

"Well then, I guess I'll have to tell you" Mizuki said gaining Naruto attention instantly. "It's a secret, but I'm going to let you in on it, you see there is another way to graduate. All you have to do is sneak into the Hokage tower and take a scroll from there and learn a jutsu from it. You will meet me at this location here in 4 hours to receive your Hitai-ate." Mizuki pulls out a map and shows Naruto where to meet him within 4 hours.

"So, all I have to do is take a scroll from the Hokage tower and learn a jutsu from and I'll finally graduate." Naruto said with so much hope that he might still be able to become a shinobi. Mizuki nodded his head; Naruto then stands up "Alright, I'll do it." Naruto said with so much determination. He takes off to the Hokage tower. Mizuki started to laugh.

'Aw, this is too easy, once word gets out that the demon brat has stolen the forbidden scroll, people would start forming mobs just to kill the demon brat. But I'll be the one to kill the demon brat and take the forbidden scroll from him for myself.' Mizuki thought evilly.

Hokage Tower

Naruto was able to sneak into the tower and find the forbidden scroll. He grabs the scroll and was about to leave until.

"Where do you think you are going with that scroll Naruto?" Naruto turns around quickly to see the Sandaime Hokage standing there looking at him. He was obviously waiting for an answer from him. Naruto chuckles nervously.

"Well, you see jiji-san um…. Oiroke no Jutsu!" Naruto transforms into a naked blond hair girl with two pony tails and blows kisses at the Hokage. The Hokage was propelled through the wall via nosebleed and starts giggling perversely before he passes out from blood lost. Naruto decided it was time to high tail it out of there.

3 Hours Later at the Meeting Area

Naruto has been practicing on one of the jutsu's from the scroll for three hours now. He was waiting for Mizuki to show up. He hears someone jump down behind him. Naruto looks behind him to see Iruka.

"Oh, hey Iruka-sensei, are you here to test me, because I really want to show you this really cool jutsu I learned from this scroll." Naruto said to Iruka.

Iruka was confused by what Naruto said to him. "Naruto what are you talking about, and why did you steal the forbidden scroll from the Hokage?" Iruka asked the now confused Naruto.

"Mizuki-sensei said that if I take this scroll this from the Hokage tower and learn a jutsu from it that I'll become a genin." Naruto explained to Iruka, while Iruka had a look of surprise written on his face.

'Mizuki?' Iruka thought. He suddenly pushes Naruto away before a barrage of kunai hit him, but instead hit Iruka. On one of the tree branches stood Mizuki, grinning like a mad man.

"Well well, Iruka , I didn't expect for you to find out about this little area." Mizuki said, grinning at Irukas bloody form.

"Mizuki." Iruka spat out, while he pulls the kunai out of his leg.

"Naruto, give me the scroll." Mizuki said to Naruto who was looking on in shock at what just transpired.

"What, what is going on?" Naruto asked, wanting to know why Mizuki attacked Iruka.

"Naruto, whatever you do, do not give the scroll to Mizuki. He just wants to use the power that is contained within it for himself." Iruka told Naruto, while not taking his eyes off of the white haired chunin. Naruto then glares at Mizuki who only grins at him.

"Have you ever wondered why people ignored and glare at you with so much hate, that they wished you were dead, but can't say anything about it because of the law the Sandaime Hokage made." Mizuki said making Irukas eyes go wide realizing where he going was with this.

"Mizuki don't, it's forbidden!" Iruka yelled but Mizuki ignored him and continued.

"The reason why everyone hates you so much is because the Kyuubi is sealed inside of you and has taken over your body. You are the demon!" Mizuki said to Naruto who stood there with a blank face looking up at Mizuki.

"Well, that's a stupid reason to hate me for." Naruto said to Mizuki who almost fell out of the tree, not expecting that kind of response from him and looks at him in shock. "What? Jiji-san already told me about Kyuubi 7 years ago when I got kicked out of the orphanage." Naruto explained. Mizuki glares at Naruto and unhooks the giant shuriken from his back and starts to spin it at a rapid pace.

"Die demon!" Mizuki said as he hurls the giant shuriken at Naruto. Naruto just stands there not even trying to make an attempt to get out of the way.

"Naruto get out of the way!" Iruka yelled to Naruto trying to get to him, but couldn't because of the wound on his leg. So he had no choice but to watch in horror as the shuriken gets closer to Naruto, who still hasn't moved an inch.

Naruto watches the shuriken get closer with an impassive look. At the last second, he moves to the left and grabs the shuriken, shocking both Iruka and Mizuki. Naruto hurls it back at Mizuki, twice as fast. Getting out of his shock, Mizuki dodges just milliseconds before the shuriken could cut his body in half and the next thing that he hears was.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" Naruto said while making the cross seal. Thousands of Naruto's fazed into existence.

'These aren't just bunsins, these are kage bunshin!' Iruka thought as he watch all of the Naruto's charge at the now scared shitless Mizuki and beat the living shit out of him. Five minutes later an unrecognizable beaten Mizuki was lying down on the ground unconscious.

"Naruto, come here." Iruka said to Naruto who walks over to him. "Close your eyes." Iruka asked Naruto who hesitated for a second before closing his eyes. Naruto feel's something hard and cold being placed on his forehead.

"Okay you can open your eyes now." Naruto opens his eyes and looks at Iruka, noticing his Hitai-ate was gone only to find it attached to his forehead. "Congratulations you graduate" Iruka said smiling at Naruto. Naruto was shocked not only did he beat a chunin but he was now officially a genin. Iruka was starting to get worry with Naruto's silence until he was tackled to the ground by a crying Naruto who was saying thank you over and over again. Naruto has finally become a shinobi.

Hokage Tower

The Sandaime Hokage watched the whole event though his crystal ball smiling at the scene before him. 'You're parents would have been very proud of you Naruto.' the Hokage thought. He then looks at his desk, more specifically the two envelopes that are on it. 'Tomorrow Naruto, you'll never be alone again.' the Hokage thought.

The Next Day

Naruto walks into the classroom and everyone stops talking and looks at the newcomer. They were surprised to see Naruto here.

"Hey dope, this room is for the graduating class, so get out." Sasuke said to Naruto who looks at him and flips him the bird.

"Hey, look at my forehead duckass." Naruto said making fun of Sasuke's choice of hairstyle. Sasuke was about to attack Naruto for that insult until Iruka came into the classroom.

"Sasuke sit down, the Hokage has allowed Naruto to be here, so if you have a problem with this you can take it up with him." Iruka said to Sasuke who sat down and went back to brooding.

"Alright, class we have two new students coming in, but they aren't here at the moment, and if one of you have a problem with it you can also take it up with the Hokage, because he is allowing it too" Iruka said effectively shutting a certain pink hair banshee up. "Alright, I'm going to call out your squad and teammates along with your jonin-sensei, squad 7 is consisted of Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Sai, your jonin-sensei will be Kakashi Hatake" Iruka said while Sakura yells about true love conquers all. Iruka went through the other squads "squad 11 will be consisted of Naruto Uzumaki, Yugito Nii, and Fū your jonin-sensei will Tenzou" Iruka said. Just then the door to the class opens to reveal two 15 year old girls, one has lime green hair and orange eyes and the other had blond hair tied into a single ponytail that reach's the small of her back and has blue eyes.

"Hello, I'm Fū it's a pleasure to meet you all" the lime green haired girl now known as Fū says.

"And I'm Yugito Nii" the blond haired one now known as Yugito said.

One thought crosses Naruto's mind 'damn, their fucking hot!'