Here's the ending… hahaha… happy and twisted ending… Hahahaha!

Why the shell am I laughing? Hahahahahahaha! Oh, oh! I know… ENDORPHINS!

Endorphins… endorphins…

This is time for the endorphins!

Just appear, when you eat

Chocolate bars… and jelly beans

This is…

The time for endorphins!


BTW… Saya the Ninja Cat, if you're reading this… YES! I AM AFRAID OF BUTTERFLIES FOR REAL!

Repeat: I'm not the turtles' owner… DAMN YOU NICKELODEON!

Blue and Chocolate? NEVER TOGETHER!


M: "Don! Have you seen my video game controllers?" Mikey yelled from his bedroom.

D: "No… where was the last place you saw them?

M: "Here, in my room! I was playing and then I went to grab some snacks… when I came again, they weren't here!"

D: "Hmm… had you checked on the living room?"

M: "I passed through the living room and nothing!" Mikey yelled a little angry.

*Video game sounds*

D: "Sssh! Mikey! Did you hear that?... It's coming from the living room!"

They both ran downstairs just to find Leo playing the highest level of "Star Wars: Battlefront II"

L: "C'mon, come to Leo! … … that's it… that's it…! *blaster sounds*… HAHA! THIS IS SOOOO COOL!"

M: "Leo! What the shell are you doing?"

L: "It's called playing videogames! Dah!"

M: "I bet you can't win that level… it took me months to pass those ones before the one you're playing now… so, don't be sad if you don't…"



L: "You were saying?" Mikey and Don couldn't believe it! Especially Mikey. Leo had just won… in 10 minutes!

M: "B-but… b-but… My game! I… I… can't believe it!" Mikey said in disbelief.

L: "Aww! Don't be sad, Mikey! Look the bright side of this… now you can play the whole game… from the beginning! HAHAHAHA!" Leo laughed. Mikey was furious with this comment.

M: "Grrr! Leo, you're so…!" Mikey was about to punch Leo but Don stopped him.

D: "Easy Mikey! … *whispering* I guess I know why he's acting like that… Ejem… Leo? Eh, how many chocolates did you eat?"

L: "Hmmm… … … don't know… hehe… and who cares! Hehehe" Leo said still laughing.

D: "Mikey, maybe this may sound repetitive but I…"

M: "Yeah, yeah! I know: I told you… geez!" Mikey said crossing his arms angrily.

D: "Well… maybe I can give him something to control his hyperactivity… c'mon Leo, we're going to my lab"

L: "Your lab? Is my tinkering lessons time already?

D: "Yes, Leo… time for your tinkering lessons" Don sighed, rolling his eyes and pushing Leo into his lab.

L: "So… where do get started? The shell-cycle? The hauler? A new invention of yours?... What about some chemistry lessons?" Leo said grabbing a pair of test tubes and almost mixing the liquids.

D: "DON'T TOUCH THAT! *taking away the test tubes* Leo! Those are dangerous chemicals!"

L: "Ups! Hehe… sorry"

D: "…*sigh*… Stay still, Leo! I trying to find something!... now, where did I put those pills?" Don searched on his cabinets for some tranquilizer pills or something useful to put Leo's hyperactivity down for good.

L: "Aww! Don, I'm bored! I need to do something! I just can't stay still right now!" Leo complained but Don wasn't paying attention.

L: "Hmmm… I wonder if Raph's in the mood for a bit of sparring…" Leo said as he made his way out of the lab.

D: "What?... Leo! Come back here!" Don yelled.

L: "Later Donnie!" Leo said leaving the lab.

D: "Oh man! This is definitely not gonna end good"


Raph was hitting his punching bag when he suddenly felt someone poking his shoulder. He turned his head… nothing. When he went back to his punching bag, he felt another poke. He turned his head again growling… … again, nothing.

R: "Mikey… I ain't in da mood fer jokes!" He threw a few more punches to the punching bag… again, another poke.

R: "That's it, numbskull! Ya better stop or…" He froze when he noticed nobody was behind him.

R: "Hmmm… weird…" he threw another punch but he hadn't noticed the punching bag had been removed so he hit the wall.

R: "AHHHH! *clutches his hurt hand* Ok… whoever did this… I swear I'm gonna…"

L: "You're gonna what?" Leo asked smirking.

R: "Leo?"

L: "That's my name and don't wear it out!"

R: "Eh? What da…"

L: "In the mood for a sparring session?" Leo asked almost immediately.

R: "Yeah… sure… Leo, are ya feeling ok?"

L: "More than ok, bro!" Leo said giggling.

R: "Whazzup with da happy face?" Raph asked with a puzzled face.

L: "It's nothing… what? Do I scare you?" Leo asked as he took his position.

R: "Eh… kinda… but…"

L: "Aww! Poor Raphie is scared of me!" Leo teased Raph.

R: "Hey! Watch yer words, Splinter Jr.!" Raph grunted angrily and taking position, too.

Once they were on their battling places, they began the match… well… kinda. Every time Raph attacked, Leo moved and made Raph fall on the ground dryly. Raph stood up and charged into combat again, Leo dodged giggling.

R: "Could ya stop giggling and start to fight instead?" Raph asked angrily.

L: "And what if I don't wanna fight?"

R: "Leo… ya better start to make sense here!"

L: "Why?"

R: " 'cause yer acting weird and that's buggin' me!"

L: "Why?"

R: "Leo… yer acting like Mikey!"

L: "Why?"

R: "Don't know! Yer da one acting weird! You tell me!"

L: "Tell you… what? Hehe"

R: "Aww, man! Mah brain hurts!"

L: "That's if… you had a brain… HAHAHAHAHA!"


L: "But first… you have to catch me… if you can! HAHAHAHA!" Leo said laughing and running out the dojo.

R: "COME BACK YOU… … hey, isn't this supposed to be Mikey's line? … … whatever… … COME BACK HERE!" Raph started to chase Leo.

L: "Hahahaha… You're too slow! C'mon Raph, catch me!"

R: "What da shell is goin' on with' im?... LEO! COME BACK HERE!"

With all the commotion… it was almost impossible for Don to think a solution to his blue masked brother's behavior.

D: "Hey, you two! Can't you keep it down? I'm trying to…" He yelled leaving the lab.

L: "HI DONNIE… BYE DONNIE!" Leo said still running for his life (kinda weird, huh?).

D: "Eh?" Don was about to follow Leo but Raph appeared with a deadly gaze.


D: "Hey, hey! Stop it! What's going on?" Don asked grabbing Raph's arm, making him stop.

R: "What's goin' on? I'll tell ya what's goin' on… YOUR BROTHER HAS GONE NUTS! That's what's goin' on!"

D: "Yeah, the chocolates are making their effect on Leo… the only thing we can do is… wait"

R: "What? I can't wait 'til 'Mr. Endorphins' goes back to normal!"

D: "I'm sorry Raph… but that's everything we can do for now. He has to let go all that energy… it might take 2 or 3 hours 'til he gets tired"

M: "Donnie, Raph! Leo's in the garage!" Mikey said in an alarm voice.

D: "Please, tell me all the vehicles' keys are in my lab" Don sighed heavily.

M: "Yeah… but not the…" Mikey was about to end the phrase, when Leo appeared into the lair, riding Raph's bike.


M: "… bike's ones" Mikey ended the phrase.

R: "My… BIKE! He… is… riding… MY BIKE?" Raph's hands turned into fists… his breathing increased…

M: "Easy there, Raph… stay calm…" Mikey tried to calm his red masked brother… (USELESS!)

R: "I'M GONNA KILL HIM!" Raph yelled angrily. His brothers tried to stop him while Leo rode the bike all over the place laughing out loud.

"Hey guys! What's… WHOA! *dodging bike*… HEY! WATCH IT!" I say entering into the lair.

D: "Who! Thanks heavens you're here!"


"Hey! Hold on a sec! What's going on here? I'm responsible for what?"

D/R/M: "THAT! *pointing at Leo*"


"Hmmm… weird, I never thought vanilla bonbons could do that"

D: "Wait, wait, wait… vanilla?"

M: "The vanilla ones… were for him?"

"Well, yeah! I know what happens when he eats dark chocolate; that happens to me when I eat them … we go crazy! That's why I put vanilla bonbons instead! For him! Now… who took them?"

Everyone stares at Mikey… angrily.

M: "Meep!"

"…*sigh*… Alright… next time, I think I'll have to label the candies next time… now, about Leo-san… I'm gonna need your help guys"

D: "What can we do?"

"First… keep him away from that bike. I'll be back in a sec"

D: "That won't be a problem. The bike hasn't enough fuel… it will stop on five, four, three, two, one…"

L: "Aww! Donnie! The bike ran out of fuel!"

D: "See?"

"Ok… now, STAY BACK! … *hissing*he's mine now… Oh Leoooo!" I say in a melodic tone… melodic and suspicious, hehe.

L: "Hey Who! I didn't see you coming!"

"It's ok… did you enjoy the chocolates?"

L: "ABSOLUTELY!" Leo answers happily.

"Want some more?"


"Yeah, I have more… but you have to find them… they're hidden in the living room. But hurry up or Klunk will get them… and you don't want to lose your chocolates, do you?"

L: "NO WAY!" Leo yells angrily.

"Then… what are you waiting for? Go and get them!" Leo runs and starts searching. Everyone stares at me with puzzled eyes.

R: "Who… what's yer point?"

"Wait and see… Oh! And follow me" the guys and I start to follow Leo as he searches the 'hidden chocolates'.

L: "They have to be here… somewhere! Who… can you give me a clue? I can't find them!"

"Keep looking! You're getting… *preparing needle*… closer"

M: "Oh! I get it!"

R: "Ssh! Keep quiet shell-fer-brains!" Raph said muttering.

L: "Who… are you sure the chocolates are here?"

"Oh yes, Leo-san… they're closer than you think" I start to get close to him as stealthy as I can.

L: "Who, this better won't be a joke, 'cause…"

"Lights out Leo" that's the last thing he hears before feeling the sting on his arm and the liquid on his blood stream.

L: "Hey… whoa… … why I'm… f-feeling… d-di…zzy…eh?"

"Raph, on my count… you catch him: three… two… one…" Leo faints… and Raph catches him.

M: "He's gonna be ok, right?"

"Yeah… he's gonna be out all night long… you guys better go to bed. This was probably a tough day for you"

D: "Hmmm… same stuff you gave me, huh?" Don asks.

"Nope… high dose this time"

R: "Well… I think I'll take 'Sleeping Beauty' to his bed. Night Who"

M: "Yeah… I'm tired, too. Night Who… and sorry for the chocolate thingy" Mikey apologizes.

"It's ok, Mikey. Go to sleep"

D: "Hey Who… where did you get the needle?"

"Oh… I always carry one in my pocket. You know, just in case"

D: "Always?"

"It's a doctor thing"

D: "Yeah, sure… *muttering* a crazy one, though…"

"What did you say Donnie? … *preparing another needle*…"

D: "Eh… n-nothing… eh… n-night Who! See ya… anytime!" Don runs upstairs.

"Night Donnie! … … … … Yeah… I love being a doctor!"

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