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Lawyers starts to run away

Konoha Academy

After their introductions, they look around the room for their third teammate. They were given a brief description of what he looks like by the Hokage. Blond spiky hair with bright blue eyes, the Hokage said that he would be hard to miss. They found him sitting in the back of the class looking out the window, seeming to be deep in thought. Naruto was oblivious to them and doesn't see them making their way towards him.

Naruto was deep in thought about his two new teammates. 'I wonder who they are; I've never seen them around the village before.' Naruto thought. He was about to dwell on it further until he heard chairs being moved by him. Naruto turned around to see who was sitting by him. He was surprise to see the two new girls of his current thoughts sitting next to him.

Getting a better look at his two teammates, Naruto saw that the one with lime green hair and bright orange eyes was wearing a white sleeveless shirt with a mesh shirt underneath that has two red straps crossing over each other to form a red X on both the front and back. The shirt doesn't even cover her slim and well-toned stomach. She also has on a short skirt that ends about mid-thigh that has two cuts on each side of the skirt, so as to allow more movement.

Naruto then looks at the blond haired one. She has blond hair that was tied into a single pony tail that reaches to the small of her back. Her blue eyes were almost slits like that of a cat. She was wearing a black and purple short sleeve shirt. She has her forearms wrapped up in medical wraps and has purple fingerless gloves on. She was also wearing black anbu pants.

While Naruto was getting a better look at the girls, they too were also getting a better look at him. His wild spiky blond hair to his bright ocean blue eyes, to the whisker marks on his cheeks. When they started to look further down they notice that, he was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with black anbu pants. He was also wearing black fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back.(Look at my profile pic for a better picture of naruto in the cloths). All in all to them, he was hot.

"Hi, my name is Fū and this here is Yugito Nii." said Fuu while pointing at the blond hair girl. Said girl gave a small wave to him. Naruto for his part was berating himself for not introducing himself.

"Naruto Uzumaki, future Hokage." Naruto said with a grin. He extended his hand out to shake theirs. Fū being the most outspoken one of the two grabbed his hand and shook his enthusiastically while smiling at him. Yugito shook his hand normally, being the calmest one of the bunch.

"Naruto-kun I sense Nibi-chan and Nana-chan in those girls." The Kyuubi said in Naruto's head shocking the blond. The two girls in front of him were demon containers too.

'Where have you been all this time Kyuu-chan, you've been quiet for awhile?' Naruto asked the demoness inside of him. Naruto remembers the day when the demoness first spoken to him. We can pretty much say that he was scared out of his mind that the Kyuubi was still alive, and was living inside of him. It was also the day that he learned who his parents were.

Flashback 7 years ago

We find a six year old Naruto running away from a mob that was hell bent on killing him. Naruto turns down an alley, praying to kami that it doesn't end up being a dead end. Unfortunately, Naruto did turn into a dead end, he was just about to turn around and run back the way he came, but only to find it blocked off by the mob.

"Today, you die demon." One of the villagers said and the mob charged at the little boy and proceeded to beat him. Naruto curls up into a tight ball, trying to make himself a smaller target while the villagers continue their attack on him. Right before he loss conscience, the Sandaime Hokage and his anbu guards arrived. The anbu grabbed the villagers and took them away to I&T Headquarters. While this was going on, the Hokage ran over to Naruto and picked him up gently. Seeing how badly Naruto looked, he quickly took him to the hospital. This was all Naruto could remember before he loss conscience.


Naruto woke up to find himself in what appears to be a sewer of some sort. Getting up he began to walk around the corridors, trying to find a way out, but when he walked around the next corner, he was in for a shock. There was a huge cage that was as tall as the Hokage Monument. He sees what appears to be a slip of paper with the kanji for seal holding it together.

"So, my container decided to grace me with his presence." A feminine voice rang out all around Naruto. A pair of huge red eyes with slits down the middle appeared on the other side of the cage.

"Who are you and where are we?" Naruto asked scared of the huge red eyes before him.

"I am the Great Kyuubi no Kitsune and we are in your mind." Kyuubi then walked closer to the gate revealing a 50 story tall fox with nine tails waving lazily behind her. Kyuubi looked down at her container to see him back away from her, obviously scared of her.

"Your—you're the Kyuubi, how are you still alive? I thought the Yondaime killed you." Naruto said in a shaky voice, scared beyond anything that the Kyuubi was still alive and was standing right here in front of him. Kyuubi could only sigh at this, seeing her container still backing away from her.

"What you were told was a lie. I cannot be killed by any mortal and your Yondaime knew this. So he did the next best thing, or in my case worst thing to me and sealed me inside a weakling like you, thus killing him in the process." Kyuubi finished obviously ticked about being sealed away from the outside world just to be stuck inside this weakling who calls himself Naruto.

Naruto was in shock. He couldn't believe this. The reason why he was always hated and scorned was standing right here in front of him, and the person that did this to him was none other than his idol, the Yondaime Hokage.

"You're the real reason why I'm always hated and scorned, you damn fur ball!" Naruto yelled at the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi's eyes seemed to soften for a second before she heard the last part of that sentence. Kyuubi slammed her head against the cage; her head pressed up to it making it look like she was trying to push open the gate.

'Okay, demon or not, that has got to hurt.' Naruto sweat dropped seeing the Kyuubi slam her head against the bars.

"You insolent little insect, come here so I can rip you to shreds!" Kyuubi said with so much malice in her voice, while she was still trying to open the gate. Naruto sweat dropped even more when he heard Kyuubi say this.

"Yea, saying that you're going to rip me to shreds isn't going to make me come any closer." Naruto deadpanned. Kyuubi who then let out an inhuman roar thus giving Naruto a huge headache.

"No, I suppose not, but I can always give you enormous headaches if you don't show me some respect weakling." Kyuubi said while she backed away from the gate, finding it useless to continue trying to open it.

"Hey, I'm not weak!" Naruto blurted out to the demoness. Kyuubi looked amused by this.

"Oh really, do you know any Ninjutsus?"






"What about Kenjutsu?"

"No." Naruto said not knowing where this was going.

"Then you are weak. Since you have none of these skills I have no choice but to help and train you." Kyuubi said to Naruto, looking at him who has his mouth open wide looking like a fish out of water.

"Why, why would you help me, for all I know is you could be tricking me into letting you out?" Naruto said. He instantly regretted saying those words from the massive headache he was getting was any indication.

"Listen here brat, your Yondaime made a deal with the Shinigami, that if you were to remove the seal it would kill us both and if you were to die, I would die and I have no intention on dying." Kyuubi roared out. "And the reason why I would train you is because you represent me as the container. So if you are seen as weak then I'm seen as weak and I will not allow that." Kyuubi explained to Naruto.

"But what about Oji-san, what do I say to him, I mean he won't like the idea of the Kyuubi training me." Naruto asked the giant fox waiting for an answer.

"You figure that out on your own. Now it's time for you to wake up." Kyuubi said and forces Naruto out of the mindscape. When she was sure he was gone, she drops to the ground and puts her paws on top of her head.

"Son of a bitch that fucking hurts!" Kyuubi yelled out, cursing herself for slamming her head against the gate like that.


Naruto wakes up with his eyes being blurry. Once he got rid of the blurriness, he sees a white ceiling and instantly knew he was in the hospital. Naruto looks to his left to see the Hokage sitting in a chair next to his bed. The Hokage looks up and sees Naruto was awake.

"Naruto I'm really sorr-" Before the Hokage could finish his sentence he was interrupted by Naruto.

"Why didn't you tell me that the Kyuubi was sealed inside of me?" Naruto asked the Hokage who visibly stiffen at this. In all of his years as a shinobi, nothing prepared him for this.

"How did you find out Naruto?" The Hokage asked while wondering who opened their big mouth and told him.

"Kyuubi did, she told me that the Yondaime sealed her inside of me, because no mortal could kill her." Naruto told the old man with a look of betrayal on his face. The one person he considered a grandfather didn't tell him this, and he also knew why the villagers always hated him.

"I wanted you to have a normal childhood Naruto."

"Look how that turned out!" The Hokage flinched at this as he knew it was true. Naruto didn't have a normal childhood, even if he didn't know about his tenant. He received glares, called names, thrown out of stores. No, he didn't have the best childhood and most of it was his fault. He could have done more but he couldn't because of the council, and it was also in fear of losing his title as Hokage. If that were to happen the council would kill him or worse turn him into a emotionless killing machine.

"Naruto, I'm really sorry for not telling you this but the Yondaime wanted you to be seen as a hero. For holding back the demon everyday and keeping everyone safe, but the villagers are blinded by their hatred for the demon inside of you."

"But I'm not the demon, I'm just her container. Besides I bet my parents didn't even love me and left me when they realize what was inside of me." Naruto said sadly, thinking that his parents left him because of the Kyuubi inside of him.

"No Naruto, they loved you with all of their heart even with the demon inside of you. They never wanted to leave you." The Hokage tried to explain to Naruto.

"If they loved me so much then where are they?" Naruto asked looking at him for answers. He sighed at what he was about to do and was hoping he was doing the right thing. He looked Naruto straight in the eyes and says.

"They are dead Naruto, I'm sorry I should have told you this, years earlier but Your father is the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, Konohas yellow flash, and your mother is Kushina Uzumaki, Konohas Red Death. They loved you so much Naruto that they never wanted to be parted from you." The Hokage said looking at Naruto waiting to see what his reaction will be after learning who his parents were.

Naruto was shocked. He never in his whole life thought that the Yondaime Hokage, his Idol, the man that he look up too his whole life was his father. His father was the one who sealed the Kyuubi inside of him and made his life a living hell.

"Why? Why would he do this to his own son?" Naruto asked pleading to the man in front of him for answers.

"Because, what parent would ask another to sacrifice their child when he couldn't even sacrifice his own. Plus he wouldn't trust anyone else with the power he has given you." He said hoping that the young boy in front of him understands why the Minato chose him. Naruto for his part was still hurt by this but could see his reasoning's behind what he did. Including he trusts his own son to carry this heavy burden

"And what of my mother, how did she die?" Naruto asked him.

"She died giving birth to you Naruto. She loss a lot of blood from the birthing process. The stress from giving birth and the Kyuubi attacking was just too much for her." The Hokage said sadly. He wished things turned out differently. Naruto was still processing all of this information that the Hokage had just told him.

'So my parents didn't leave me, they died while protecting me.' Naruto thought happily. The one question that he has always wanted answer was given to him. His parents loved him.

"Naruto." The Hokage said getting his attention. "You cannot tell anyone of who your parents are?" Seeing Naruto's confuse expression he explained further. "Your parents have many enemies both inside and outside of the village. Iwa will jump at any chance just to hurt both your mother and father for costing them many lives and the war, no matter what, even if you are a child. They will send assassins into the village just to kill you because of whose son you are and the village will use you for their own gain just because of who you are related to. Do you understand Naruto, why you shouldn't tell anyone who your parents are? I won't be able to protect you all of the time." He said finishing his explanation of why he shouldn't tell anyone. Naruto nodded in understanding of this, but he still has to tell him about the Kyuubi training him.

"Um, Oji-san the Kyuubi offered to train me because I represent her as a container and she doesn't want to be seen as weak by others." Naruto explained to him. Sarutobi was shock. The Kyuubi was offering to train the boy, the one who was holding her back.

"Can she be trusted Naruto." Sarutobi asked, watching him carefully. Naruto nodded, saying yes that she can be trusted because if he dies then she dies and that she doesn't want to die anytime soon. Upon receiving this explanation Sarutobi said that it was fine with him, but he will watched by anbu while he trains.

"Um, just one last thing Oji-san, can you tell me about my parents?" Naruto asked the Hokage who smiled at this.

"I'll be delighted to tell you about them Naruto." Sarutobi said smiling at Narutos cheerful expression and started to tell Naruto about his parents.

Flashback End

After training and talking to the demoness for a while, he found out that she was tricked into attacking Konoha by a man named Madara Uchiha. The man used his Eternal Mangekyo Sharigan to control her at the time till she broke free from him, but it was too late. The damage was already done and she was sealed as the result of it. She has been helping him ever since then to make up for the pain she has caused him.

"I've been sleeping, what else would have I been doing." Kyuubi said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "But you better pay attention outside because your girlfriend's are calling you Naruto-kun." Kyuubi said to Naruto before breaking their mental link they a formed couple years ago.

Sure enough, when Naruto came to he was being shaken rather violently by Fū who had a worried look on her face. Yugito noticed Naruto coming to and asked Fū to stop shaking Naruto which Fū did. She looked at the blond before her to see he had swirls in his eyes from being violently shaken. Fū smiled sheepishly at this.

"Sorry Naruto, but you kind of spaced out on us there and you weren't responding to anything." Fū said with a worried tone, shocking him that they were worried about him. Naruto started to scratch the back of his head sheepishly while saying sorry and that he was fine. The girls were relieved to hear that he was fine.

"Hey, since we have an hour till our sensei arrives, you guys want to go get something to eat while we wait?" Naruto asked the two girls who looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders saying that they don't care. Naruto who was ecstatic to hear them saying yes, grabbed both of their hands making the girls blush madly and dragged them to Ichirakus.

Hokages Office

Sarutobi and Tenzo watched the whole exchange through the Hokage's crystal ball.

"They sure are going to be an interesting team, don't you think so Hokage-sama." Tenzo said to the Hokage. The Hokage looks at Tenzo with a serious expression, catching him off guard.

"You do know why you are being put as their Jonin-sensei right Tenzo?" The Hokage said to the man. Tenzo then also became serious.

"It's because of the Kyuubi inside of him, and that with my mokoton abilities; I'll be able to suppress its chakra." Tenzo said making Sarutobi nod.

"It's not only him that you'll only be watching, but two others also." Sarutobi told him catching Tenzo off guard with that information.

"You mean those two are also demon containers?" Tenzo asked only to see Sarutobi confirm it with a nod, shocking him even more.

"Yes, all three of them are demon containers. While Naruto contains the Kyuubi, Yugito and Fū contains the Nibi No Nekomata and the Nanabi No Kabutomushi. If all three of the Biju were to somehow escape, our village will be utterly destroyed." Sarutobi explained to Tenzo who nodded in understanding.

"I will do my best Hokage-sama" Tenzo said and shunshins out of the office to get his team, leaving the Hokage alone to his thoughts.

'I don't know if I should tell Naruto about the arrange marriage or not' Sarutobi thought quietly. He grabs the crystal ball and watches Naruto and his two teammates eat at Ichirakus.


We find Naruto, Yugito, and Fū sitting at the ramen stand quietly, waiting for their orders to be taken. Naruto, who couldn't take the silence anymore decided to break it.

"So where are you guys from, I've never seen you in Konoha before?" Naruto asked the two girls besides him. Fū decided to answer first.

"Well I came from Takigakure no Sato. It's a small village, not big enough to be considered one of the five great nations but still strong enough to hold our own against invading armies. I was sent here because of an arrangement my father made with the Yondaime Hokage 13 years ago to strengthen the alliance we have with your village." Fū said catching Narutos attention on that last statement, while she was thinking if he knew about the marriage between him, her, and Yugito here.

"I came from Kumogakure no Sato one of the five great nations, and I was sent here for the same reasons as Fū is." Yugito told Naruto while thinking along the same lines as Fū. Naruto was about to ask what this arrangement was, their order came. All thoughts Naruto currently had are now gone and replaced with the sweet smell of ramen.

"Ah, finally the ramen is here." Naruto said excitedly and started eating at a fast pace with no manners at all. The girls were shocked at what they were seeing. Naruto was eating the noodles like there was no tomorrow and not choking at all. Naruto looks over at the girls and sees that they are not eating their food.

"Hey, aren't you going to eat your ramen, it's going to get cold if you don't eat it. It's really good trust me." Naruto said while he stopped eating just to wait for them to eat their food. Fū looks at her bowl that was set in front of her. She grabs her chopsticks and grabs a piece of the noodles and eats it. She starts to eat it at a slow pace. The next thing that Naruto and Yugito knew was Fū destroying her bowl of ramen and finishes it in record time.

"This is really good, Yugito-chan you must try this, this stuff is Kami's gift to us." Fū said with excitement and asks for another bowl of ramen. The chef of the stand smiled at this and started cooking her and Naruto another bowl of ramen seeing as Naruto just finished his. Yugito was disgusted by this.

'They have no manners at all.' Yugito thought as she watch both Naruto and Fū go at it again with their second bowl. She gets up and walks behind the two who were oblivious to what she was doing. SMACK. Yugito smacks both Naruto and Fū upside their heads and watches them both grab their heads from the pain they received from her.

"Where are your manners, don't eat so damn fast, it's disgusting!" Yugito yelled at them while they pouted at her.

"Well it seems like you guys are getting along just fine." A new voice said getting the three genin's attention. A brown haired man with what appears to be a head guard on his head wearing a Jonin vest walks into the ramen stand and smiles at them.

"Hi, I'm Tenzo, your Jonin sensei, but you can call me Yamato." The now named man Yamato said as he walks over to the three genin's and sits down next to Naruto. Naruto was watching him wearily which didn't go unnoticed by Yamato.

"How about you guys tell me about yourselves, like your likes, dislikes, hobbies and your dreams stuff like that." Yamato said, trying to start a conversation with his new team. The Genin didn't know what to say to this.

"Um, how about you go first Yamato-sensei, so we can see how it's done." Yugito spoke up breaking the silence.

"Alright fair enough, my name is Tenzo Yamato my likes are wood and my dislikes are people who don't take their jobs seriously. As for my hobbies I like to read about Architect and my dream is too… well it already happen." Yamato said (Yamatos dream was to have his own genin team) laughing about the last part causing the three Genins to sweat drop at this. Once he stopped laughing he looks at Yugito. Catching what he wanted she started.

"My name is Yugito Nii. My likes are milk, cats, Fū-chan and Naruto-kun." Naruto blushes at the suffix added to his name. "My dislikes are perverts, traitors, and those who look down on Kunoichi just because we are girls. My hobbie is playing my shamisen and my dreams is to be best the best Kunoichi in the world." Yugito said. Yamato nodded at this and looks at Fū.

"My name is Fū. My likes are Yugito-chan and Naruto-kun here and ramen." Naruto blushes at this yet again. "I don't really have any dislikes and my hobby is training. My dream is to be the best Kunoichi and best wife and mother for my future husband and children" Fū said while Yamato nodded at this too and then finally looks at Naruto.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. My likes are Fū-chan and Yugito-chan." Both girls blushed at the suffixes added to their names. "My dislikes are people who hate you for things you have no control over." Yamato looks down at this. "My hobby is to train and my dream is become the strongest and best Hokage the world has ever seen." Naruto said while Yamato smiles at that the last part of his statement.

"Alright, now that we got that out of the way, you guys are to meet me at training ground 11 tomorrow at 7 in the morning for your real Genin test." Yamato said immediately catching all three of their attention.

"But Yamato-sensei I thought we already passed the Genin test." Naruto said while the girls nodded their agreement to this. All three of them thought they were already genin. Yamato shook his head at this.

"That was only to weed out the ones who didn't have what it took to be a shinobi. While the Jonin sensei's give the Genin's the real test to see if they have what it takes to be a shinobi" Yamato explained. Narutos head dropped at this knowing that he isn't a Genin yet, but looks up with determination in his eyes.

"Bring it on; I'll pass any test you throw at me!" Naruto said. The girls smiled at his determination and Yamato did the same but before he dismissed himself, he almost forgot something.

"Oh and before I forget Naruto, Yugito and Fū will be living with you from now on seeing as you guys are teammates and shouldn't have any problems with this." Yamato said cheerfully and shunshins out of there.

Yugito and Fū blushed at the revelation that they would be living with Naruto, who they had started crushing on, from now on. Naruto on the other hand did the only thing he can do at a time like this. He fainted.